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Revolutionising Courier and Delivery Fleet Management

Experience the future of courier and delivery fleet management with MoreFleet. Elevate driver safety, improve operational efficiency, cut fuel expenses, and address customer complaints with precision.

Choose MoreFleet today to ensure your delivery business stays ahead in a competitive landscape.

Contact us to embark on a journey towards optimised fleet operations with MoreFleet.


Enhanced Safety and Security

Driver Safety: MoreFleet prioritises driver safety with real-time monitoring and alerts for risky driving behaviours.

Reduce accidents, ensure compliance, and protect your valuable assets on the road.

Geofencing for Security and Accountability: Set virtual boundaries, receive instant breach notifications, and prevent unauthorised vehicle usage. Increase security, reduce theft, and maintain accountability.


Efficiency Redefined

Real-Time Monitoring for Real Results: MoreFleet offers live tracking of your fleet's movements, empowering you with accurate ETAs and the ability to manage delivery exceptions promptly.

Full Overall Visibility: Optimise delivery routes, minimise idle time and ensure timely deliveries.

MoreFleet empowers your fleet with smart route planning, reducing operational costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.



Instant Fuel Saving

Full control of fuel consumption: Detect inefficiencies, and implement fuel-saving strategies.

MoreFleet's data-driven insights help curtail fuel expenses, contributing to a greener planet and healthier bottom line.

Track fuel costs in real-time as well as generate timely reports. 

Eliminate any bad driver habits with your comprehensive driver behaviour report. 

Optimise Resource Allocation: MoreFleet's insights help you allocate resources effectively based on historical data and real-time conditions, improving operational efficiency and minimizing wastage.



Streamline Vehicle Management

Track maintenance schedules: Monitor vehicle health, and receive proactive maintenance alerts.

This will easily help you minimise downtime, extend vehicle lifespan and keep your fleet in top shape.



Grow Your Savings as You Grow


Flexible and Scalable Solution: Whether you're managing a small courier service or a large delivery fleet, MoreFleet adapts to your needs, grows with your business, and ensures seamless integration.



Full Support. Always Accessible

Full-Time Account Manager: Benefit from MoreFleet's expert customer support, regular updates, and comprehensive training resources. Implement the solution smoothly and make the most of its features.

MoreFleet has been specifically designed to be completely user-friendly. However, with a dedicated Account Manager, you are never on your own if you do need help.

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