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The leading PAYG fleet tracking system.

  • No contract.
  • No minimum term.

Saving You Money.
Empowering Your Business.

Finally, a Fleet tracking system designed to be as beneficial to a lone tradesman, as it is to a logistics company with thousands of vehicles.
No matter your industry, if you use any vehicles in your business, the More Fleet Tracking System will improve your fleet performance and increase your earning ability!
If you’re like most companies with vehicles, you already know that you need a fleet tracking system. 
However, you may be put off by long term subscriptions, organising tracking installations, and downloading/learning complicated software.
With More Fleet 
  • No contracts or minimum term
  • Express Mobile Nationwide Installation 
  • No software
  • User-friendly mapping portal and app
  • Set up and ready to log in 
You could even be tracking away by this time tomorrow, with our ‘Fleet-In-A-Box’ self install option. Just plug in and log in. 
Whichever option you choose, The More Fleet Tracking Solution will instantly transform your entire fleet into an efficient, streamlined, economical operation, saving you money on every journey, and increasing your ability to earn even more. 

Get More.
From Your Fleet.

Just having one vehicle on the road can be financially damaging to your company if it is not used in the most efficient possible way. 

MoreFleet provide you with the vital info and tools needed to

  • Decrease overheads
  • Increase earning ability
  • Improve customer service
  • Create a more efficient working environment

Quick To Set Up.
Easy To Use.

With MoreFleet, you could have your entire fleet tracking away within 24 hours!

The Trackershop More Fleet system has been designed to be extremely user-friendly, allowing you to instantly begin saving money and maximising earning ability.

No Contracts.
No Minimum Term.

With MoreFleet you don't need to commit to 36, 24 or even 12 month minimum terms. There are no contracts, just the best priced fleet tracking system from day one for everyone.

No Software.
Log In Anywhere.

Log straight in to your private Mapping Panel from any computer 24/7. You’ll also be able to remotely monitor your fleet globally any time from your MoreFleet app.

Increase Earnings.
Across Your Fleet.

Knowing the exact location of your vehicles 24/7 means that you can confidently take on new work the same day, even if your fleet has already left base.

Book in new jobs, re-route drivers heading in to poor traffic conditions and provide accurate arrival/site times evidence to avoid invoice disputes.

Raise Standards.
Exceed Expectations.

In all industries, client expectations are now higher than ever. Increased competition in your field means customers have become accustomed to a slick, seamless and hassle-free service as standard.

With staff on the road you are at a disadvantage if you do not have full visibility of your fleet.

All Reports.
All Together.

From timesheets, private mileage, Driver Behaviour, time-on-site to service scheduling it can quickly become rather messy and time consuming pulling all of these reports together and gathering the correct information.

Your MoreFleet system automatically generates these and keeps them organised all in one place.

OK we need it.
But why MoreFleet?

Your MoreFleet plug-in fleet tracking units can be with you tomorrow with your log in details to your new private mapping system. All set up and ready to go!

Prefer them wired in? We cover every UK postcode with a fast track install service.

Ready to start improving your company’s fleet performance?

MoreFleet Benefit


  • Efficient routing 
  • Closest worker to job allocation
  • Detailed useful reports


  • Give accurate, up to date etas
  • Book in same-day jobs
  • Provide proof of time on site


  • Reduce admin time
  • Overtime reports
  • Customer billing
  • Shift summaries


  • Eliminate unnecessary journeys
  • Identify unauthorised private use
  • Vehicle over-speed alerts
  • Driver behaviour reports

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No matter your industry, the size of your fleet, the vehicle type or what they are used for, your company will improve, grow and prosper after implementing your More Fleet Tracking System.
The More Fleet management system has been designed to be equally beneficial for a single user monitoring an employee in a work vehicle, to a logistics company with 1000s of vehicles and assets worldwide. 
The MoreFleet System will instantly transform your entire fleet in to a streamlined, efficient, economical operation, with you in the driving seat.
You will have all of the tools conveniently available in place to ensure your company is fulfilling its earning ability as well as providing the highest customer service possible.
From route planning for your drivers, to reliably documenting over-time, to eliminating excessive fuel and maintenance costs, it doesn’t matter what your vehicles are used for you will have a detailed log of every single journey, giving you the vital information needed to ensure that you have full control of your fleet.
Extremely easy! The Trackershop More Fleet system has been designed to be extremely user-friendly, quick to set up and will slot straight in to your daily activity without having to learn or download complex software. 
Just log straight in to your private Mapping Panel from any computer and you’ll be able to remotely control your fleet. Wherever they are in the world, from wherever you are in the world.
No! We have designed moreFleet to be quick and simple to get started with, and for you to see the results straight away!
The majority of companies already know that they will majorly benefit from a fleet tracking system for their vehicles.
However, it can also be off-putting if you think it will be time-consuming to set up.  
That’s why MoreFleet has been designed to be quick and simple to get started with.
Your company’s mapping portal is set up in seconds and our new ‘Fleet-in-a-Box’ package allows you to just plug your trackers in to your OBD port in your vehicles. 
This means that you could your entire fleet running more efficiently by this time tomorrow!
One of the biggest concerns that you have is not necessarily ‘do I need a fleet system?’ 
It’s more likely to be, ‘will it be confusing and take ages to learn?’
MoreFleet has been created to be ready to use from day one!
No software to download 
Just log in to your mapping portal through any computer, laptop, tablet or phone. 
No setup
Your trackers are programmed to begin on the day they arrive with you. 
SIMs installed and configured to your private panel. 
Advanced but user-friendly system
Your MoreFleet panel is laid out in a way that you will be able to navigate around it easily, using all the vital tools that are relevant to you. 
If you need assistance then we are only a phone call away. Our team can provide phone tutorials, advance, and guidance for you and your team any time that you need it. We also have a video tutorial section on the website for you to use at your own convenience at any time. 
Contact us to see a demo
No. Quite the opposite. 
MoreFleet combines and condenses several of your existing jobs, whilst implementing further info and features that will ensure that your fleet is more efficient and effective instantly. This frees up your time to focus on other areas of your company that is otherwise being neglected. 
(LINK FROM ’Quick to set up. Easy to use'

Your MoreFleet system can be fully integrated within 24 hours. And with rolling monthly subscriptions and no contracts, MoreFleet is the newest, easiest, quickest and most advanced fleet system now available! 


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