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Let’s take a Look at the Best Fleet Tracking System Pricing Options

Monthly Plan

No upfront costs from


(price on application)

per Vehicle/Month


Monthly Plan

No Contracts!

Get Tracking away within 24 hours!


Your Fleet. Running At Its Best.

With such a wide range of professions (from tradesmen, couriers, highway maintenance

   companies to removal firms and beyond) utilising vans in their daily activity, one thing that

they all have in common is that they will all benefit from the versatile MoreFleet system.


Van Tracking. Is It For Me?

No matter how many vehicles your company uses or the industry you serve in, being able to monitor everything from mileage, fuel consumption, driver behaviour and real-time location gives you a distinct advantage over competitors and creates a much more efficient working environment for you.


    Live Global Tracking.
    24/7 365

    You will have full 24 hour visibility of your entire fleet activity. Wherever they are, from wherever you are!


    Eyes On The Road. For Every Journey 

    Incidents on the road can be costly in both money and time for any company.

    The most frustrating aspect of this is, not having sufficient evidence of the incident is what leads to extensive time frames, and hoop jumping.

    Even more frustrating is when your company has to concede costs that are not your fault.

    Installing front-facing dash cams majorly cuts time and costs for incidents on the road.


      Staff Productivity. Customer Trust

      You can now view the 24/7 real-time location, the arrival/departure time for appointments, traffic conditions, full journey history, message drivers directly and so much more.


      Customer Satisfaction. Exceeded

      Knowing where your vans are 24/7 allows you to take your customer service to the next level! Book in extra appointments throughout the day, offer accurate arrival times, provide full transparent reports of work carried out.

      • Increase your earning ability Exceed customer expectations

        Why More Fleet?

        95% of companies with vehicles already know they need a fleet system.

        However, they are also aware that installing a system can be time consuming.

        With MoreFleet you can be tracking within 24 hours using the most up-to-date, advanced, user-friendly mapping system available. No contracts. No minimum terms. Just the best price tracking service available anywhere.


        Ready To Get More?

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        Delivery services use MoreFleet to track their vans routes, confirm delivery without having to contact their drivers, check for extended stops/idling and even ensure there is no out of hours use of company vehicles. It doesn’t matter what type of vans or what industry you work in, your company will instantly benefit from using van trackers. Whether you have a painter and decorator business or a courier company, all companies know that vehicle efficiency is vital in ensuring overheads are controlled and vehicle/staff do not become a financial burden for your company. The MoreFleet system helps you save money, optimise your vehicles time on the road, increase profits and over all efficiency and exceed customer expectations.

        Having full visibility of your vans gives you the control that you need. Whether this is to co-ordinate deliveries, instantly find your closest engineer to a new job, or confirm arrival on a site for one of your workers, the clarity that our van tracking system gives you is limitless and so valuable to increasing your overall margins. If a customer is disputing a delivery or an arrival time/time-on-site then it’s frustratingly difficult to support your staff and the work completed without categoric evidence. The real-time tracking and easy to read reports eliminate any doubt.

        Being able to see where all of your vans are throughout the working day means that you can confidently take on extra appointments and jobs after the vehicles have hit the road. This increases your earning ability substantially and will exceed customer expectations. You will also be able to offer accurate arrival times and real-time updates confidently if customers require them. All of this adds up both directly and indirectly to a streamlined company, with a healthier earning ability and more satisfied customers. It really doesn’t matter what industry your business is in or how many vans you have. The MoreFleet system is designed to save you time, money and will improve the overall performance of your staff, vehicles and company. What’s more, with the More Fleet tracking system you could be set up within 24 hours from now! Keep on top of your staff, vehicles and ahead of your competition