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Trackershop provides the quickest mobile Ghost Immobiliser installation in Birmingham!

Why Get a Ghost Immobiliser Installation in Birmingham?

In a thriving city like Birmingham, safeguarding your vehicle against theft is crucial. One highly effective method to enhance your vehicle's security is through the installation of a Ghost Immobiliser system. This blog post explores the advantages of Ghost Immobiliser installation in Birmingham, providing you with invaluable peace of mind and protecting your valuable asset.
Trackershop is the leading Ghost Immobiliser installer in Birmingham - with the fastest fitting times for any UK postcode. 

The Benefits of Ghost Immobiliser Installation in Birmingham

  1. Understanding Ghost Immobilisers: A Ghost Immobiliser is an advanced aftermarket security device designed to prevent unauthorized access and theft of vehicles. It works by immobilizing the vehicle, disabling the ignition system, and rendering it inoperable without the correct code or electronic key. Unlike conventional key-based immobilisers, Ghost Immobilisers offer superior security, are discreetly installed, and are highly resistant to bypassing techniques employed by thieves.

  2. Unparalleled Protection: With its cutting-edge technology and robust security features, a Ghost Immobiliser provides unparalleled protection against vehicle theft. Birmingham, being a bustling urban hub, unfortunately experiences a higher rate of vehicle theft compared to other areas. By opting for Ghost Immobiliser installation, you significantly reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen or tampered with, ensuring your peace of mind and adding an extra layer of security for your valuable asset.


3. Key Advantages of Ghost Immobiliser Installation in Birmingham (approx. 130 words): a. Enhanced Security: Ghost Immobilisers offer superior protection against key cloning, hacking, and signal relay attacks - common methods employed by vehicle thieves. b. Discreet Installation: The device is discreetly integrated into the vehicle, ensuring potential thieves remain unaware of its presence, making it exceedingly difficult for them to bypass or disable. c. Wide Compatibility: Ghost Immobilisers are compatible with a vast range of vehicle makes and models, allowing Birmingham car owners to safeguard their vehicles, regardless of the brand or model. d. Insurance Benefits: Many insurance providers recognize the effectiveness of Ghost Immobilisers and offer reduced premiums to policyholders who have these security systems installed. e. Enhanced Resale Value: Vehicles equipped with Ghost Immobilisers tend to have higher resale value due to the added security features and peace of mind they offer potential buyers.

4. Professional Ghost Immobiliser Installation in Birmingham (approx. 80 words): To ensure optimal performance and reliability of your Ghost Immobiliser system, professional installation by experienced technicians is vital. In Birmingham, there are reputable automotive security specialists who specialize in Ghost Immobiliser installation. These professionals possess the necessary expertise to seamlessly integrate the device into your vehicle, maximizing its effectiveness and minimizing the risk of installation-related issues.

Ghost Immobiliser Fitted In Birmingham. How Does It Work?

Ghost immobiliser installations in Birmingham have become extremely common. This is due to how effective they are against all of the most commonly used theft techniques.
The Ghost II is the most advanced CAN-Bus immobilisation system
  • undetectable to thieves
  • unique PIN code security
  • protects against ALL modern theft techniques
  • compatible with the widest range of makes and models
  • uniquely coded to your vehicle and transferable
  • TASSA accredited for insurance purposes
One of the most popular and comprehensive immobilisation systems, the Ghost II Immobiliser is also extremely user-friendly and quick to Arm/Disarm when using your vehicle.
With a unique PIN sequence, using the buttons on your steering wheel, door and dashboard, only you will know how to start your vehicle. The unit does not emit any kind of signal so is undetectable to thieves, and CANNOT be overridden by any theft methods.
Take a look at the full product details

How Much Does A Ghost Immobiliser Installation Cost In Birmingham?

So what is the cost of full vehicle protection and peace of mind?
The Ghost II car immobilisation installation cost is £499
This includes your Ghost II immobiliser system and full mobile installation in any UK postcode.

Ghost Immobilisers have revolutionised vehicle security, offering an unmatched level of protection against theft. Manchester car owners can greatly benefit from Ghost Immobiliser installation, providing peace of mind and safeguarding their vehicles against determined thieves. By investing in this cutting-edge security system and having it professionally installed, you enhance your vehicle's security, reduce insurance premiums, and increase its resale value, all while ensuring your prized possession remains safe and secure in the bustling city of Manchester.

Remember, when it comes to vehicle security, proactive measures are key, and Ghost Immobilisers provide an excellent solution for Manchester residents seeking peace of mind and protection for their vehicles.


Trackershop's Mobile Ghost Immobiliser Installers

When choosing Trackershop you get speedy mobile car immobiliser installation UK wide.

At your convenience, in any location!

So whether this is at your home, work, dealership, on site, or even on your staycation, our mobile Installs Team have you covered

Do you have a Ghost Immobiliser installers in Birmingham?

Yes we do! Trackershop provides fast car immobiliser installation in every Birmingham postcode.
This is a mobile installation service, and our engineers can be with you typically within 1-3 days!
If you're looking for vehicle Immobiliser fitting near you, then contact Trackershop any time to confirm exact availability.

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Vehicle Immobilisers Explained

It's highly likely that it does! Factory-fitted immobilisers have been installed as standard by manufacturers in all vehicles since 1998.
Factory fitted immobilisers protect your vehicle if a thief does not have your key or tries to 'hot wire' your vehicle.
However, modern theft techniques include key hacking, key theft, and relay attack. All of these allow a thief to bypass the factory fitted immobiliser.
When you enter in to your vehicle with your key / fob, a code is sent from your key to the ECU (electronic control unit). If the code is correct the car will start as required, by activating the
  • Fuel system
  • Starter motor
  • Ignition
If the code is wrong or someone tries to hotwire the car, the immobiliser will not allow the vehicle to start.



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