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Fleet Tracking Data Reports

An immeasurable improvement? Nope. Because you can measure every improvement in your Reports Section.

Quickly and easily learn where you can improve your fleet activity whilst out on the road.

Simple to read, easy to share, and only providing the important information that you need to ensure your fleet is running at its optimum potential.


All Reports

All Situations.

With reports for everything from 'on-site hours' to 'fuel consumption', you can fine tune your company’s earning ability, instantly see significant improvements in staff behaviour and activity, build better customer relations and streamline your admin.


    View Full Activity

    Across Your Entire Fleet

    From Driver Behaviour, overtime logs to service/maintenance schedules.

    You’ll now quickly and easily see everything - conveniently all in one place.


      Shift Reports

      For You AND Your Customers

      The time taken when trying to prove/disprove disputes with either staff or customers over work completed takes attention away from other areas of your company and can lead to clients not paying for a service.

      Having a full shift report, time-on-site and overtime logs means that you are fully equipped to address any disputes head on.


        Direct +

        Indirect Savings

        The Driver Behaviour Reports indicate excessive idling, unauthorised extra journeys as well as irresponsible driving such as harsh braking.

        All of which have short and long term avoidable costs across your fleet.



        Wasting Fuel and Profits

        Just 5 minutes unnecessary idling can cost your company 1/5 of a litre of fuel. This will vary slightly by vehicle, but the truth remains that idling is a fuel and money wasting epidemic throughout all fleets without the ability to monitor driver behaviour.


          Your Fleet

          Going Further, Lasting Longer

          Being able to see if a vehicle is being driven irresponsibly (harsh braking/cornering, idling) means you can quickly address this, leading to less fuel wastage and a longer life for your vehicle with less maintenance expense over the years.

          Let’s take a Look at the Best Fleet Tracking System Pricing Options

          Monthly Plan

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          (price on application)

          per Vehicle/Month


          Monthly Plan

          No Contracts!

          Get Tracking away within 24 hours!


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