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Car Tracking

Designed for your business

No matter the company, industry or type of vehicle, tracking your fleet ensures higher productivity and unlimited potential for company growth.

The Best Car Tracking.
For Any Business.

Using the Trackershop MoreFleet advanced mapping panel gives you the edge over competitors.

Don’t worry. 'Advanced' does not mean ‘complicated’.

In fact MoreFleet has been specifically designed to be extremely user friendly - no matter the business, no matter the vehicle, no matter the use.

Let's Take a Look at the Best Fleet Tracking System Pricing Options


Car Tracking.
Why Is It Important?

If you have vehicles in your company then, yes!

Vehicles are used by companies from all industries for multiple different reasons. However, what every company has in common is knowing how useful it will be to monitor and co-ordinate your vehicle's overall activity.

Wherever They Are.
From Wherever You Are.

Whether you are an estate agency, a car lease co, or you have a sales team out on the road you will be able to see your entire team from one place, no matter where they are in the world!


All Reports.
All In One Place.

Trying to tie together all vehicle information, timesheets and job/shift reports from different locations is a full-time job in itself.

By implementing your MoreFleet system you will have everything generated in seconds, all in one place and in a way that is easy to understand and interpret.

Monitor. Assess.
Organise. Streamline.

You can now view the 24/7 real-time location, the arrival/departure time for appointments, traffic conditions, full journey history, message drivers directly and so much more.


Save Time And Money.
Whilst Improving Company Efficiency.

It’s not often that company efficiency, earning ability and customer service improves by actually saving money! With MoreFleet that’s exactly what happens.

Driver Behaviour.
Improve Safety And Costs.

Knowing that your driver behaviour is being monitored and scored is a great incentive for staff to drive more responsibly and economically. It also makes the roads a much safer place for them and other road users.


Dash Cam Option
Full Visibility On The Ground.

Opt for front facing dash cams for your fleet, to help document and evidence any disputes from road incidents. 

Fitting dash cams has also been shown to improve overall driver behaviour when out representing your vehicles on the road.


Your Entire Fleet Tracking
24 Hours From Now.

With the quick set up option, you could be logged in with all of your cars tracking away by this time tomorrow.

Your user-friendly mapping portal means that no extensive training is needed, there’s no software to download so you’ll have it sussed within minutes of logging in.

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It doesn’t matter what type of company you have, if you deploy vehicles on a daily basis it is impossible to know if they are being used correctly and if you are achieving the full potential of your staff out on the road. 
Therefore, the positive benefits of implementing a fleet system are numerous and, in todays modern climate, essential! 
With your MoreFleet system, any one of the multiple features available will help you earn and save your business money, improve efficiency, customer service, staff management and over all company harmony. 
You can select which reports and features are most beneficial for your needs to ensure your fleet is functioning at its optimum capacity. 
Besides the logistics of being able to co-ordinate and monitor the progression of staff in-field, companies also have an added investment in ensuring that the value and use of their company asset/vehicle is not being compromised or exploited. 
eg, out of hours use increases the mileage of the vehicle, depreciating the value and leading to more regular/higher maintenance costs. This also leads to excessive fuel costs for your company, which are difficult to dispute without clear evidence. 
The value gained from implementing the best fleet management system for your own company requirements can be unlimited.
The more clarity and visibility that you have for each vehicle in your fleet allows you to optimise the earning ability for that vehicle. 
Therefore, the more vehicles that you have the more you can potentially save per vehicle if they are being monitored and used to their optimum capacity. 
MoreFleet is the all round best fleet management system to help you achieve this - as we provide nationwide installation or next day ‘plug and play’ options, as well as monthly rolling tracking subscriptions. 
There’s actually nothing to lose , but so much to gain!
For anyone with vehicles, when you need to know where your staff are urgently, it can be extremely frustrating, time consuming and stressful. 
Having full-time visibility of your fleet allows you to make confident informed decisions, and means that you won’t always need to disturb drivers by calling/messaging them for their locations. 
Any company using vehicles will now be looking for ways to both improve their own earning ability and get an important edge over competitors. 
It’s possible many of your competitors are already using a fleet system. MoreFleet will help ensure that you stay ahead of them.

-Manage and reduce costs

From fuel management, vehicle maintenance to unnecessary over-time claims, you will be able to instantly see where excessive spending is taking place and understand how to drastically reduce this. 

-24/7 visibility

You will be able to see where your entire fleet is worldwide at any time. 

Whether this is to help monitor and co-ordinate during the working da and/or increase the security whilst the vehicles are not in use, your fleet system provides you will full visibility.  Your MoreFleet management system provides 30 second reporting as standard. You can also set your trackers to only report during specific allocated shift times. 

-Improved earnings

When you can see where your staff are, it allows you to confidently add in more jobs to their shifts - either in advance or last minute. Indirectly, the knock on effect of speedy and efficient service can result in repeat business and referrals. 

-Improved driver performance

There are several huge positive benefits of improving your staff's performance on the road. The most important is of course.


Being able to plot driver schedules in advance, re-route at short notice due to traffic conditions mean that your staff’s driving experience will be less stressful (one of the biggest causes of accidents). If they also know that you will receive alerts for speeding and erratic driving then they will self regulate and mindfully become more responsible whilst on the road. 

--Driver behaviour 

You may be unpleasantly surprised to see both the direct and indirect costs of irresponsible driving. Bad driving habits (such as idling, excessive braking, harsh cornering and speeding) in the short term use excessive fuel and increase the chances of accidents.  In the short term you will suffer from unnecassarily high service, maintenance and repair costs. Your vehicle will also spend more time off the road as a result, and will depreciate quicker - giving it a shorter life and lower resale value. With MoreFleet you will quickly identify issues that are costing you money and also making your company vulnerable to penalties / reputation damage / vehicles being taken off the road (accidents or avoidable maintenance).

-Identify over spending 

Your automatically generated reports will highlight how to minimise fuel costs, decrease unnecessary over-time, as well as identify weak spots, such as poor driver behaviour.

-Customer satisfaction

Being able to offer accurate arrival times, take on last minute emergency appointments and co-ordinate your work force infield will help impress and exceed customer expectations.  This can help lead to repeat business as well as referrals and positive customer reviews.  Through your reports and history log you can also provide clear evidence of the time employees spent on site, arrival times for jobs/deliveries.  This helps to ensure that there are no pay disputes and also build trust between your company and consumer. 

-Eliminate fraudulent time sheets 

Paying out for work that has not actually been done is both damaging financially, and can also breed trust and uncertainty between employees and staff.  Your MoreFleet Fleet management system automatically generates shift and over-time reports for staff.  No more collecting time sheets or chasing staff for hours. No more Your report is generated automatically. You will have both a streamlined, quick, automated time sheet generator (a time consuming job when doing manually) and full trust that the information you have is accurate.

-Vital reports 

Your reports are all automated and you can email different reports to whomever needs them at any time and they will be saved on your system for 6 months - so you will have instant access to past information.  With comprehensive driver behaviour and fuel reporting, alerts such as lease renewals and service appointments, you will be able to manage your entire fleet easily, quickly and efficiently all from the same place. 

-Eliminate time consuming paperwork

Pulling in reports from several different areas is stressful. Especially if you do not have the full information needed (or feel you can trust that it was accurate). With MoreFleet you can automatically generate time sheets, vehicle usage, vehicle servicing, full shift reports and countless others. All from one place and paperless (unless you choose otherwise) to keep your admin quick, concise and precise. 

-Stay compliant 

Set periodic reminders and keep logs of service scheduling.

This of course all depends on the size of your fleet, the types of vehicles and how they’re being used. 
What’s fantastic is that your Fleet Efficiency Reports will be able to show you important figures such as how much more you are saving in fuel, the increases in productivity, savings on unnecessary over-time etc. 
Even though your savings will be instant and obvious, there are so many other aspects of your daily activity that will improve. You will be able to increase work volume, improve your over all customer service as well as create a much slicker work environment - all whilst saving and earning more money.
All GPS tracking companies need to charge a subscription. Amongst other things this is because your GPS trackers will be relaying data from your vehicles to your mapping system, using the mobile data networks.
There are also software costs, Google licensing, general maintenance etc all covered under your subscription.
MoreFleet are the first and only full fleet tracking system that does not lock you in to a contract or minimum term. 
With a rolling monthly payment you can simply keep your vehicles tracking only for the time needed. 
We don’t think that you should be locked in to a subscription, as who knows what any of us will be doing in 36 months time!
Even though your new MoreFleet fleet management system will have a huge instant positive impact on the daily running of your company it doesn’t mean it also needs to be complicated. 
Quite the opposite!
MoreFleet has been specifically designed to be user-friendly with your private system set up and ready to use instantly. 
Because there is no software to download you can log in from any computer, laptop, tablet or phone with internet connection.
There are no restrictions or limitation as to how many members of staff can log in at any time, so you can have multiple staff logged on from any location worldwide. 
The mobile app is available in both the iOS and Android app stores.
Again, there are no restrictions on how many people you can have logged in, and you can even set up unlimited alerts for all staff to receive directly to their phones. 
Yes. Your fleet tracking app is free to download in the app store.
You log in using the same details provided for your main mapping panel. 
With MoreFleet you have the choice of 'wired in', 'plug in' and ‘portable’ GPS tracking devices.
You can choose which type or combination is best for your fleet.
-Wired in
Our attentive and highly experienced mobile engineers are nationwide and ready to install trackers in to your entire fleet with minimal disruption to your daily activity. 
Our engineers will visit any address and can even visit your vehicles infield whilst they are on an appointment.
Due to our vast coverage in the UK we can typically have your trackers installed within 1-3 working days.
-Plug in
The ‘plug and play’ option is an OBD tracker that inserts directly in to the OBD port, typically located under the steering wheel. 
Your OBD trackers arrive via courier the day after you order them, meaning all you need to do is simply plug them in and log in to your private mapping panel.
This allows you to also switch your GPS tracker from one vehicle to another at a moments notice.
You could therefore be tracking away within 24 hours from now!
The exclusive Trackershop magnetic GPS trackers are also portable, but with their own long life battery. This means that there are no restrictions for where they can be placed, or the type of vehicle or asset that they are used on. 
Because they are provided in durable, weatherproof magnetic cases you can place them on the outside of your vehicle against flat metal, or conceal them on the inside. 
Again, these are useful if you need to switch your trackers from one vehicle to another either regularly or at short notice. 
Your magnetic GPS trackers can also be with you, ready to use within 24 hours!
Absolutely! We hope that using MoreFleet helps your company grow quicker!
Therefore, when you expand and need more vehicles for your company they can be linked straight on to your current mapping portal, exactly like your existing ones. 


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