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Customer Service Is King

In this modern world your customers are not just measuring you against your competitors,

they are also measuring you against their overall expectations and the service levels they are receiving from all companies in all different areas.


Think about your own life

And Expectations

We now have information readily available at less than a click of a button.

You can tap an app and have a taxi arrive, view your credit score online, quickly Google reviews for the best plumbers in your area.

We expect any information or service that we need to be ready and waiting for us and to be just seconds away.


    Customers don't expect to wait

    Or be left in the dark

    It’s possible that not being able to offer accurate arrival times for appointments/deliveries or proof of time on site may communicate a lack of control and care, especially when matched up against other service providers that customers use.



    Meet Your Customers

    High expectations

    You are no longer just competing against rival companies

    It’s not just about meeting basic customers needs. You are competing for attention in a noisy, saturated world. We all now expect a quick, hassle free service.

    The way to stand out is by going the extra mile for your customers.



      With info available at our finger tips, customers now demand and expect instant updates and answers.

      When you have vehicles in the field, without the MoreFleet system you will be restricted when it comes to knowing arrival times, hours spent at an appointment… or if your staff have even reached the job!

      If a customer calls for an update and you cannot provide it confidently, it may cause concern and make them question the level of care being demonstrated.



      Perhaps the most important aspect of any company to customer relationship is trust.

      It is difficult to build trust if you are unable to know categorically that the job or service has been completed within the agreed time.

      With the MoreFleet System you will see the exact route taken, the arrival time, hours on site and be able to easily generate reports to prove all of this if ever needed.



        All of these areas both create and support one another. You cannot build trust if a customer does not believe that you are competent

        Equally, you cannot appear competent without being able to communicate information accurately and confidently when required.

        The MoreFleet System keeps you way above competitors and customer expectations.


        Meet your own

        High expectations

        It’s probably fair to say that your company’s harshest critic is going to be YOU.

        Nobody starts a company or enters a job role planning to provide an inferior service.

        It is extremely frustrating if you are unable to be as attentive as you truly hope you can be.

        Striving to be the best company, not just in your industry, but in your customers eyes should be the intention of us all.

        To be the best, you will need the best tools!


          Exceed Everyone's Expectations

          The MoreFleet System allows you to combine and control all the areas of your company from one place.

          Set a standard of excellence both internally amongst staff and outwardly to customers empowers you and allows you to represent your company with your head held high.

          Being able to see exactly where your drivers are, provide proof of delivery, document times on site, react to live traffic updates and ultimately be armed with the information and answers that customers need if they ever feel the need to contact you, is invaluable and helps to exceed all expectations of your company…. both your customers and your own :)

          Let’s take a Look at the Best Fleet Tracking System Pricing Options

          Monthly Plan

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          (price on application)

          per Vehicle/Month


          Monthly Plan

          No Contracts!

          Get Tracking away within 24 hours!


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