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Driver Behaviour

Your company’s new driver behaviour technology will help you majorly reduce overheads across your fleet as well as improve safety for your staff and other road users.


Vehicle Idling

See Patterns Educate Drivers

Just 5 minutes unnecessary idling can cost your company 1/5 of a litre of fuel.

This will vary slightly by vehicle, but the truth remains that idling is a fuel and money wasting epidemic throughout any fleet without the ability to monitor driver behaviour.

Let’s take a Look at the Best Fleet Tracking System Pricing Options

Monthly Plan

No upfront costs from


(price on application)

per Vehicle/Month


Monthly Plan

No Contracts!

Get Tracking away within 24 hours!


No Need For Speed

Arrive On Time Safely

Did you know exceeding the speed limit for 20% of your driving time, leads to an 87% higher chance of causing an accident!

Worryingly, those most likely to speed are employees on the road full time, under constant pressure to meet scheduled times.

Speeding also has other implications on your vehicle, employees and company. With absolutely none of them being good.


Small Changes

Huge Positive Impact

Your MoreFleet system allows you to quickly and easily plot out the most efficient route for your fleet, helping your drivers to avoid stressful delays that might lead to risky driving habits.

You can also use your reports to educate them on how to improve their overall driving, which helps protects them and also prolongs the life of your vehicles.

Once you can measure and monitor this behaviour you will quickly see how small changes make a huge difference to improving your margins, as well as the safety and happiness of your drivers.


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