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THE MICRO MAGNETIC 4: Covert Car/ Asset Tracker.

Special Price £89.00 £74.17 Regular Price £99.95
  • Strong waterproof magnetic case - attach to any vehicle or asset
  • 75mm x 50mm x 60mm
  • Real-time tracking viewed from your phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet
  • Full tracking history recorded
  • Arrives ready to use, set up by a Trackershop Technician
  • Discreet small car tracker  
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The new and upgraded Micro Magnetic GPS tracker is the smallest and most cost-effective vehicle tracker available today. If you need a small tracking device to monitor the location of your vehicle, staff, or family members then the Micro Magnetic is the ideal device.

  • Ready to use straight away. Simply turn your tracking device on, log in, and you will get live tracking updates to your phone app, tablet, or computer mapping panel.
  • Strong magnetic hold. Easily attaches/detaches under any vehicle or asset in seconds. Your GPS tracker will stay in position until you take it off. 
  • Private tracking account. Your login details will arrive with your GPS tracker.
  • Small and covert live magnetic GPS tracker. Fits covertly underneath any vehicle and easy to get into confined spaces. No flashing lights or noises.
  • Continuous real-time tracking. Your GPS tracker will automatically begin tracking when movement is detected. You can view this in live time on your tracking app and computer mapping panel. You do not need to be logged in to your panel for your tracker to update, as this information is recorded for you to view in your history.
  • Multiple trackers? They can all be monitored from the same mapping panel. Log in once and see all of your tracking devices at the same time. 
  • Full tracking history recorded. See addresses/locations visited and the duration of time spent there, providing the detailed information that you need.
  • Free tracking app. Just search ‘GPS Trackershop’ in your app store.
  • Broader coverage. Now running off of 3G and uses multiple satellite networks (GPS, GLONASS), making this the most accurate Micro Magnetic GPS Tracker yet.
  • Multi-roaming SIMs. Giving full access to any networks, ensuring the best chance of always achieving the optimum signal.
  • Internal memory. Can store up to 10,000 GPS positions if the device is in an area with no mobile phone signal, which means you will always be able to see where the tracker has been.
  • Water-resistant, sealed magnetic case. With double 34kg pull magnets. Your GPS tracker stays attached until you’re ready to take it off!
  • New advanced and easy to use mapping panel. No software to download, just monitor your GPS tracker in real-time from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 
  • The choice of professionals. Used by police forces, Private Investigators, company fleets, and for personal use worldwide.
  • PAYG unlimited tracking. No contracts. Simply select pay as you go tracking subscription for 1,3,6 or 12 months. All GPS trackers have SIMs installed that will need an active tracking package applied. Trackershop provides cost-effective, PAYG tracking. No contracts or minimum terms, only top up when you need to. 

If you need a longer battery life then take a look at our full range of magnetic GPS trackers.



Set up as many geo-fences (safety zones) as you like! When your car tracker enters/exits these zones, you will receive an instant alert to your phone via SMS/Email or Push Notification to your phone   Tracking History shows start & stop locations/times, length of the journey, and speed. Displays postcodes/addresses visited and how long was spent there. Real-time GPS position updates from every 5 seconds.
Multi roaming SIM installed. Your car tracker will automatically attach to the strongest network signal in any area.   Your GPS Tracker works worldwide. You can also monitor your mapping panel from anywhere. No Software to download. Just log straight into the Trackershop mapping portal.
The cheapest high-level GPS tracking solution available.   A-GPS (Assisted GPS) for instant GPS location and heightened signal. Free app for your smartphone




  • 75mm x 50mm x 60mm (excluding magnet dimension).
  • A-GPS (Assisted GPS) for instant GPS location.
  • Multi roaming SIM for worldwide use at no extra cost.
  • Weighing only 34g.
  • 34kg magnetic pull.
  • Multiple satelite access. GPS, GLONASS, Galileo.
  • 14 day battery on average use

  • Free next working day delivery

  • Ready to use out of the box

  • Free mobile App


    Multi roaming SIM already installed

  • No installation - just attach magnetically

Your magnetic tracker arrives with you set up and ready to use.
  • 1

    Choose your Magnetic Tracker

    Based on required battery life and dimensions

  • 2

    Add your PAYG subscription

    This is optional at this stage. You can top up at any time.

  • 3

    Proceed to check out

    Complete your purchase online.

  • 4

    Your tracker(s) arrives free next day delivery

    Just give it a charge and download your phone app

    Log in details are supplied in your parcel

  • 5

    Deploy your tracker

    Attach magnetically to the vehicle/asset.
    Log in through your computer and/or app to begin tracking

Alternatively you can call Trackershop to
purchase and arrange your Magnetic Tracker over the phone (0330 055 2777). 

Quick guide on Insurance Trackers

Purchase insurance tracker
We’ll contact you to arrange installation at your chosen time and place.
Our Engineer will bring and fit the insurance tracker.
Afterwards Smartrack will contact you after to set up your credit subscription.
When everything is done, your certificate Will be forwarded to you.
  • FAQ's

Do I need to set up my Micro Magnetic GPS tracker?

No! Your magnetic car tracker arrives already set up. All you need to do is charge the battery and log in to your Trackershop app and/or web based mapping portal. 

Will my GPS tracker work straight out the box?

Yes. Your magnetic GPS tracker arrives already set up. Their is a multi-roaming SIM installed and your device is already linked to the Trackershop mapping platform.

Do I need to buy a SIM for my tracker?

No. Your GPS tracker arrives set up with your multi-roaming SIM already installed.

Do I need a subscription for my tracker to work?

Yes. You will need an active PAYG subscription package applied for your tracker to report its position. This is because your GPS tracker has a multi-roaming SIM installed so that it can report your tracking device’s location to your Google Maps developed mapping panel for you to then access. You can choose 1,3,6 or 12 Month Unlimited data packages. These are Pay As You Go, so you only top up with what you need. When your PAYG package runs out you can either top up again with another plan, or just wait until you need to use your tracker again. Trackershop GPS trackers use multi-roaming SIMs, so they can automatically roam on to the strongest network in any area throughout Europe.

What are SMS credits?

SMS credits are effectively ’text messages’ to communicate with your tracker remotely. They are linked to your Commands tab on your mapping panel / app. You use your commands to change the reporting frequency of your GPS tracker remotely. You can choose any time frame, from 5 seconds updates to 60 minute updates. As an option, you can receive your zone and motion alerts via SMS text to your phone. Most tracker users now opt for push notifications to their phone and/or email. As these are free and do not use any SMS credits.

How do I log in to see where my GPS tracker is?

It couldn’t be easier to monitor your GPS tracker’s activity. Your car tracking device arrives with an Account Ref ID and password. You simply log in to your app and/or online mapping portal with these private details. You can log in worldwide from your app and any computer linked to the internet.

Is this the best small vehicle tracking device?

When it comes to the combination of price, size and reliability the Micro Magnetic has to be considered the best small vehicle tracking device. In certain modes the battery can last as long as 1 month and the multi-roaming SIM allows it to automatically switch to different networks in European countries and beyond automatically, at no extra cost.

Does my magnetic tracker come with an app?

It does indeed. Your ‘GPS Trackershop’ app is free to download in the app store. Just log in using your Account Ref ID that comes with your tracker(s) and you can access your tracking information worldwide.

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