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Get more from your fleet

  • Free tracking devices
  • 12, 24, 36 month or No contract option
  • Lifetime warranty + Lifetime support
  • Simple self-Install option
  • Or speedy mobile nationwide installation
  • No activation / deactivation costs!

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How Will Fleet Tracking Transform My Business?

We understand the frustrations fleet managers face on a daily basis - from struggling to increase efficiencies while reducing costs, to spending excessive amounts of time on administrative tasks.

Whether you have two vehicles or two thousand, MoreFleet offers a simple fleet vehicle tracking solution to a complex problem.

The tracking software can be as simple or advanced as you need it to be. We’ll only giving you the data that moves the needle to ensure you’re in full control of your fleet.

Whether you need car trackers, van trackers or lorry trackers, our fleet tracking software will instantly transform your entire fleet in to a streamlined, efficient, economical operation, with you in the driving seat.

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Self Installation

You can either clip your 2-wire trackers to the vehicle battery or wire them straight to a permanent feed. Order now, and your devices will be delivered to you free next working day delivery. Once your trackers are wired in, they will begin tracking straight away. Not confident? Opt for Express Nationwide Installation

Mobile Installation

Our MoreFleet mobile engineers will install your devices for you at whichever location you choose. We can cover most areas within 1-3 working days, and can even --visit multiple sites, depending on where your vehicles are.


MoreFleet Benefits

Self Install or Professional Fitting options

You'll be pleased to know that MoreFleet tracking units are incredibly easy to install.

The plug-and-play units mean that absolutely anyone can install these in seconds!

Prefer a more specialist install? If you would like your tracker installed professionally (ensuring they are completely hidden) then we also have the largest Installs Team in the UK, with every postcode covered within 1-4 working days!

Dedicated Account Manager

Even though your MoreFleet system is incredibly user-friendly, you will still have your very own point of contact.

This means, any time you have a question or require assistance you can talk to someone directly - opposed to holding in a call queuing system and speaking to a different person every time!

You will also have email and live chat support until 10pm 7 days a week.

Lifetime Warranty

Your MoreFleet tracking devices have been designed specifically for accuracy, durability and longevity. However, if there ever is an issue that cannot be fixed, your unit will be replaced for you. No cost. No questions asked - for as long as you have a continuous active subscription.

Multi-Roaming Coverage

We know how important it is for you to have full trust in the information that you can see on your screen when running your company.

This is why MoreFleet uses

1. Multi-roaming SIMs

Your trackers aren't exclusive to a single network. They have access to multiple networks throughout Europe as standard.

This means, if any particular network is weak or unavailable in an area, your trackers will instantly flick on to a stronger one. At no extra cost!

1. Multiple satellite networks

As well as GPS your trackers also have access to multiple other satellite networks - including GLONASS and Galileo.

This gives you full confidence in knowing that your trackers always have the very best chance of achieving the most accurate and consistent tracking capabilities.


The most user-friendly and most useful fleet tracking system available!

You have access to as many or as little tools as you need that are beneficial to improving your own fleet's success.

Take a look at the rest of the page for the full benefits and how MoreFleet will help you streamline your fleet!

Let’s take a Look at the Best Fleet Tracking System Pricing Options

Monthly Plan

No upfront costs from


per Vehicle/Month


Monthly Plan

No Contracts!

Get Tracking away within 24 hours!


Get More From Your Fleet

Just having one vehicle on the road can be financially damaging to your company if it is not used in the most efficient possible way.

MoreFleet provide you with the vital info and tools needed to:

  • Decrease overheads
  • Increase earning ability
  • Improve customer service
  • Create a more efficient working environment


Monitor Anytime Login Anywhere

Log straight into your private Mapping Panel for your fleet vehicle tracking system from any computer 24/7.

You’ll also be able to remotely monitor your fleet globally any time from your MoreFleet app.


Increase Earnings Across Your Fleet

Knowing the exact location of your vehicles 24/7 means that you can confidently take on new work the same day, even if your fleet has already left base.

Book in new jobs, re-route drivers heading in to poor traffic conditions and provide accurate arrival/site times evidence to avoid invoice disputes.


    Quick To Set Up Easy To Use

    With MoreFleet, you could have your entire fleet tracking away within 24 hours! The Trackershop More Fleet system has been designed to be both vitally useful but also extremely user-friendly, allowing you to instantly begin saving money and maximising earning ability.

    • No software. Just log in to your private fleet panel through any computer/laptop/tablet. Unlimited access for you and your team.
    • The MoreFleet app. Your entire fleet in the palm of your hand. See your fleet everywhere from anywhere! 24/7.
    • Unlimited training. We're confident you'll be familiar with your user-friendly panel within minutes of logging in. But if you or your team ever need tutorials or refreshers, we're here to help any time!
    • Live chat support. Have a question? You can contact your Account Manager directly through your mapping panel live chat.

    12, 24, 36 Month Options Or Choose No Contract

    Or Choose No Contract

    However, you may be put off by long-term subscriptions.

    With MoreFleet you are in control of how long you commit for.
    You can opt for 36, 24, 12, or even 0 month plans.

    With MoreFleet you are in control of how long you commit for.
    You can opt for 36, 24, 12, or even 0 month plans.


      Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Support

      Lifetime Warranty: MoreFleet uses the best Fleet tracking devices
      available anywhere.

      However, if you do have an issue that cannot be resolved with any of your active trackers, they are covered under the MoreFleet lifetime warranty.
      Lifetime Support: Your user-friendly mapping panel is ready to use as soon as your fleet tracking system is installed in your vehicles.

      That doesn't mean that we are not here to offer you full support. Your Account Manager is there to help you with any questions or tutorials whenever you need them.

      You also have a live chat support button on your mapping panel to ask any questions at any time.


      More Visibility From All Angles

      Gain complete visibility on the ground with optional dash cam addition to your fleet package.

      With full installation included, you can confidently dispute and evidence any traffic incident.


        All Reports All Together

        From timesheets, private mileage, Driver Behaviour, time-on-site to service scheduling it can quickly become rather messy and time consuming pulling all of these reports together and gathering the correct information.

        Your fleet vehicle tracking system automatically generates these and keeps them organised all in one place.


        Raise Standards Exceed Expectations

        In all industries, client expectations are now higher than ever. Increased competition in your field means customers have become accustomed to a slick, seamless, and hassle-free service as standard.

        With staff on the road, you are at a disadvantage if you do not have full visibility of your fleet.

        With your More Fleet tracking system you have full visibility over all of your vehicles.

        This gives you full control over your fleet in-field, ensuring the highest level of service in your industry.


          Speedy UK Installation Or Self Install

          MoreFleet engineers cover every UK postcode with a speedy mobile install service for your fleet tracking devices. We work around your company schedule and can typically install within 1-3 working days.

          However, if you prefer, Your MoreFleet plug-in fleet tracking units can be delivered to you tomorrow.

          Either way, you'll receive your log in details to your new private mapping system within minutes of your trackers being fitted. All set up and ready to go!

          Ready to start improving your company’s fleet performance?


          Driver App Visuals on Your Vehicle

          MoreFleet Driver App transforms fleet tracking into a collaborative, streamlined experience, elevating your business to new heights of precision, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Drive efficiency, elevate performance.

          • Daily Vehicle Check Log
          • Accident Report Form
          • Succinct messaging between driver and operations



          Dedicated Account Manager

          MoreFleet is designed to be incredibly user-friendly.

          That doesn't mean that help isn't there if you ever need it. You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who will get to know you, your fleet and your fleet and your needs in order to offer the most efficient and tailored support anywhere!

          Ready To Get More?

          Learn More

          NO matter your industry, the size of your fleet, the vehicle type or what they are used for, your company Will improve, grow and prosper after implementing your More
          Fleet Tracking System,
          The More Fleet management system has been designed to equally beneficial for a single user monitoring an employee in a work vehicle, to a logistics company with
          1000s of vehicles and assets worldwide.

          The MoreFleet System will instantly transform your entire fleet in to a streamlined, efficient, economical operation, with you in the driving seat.
          You will have all of the tools conveniently available in place to ensure your company is fulfilling its earning ability as well as providing the highest customer service
          From route planning for your drivers, to reliably documenting over-time, to eliminating excessive fuel and rnaintenance costs, it doesn't matter what your vehicles are
          used for you will have a detailed log Of every single journey, giving you the vital information needed to ensure that you have full control Of your fleet

          Extremely easy! The Trackershop More Fleet system has been designed to be extremely user-friendly, quick to set up and will slot straight in to your daily activity without
          having to learn or download complex software.
          Just log straight in to your private Mapping Panel from any computer and you'll be able to remotely control your fleet. Wherever they are in the world, from wherever you
          are in the world,

          No! We have designed moreFleet to quick and simple to get started with, and for you to see the results straight away!
          The majority of companies already know that they will majorly benefit from a fleet tracking system for their vehicles.
          However, it can also be off-putting if you think it will be time-consuming to set up.
          That's why MoreFIeet has designed to be quick and simple to get started with,
          Your company's mapping portal is set up in seconds and our new 'Fleet-in-a-Box' package allows you to just plug your trackers in to your OBD port in your vehicles.
          This means that you could your entire fleet running more efficiently by this time tomorrow!

          NO. Quite the opposite.
          MoreFleet combines and condenses several Of your existing jobs, whilst implementing further info and features that will ensure that your fleet is more efficient and
          effective instantly. This frees up your time to focus on other areas of your company that is otherwise being neglected.
          (LINK FROM 'Quick to set up. Easy to use'

          Your MoreFleet system can be fully integrated within 24 hours. And with rolling monthly subscriptions and no contracts, MoreFleet is the newest, easiest, quickest and
          most advanced fleet system now available!