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Explore your Trackershop Mapping Panel and Tracking Device!

Everything you need to know about your mapping panel, app, tracking device and general GPS tracker care.


Thank you for choosing Trackershop.

Your mapping panel has been designed to be extremely user-friendly and has a range of features that will ensure you get the absolute most out of your GPS trackers. 

You can use your comprehensive instruction manual at any time for tutorials on different features as well as share it with anyone else that you would like to monitor your GPS trackers.



You will have been emailed your User ID and password. Please log in using these details and retain the email for future reference. If you have purchased multiple devices these will all be linked to your mapping panel. You will have your main User ID and then the trackers on your account will all have their own ‘Tracker ID’. You can change any of these details/names from your mapping panel once logged in. 

To log in from your desktop, laptop and iPad go to 
Once logged in to your private mapping panel you will be able to monitor and control your tracking devices from your dashboard.
Now that you are logged in, you can begin tracking your device(s), set up your alerts, and customise your panel settings.
Take a look below at a quick overview of where you can find each feature and what they do. 


Zones allow you to set a virtual parameter around any location in order to monitor your tracker entering and/or leaving this area.

  • You can receive an alert via text, email, and app push notification. 
  • Your alert will also register on your mapping panel screen and be logged in your history. 

Setting a new zone

  • Click ‘Zones’ on your mapping panel. 
  • ‘Create New’ will appear on the right side of your panel. 
  • Click this and name your new zone. 
  • You can then choose to Alert when entering/leaving the zone.
  • If you have multiple trackers you can select which ones that the zone applies too.
  • Click ’Save’

To receive alerts:

  • Please be aware that text alerts will use 1 SMS credit each time. Email and Push Notifications are free messages.
  • In Settings, enter your phone number or email into Contact 1.
  • Click ‘Update’
  • In your app settings, select Push Notifications.


Click ’Settings'. This is where you can

  • Enter contact details for alerts
  • Change your GPS tracker icons
  • Rename your GPS tracker 
  • Select Timezone
  • Set Battery and Speed Alerts


  • You can review the full history for any time, date or journeys that your tracker has been active for. 
  • You can set your tracking device(s) to update at set time intervals (from 5 seconds - to 60 minutes).
  • Each of these real-time updates are then stored in your history.

See your history on a map as well as listed in chronological order. 

  • You will see the full addresses/postcodes visited.
  • Time and date of each location report.
  • How long the trackers were at each location.
  • Mileage report for your selected time frame.

You can review more info and tutorials for your mapping panel and app here



  • Your commands section allows you to choose the location report pace for your device(s).
  • You can also ‘Reboot’ your tracker. 
  • This command simply wakes your tracker up and requests a current status update.

When you send a Command from your panel/app this deducts one SMS credit. 


Motion Alarm

  • Any time that your tracker is sleeping you can set the Motion Alarm to alert you when it next senses movement.
  • Note: This will show as ‘ARM’ on your app.
  • You can receive alerts in the same manner as ‘Zones’.



To monitor your tracking device(s) from your phone, first download and log in to the GPS Trackershop app.

You log in to your app using the same User ID and password that you use for your mapping panel.

Click the link below for your phone's app store.

You can review the full history for any time, date, or journey that your tracker has been active for. 
You can set your tracking device(s) to update at set time intervals (from 5 seconds - to 60 minutes).
Each of these real-time updates is then stored in your history.
See your history on a map as well as listed in chronological order. 
You will see the full addresses/postcodes visited.
Time and date of each location report.
How long the trackers were at each location.
Mileage report for your selected time frame.



Your GPS trackers arrive with you all set up with active multi-roaming data SIMs already installed. In order for your tracking devices to relay information remotely to your mapping panel, they will need a pre-pay data package applied.

Topping up your GPS tracker tracking package is quick and easy, and you do this any time through our website. Your subscription is applied remotely once checkout is complete, so you do not have to wait for anything to be delivered.

Our Pre-Pay tracking packages all offer unlimited tracking data. You can choose from 1, 3, 6 or 12 Months Unlimited tracking for any Trackershop GPS trackers. 

This means that you have unlimited tracking data and the freedom to track movement at any interval that you like, whether this is every 60 minutes or every 5 seconds! 

If you added a PAYG plan to your tracker at the point of purchase this will be automatically set to begin on the day of arrival. 

Any time that you need to renew your PAYG plan you can do so on the Trackershop website here: 


Simply choose the PAYG plan (1,3,6,12 Months) and type in the Tracker ID(s) that you need the credit to apply to into the provided box on the product page. 

  • Proceed to checkout and complete your purchase.
  • Your PAYG subscription can be added automatically to your device (please allow 1-30 mins for this to process).
  • If you forget to enter your Tracker ID then your payment will still be processed, and your subscription will be entered manually by a member of the tech team. 
  • Please be aware that this can delay the time in which your PAYG plan is added to your device. Therefore, to avoid delays, it is always best to ensure that your Tracker ID is entered in the allocated box when purchasing. 

If your PAYG plan expires before re-subscribing.

  • Your tracker will stop tracking on this expiration date. 
  • There will be no tracking or data recorded for any period when the tracker does not have a PAYG plan applied. 
  • You can top up your device before the renewal date, and the new credit plan will continue automatically from the expiry date with no gaps in your tracking.

If you do not need to renew your data plan immediately when it expires, you can top up your tracker again when you next need to.

  • Please be aware that your SIM may be deactivated by the SIM providers after 3 months of inactivity. 
  • If this is the case, and you need to use your tracker again, you will need to contact Trackershop for your SIM to be reinstated.
For battery powered Trackershop devices. If your tracker is going to be inactive for an extended period of time please ensure that you switch it on and charge it full at least every 2-3 months. Your tracker is powered by a lithium battery, so will need consistent use to avoid the battery strength depleting.
All of your trackers can be monitored from the same mapping panel. Log in to one account and see all of your tracking devices at the same time.  If you need trackers separated on to individual/multiple accounts please email [email protected], with a list of your request. 
For battery operated GPS trackers please ensure that you always use the charger provided with your device to charge the battery.  Using the wrong charger can cause damage to both the charging port and/or battery. Using the wrong charger will void the warranty on your product. 



What is the battery life of my magnetic GPS tracker(s)?

Micro Magnetic: 10-15 days on a single charge

Mini Enforcer: 6 weeks on a single charge

Enforcer 4: 6 months battery on a single charge

Are magnetic GPS trackers rechargeable?

Yes! All of the magnetic GPS tracker range are fully rechargeable. Your charger is supplied with your tracker. 

Will my magnetic tracker fall off the vehicle?

No! Your magnetic tracker will stay in position for as long as you need it to. They use the strongest neodymium magnets available.

Personal Trackers can be used for 

  • Protecting vulnerable individuals
  • Monitoring your children
  • Protecting important assets 
  • Tracking luggage in transit
  • Tracking anything that you need to monitor and protect!

Take a look at the full range here 

Personal Trackers

What is the Hardwired Tracker For?

The Trackershop hardwired tracking devices are successfully used for a multitude of purposes. 

These are typically the best option if you want a covert and permanent tracker option. The trackers are installed to a permanent feed to ensure that they are always active - whilst only using a small amount of power.

What Vehicles are the Hardwired Trackers Suitable For?

Whether as a full fleet tracking system, to secure a personal vehicle or to monitor a vulnerable driver, the hardwired trackers are suitable for all vehicle types.

  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Motorhomes
  • HGVs
  • Boats and Vessels 
  • ATVs
  • and many more

How Do I Install a Hardwired Tracker?

Installation is quick and easy! You have the option to attach it directly to the battery. Or you can attach to a permanent power feed, typically behind the dash area. 

Many customers install their devices themselves. However, if you prefer, Trackershop provides full mobile nationwide installation too. 


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