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ENFORCER 4: Car Tracker/ Asset Tracker

Special Price £180.00 £150.00 Regular Price £249.00
  • Strong waterproof magnetic case - attach to any vehicle or asset
  • 125mm x 90mm x 50mm
  • Real-time tracking viewed from your phone, desktop, laptop and tablet
  • Full tracking history recorded
  • Ready to use out the box
  • Ideal for all vehicles as well as machinery, HGVs etc
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The Enforcer 4 car tracker is the premium long life, magnetic covert GPS tracker. With 6 months battery between charges, this is the ultimate portable car tracker. An extremely popular choice across the UK for covertly tracking all vehicles, vans and assets.

  • 6 months battery. Fully rechargeable, with 6 months tracking based on 5-minute reporting for 4-5 hours active movement per day. 
  • Arrives set up and ready to use. Just give your Enforcer 4 a full charge, log in to your mapping panel and attach your tracker to your vehicle/asset.
  • Real-time tracking. Updates live position as frequently as every 5 seconds.
  • No installation required. Attaches and detaches to flat metal underneath any vehicle in seconds.
  • Portable and flexible. Remove from one asset to put on another at a moments notice, allowing you to track anything at any time.
  • Fully rechargeable. With up to 6 months battery, the Enforcer 4 is perfect when you don’t have regular access to the asset that you are tracking. The charger is included.
  • New mapping panel & Tracking APP. Simply log in from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Monitor your GPS tracker(s) live or review exactly where they have been in your History tab.
  • Full history reports. All journeys/locations are recorded in your history. Review this on your mapping screen and/or download any tracking history to a PDF/Excel Document at any time.
  • Extra strong magnetic case. The watertight, crushproof case means your Enforcer 4 will withstand all conditions and weather. The 100kg dual magnets mean that your GPS tracker will attach magnetically to the underside metal of any vehicle, plant machinery, caravan/trailer, container, boat etc. Your Enforcer 4 will not come off until you take it off yourself.
  • Zone Alerts. Receive instant text and/or email alerts when your GPS tracker enters/leaves set zones. Set up as many zones as you like in seconds.
  • Motion Alerts.Set alerts to know any time your GPS tracker senses movement.
  • Easy PAYG tracking. No monthly tracking contract. Just top up with 1, 3, 6 or 12-month tracking plan when required. Trackershop provides the cheapest top-up packages and live tracking costs available anywhere. Either purchase your subscription at the same time as your tracker, or any time afterwards. Your credits are added automatically to your tracking device any time you top up. For further information on how this system works take a look at our top-up credits page.
  • Perfect for all purposes. The car tracker of choice for a wide range of industry professionals. From construction to fleet management, to personal car monitoring and security, Enforcer 4 is one of the most user-friendly and reliable trackers available.



Multi roaming SIM installed. Your car tracker will automatically link to the strongest network signal in any area. GPS Tracker works worldwide and you can monitor the tracking information from anywhere. No Software to download.
Free IOS & Android APP. Unlimited Zones. Set up as many zones as you like on your mapping panel. When your car tracker enters/exits these zones you will receive an instant alert to your phone via SMS and/or email. History displays postcodes/addresses visited and how long was spent there. You will also see start & stop locations/times, length of journey and speed.
Real-time GPS tracking updates from every 5 seconds.
  • Water Resistant, Shock Proof, Crush proof protective casing.
  • Multi Roaming SIM card already installed and connected to your own mapping panel.
  • 125mm x 90mm x 50mm
  • Long life 20800mAh rechargeable battery. Up to 6 months live GPS tracking.
  • There is no other Covert GPS tracker with such a powerful rechargeable battery.
  • Charger supplied with GPS tracker.
  • 6 months battery

  • Free next working day delivery

  • Ready to use out of the box

  • Free mobile App


    Multi roaming sim already installed

  • No installation - just attach magnetically

Your magnetic tracker arrives with you set up and ready to use.
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    Based on required battery life and dimensions

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    Add your PAYG subscription

    This is optional at this stage. You can top up at any time.

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    Proceed to check out

    Complete your purchase online.

  • 4

    Your tracker(s) arrives free next day delivery

    Just give it a charge and download your phone app

    Log in details are supplied in your parcel

  • 5

    Deploy your tracker

    Attach magnetically to the vehicle/asset.
    Log in through your computer and/or app to begin tracking

Alternatively you can call Trackershop to
purchase and arrange your Magnetic Tracker over the phone (0330 055 2777). 

Quick guide on Insurance Trackers

Purchase insurance tracker
We’ll contact you to arrange installation at your chosen time and place.
Our Engineer will bring and fit the insurance tracker.
Afterwards Smartrack will contact you after to set up your credit subscription.
When everything is done, your certificate Will be forwarded to you.
  • FAQ's

Are my Enforcer 4 GPS trackers easy to use?

Yes they are. In fact all Trackershop devices arrive with you already set up. All you need to do is charge your tracking device and log in to your private mapping panel.

How do I log in to see my GPS tracker?

You will be provided with an Account ID and password with your GPS tracker(s) delivery. You have access to your private mapping panel through your computer and phone app.

What is the GPS trackers range of coverage?

All of your Trackershop GPS trackers use multi-roaming SIMs, allowing global coverage. Because your mapping panel is cloud-based, you can also view your tracking devices from where ever you are worldwide.

If I have multiple GPS trackers, will they all appear on the same panel?

Yes, all of your Trackershop GPS trackers can be hosted on a single panel, for ease and simplicity. You can have new GPS trackers added on to your existing panel at any time.

Does Trackershop do a full fleet tracking system?

Yes we do! Our new More Fleet Tracking System provides you with all of the analytics, reporting and security needed to monitor, co-ordinate and protect your company vehicles. Your magnetic GPS trackers can also be hosted on the new More Fleet mapping panel. MoreFleet is the leading brand in PAYG fleet tracking. Take a look and learn under the Fleet Tracking category.

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As well as the value of the motorhome, you are likely to have belongings and valuables kept in your vehicle- which can be expensive and difficult to replace,
Also, like most motorhome owners, your recreation vehicle will have a lot of sentimental value and fond memories attached, meaning the cost of motorhome theft is not just financial

The good news is that protection via one of our motorhome GPS trackers has never been more effective or easy to arrange.

Whether you need a self monitoring real-time motorhome tracker, or an insurance approved motorhome tracking device, you will be able to enjoy your asset knowing that it is as safe and secure as possible.

Most motorhome tracking devices allow you to set up motion and zone alerts, so you will receive an instant notification if anyone ever moves your motorhome without permission.

Trackershop provides full mobile installation in every UK postcode. So if you need to install a GPS tracking device to your motorhome, our engineers can visit your vehicle at whatever location is convenient for you.

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