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Your GPS tracker mapping panel

Over the past 10 years, Trackershop has been working to ensure that advanced GPS tracker technology is available to absolutely everyone

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The use of GPS trackers has evolved from being a very niche service to something utilised for any and all purposes, and we have seen such a huge increase in the types of business, individuals, industries, and uses.

From logistics companies monitoring a large fleet to protecting an elderly relative who may be prone to wander due to disorientation, the essential need for GPS tracking is growing every day.


Easy to use,
Accessible to everyone

However, just as important as providing the best GPS trackers is also ensuring that you have the most user-friendly mapping panel system to be able to monitor and control them from.

The Trackershop mapping panel has been developed with advanced features that have been specifically designed to be extremely useful and user-friendly for anyone, regardless of what their GPS trackers are for.

You have remote control of your GPS tracker worldwide, 24/7.

Take a look below at some of the useful features that will ensure, no matter what you are tracking, you will
get the absolute best out of them.

More than just a mapping panel 

The Trackershop mapping panel runs from a Google Maps interface. This means that, not only do you have access to the most developed and detailed global mapping, you can also use features such as Google Street View directly through your panel. You also benefit from all of the regular updates and advancements from Google.

Your panel also features Tom-Tom route planning.

The Trackershop mapping panel is designed to be accessed directly through your internet browser.
This means there is no software to download, so as long as you have access to the internet then you can log in 24/7 worldwide from any computer. 

Real-time Tracking

All of your GPS trackers linked to your panel offer the quickest real-time tracking currently available. You can remotely control your tracking devices tracking pace from your mapping panel, choosing updates from every 5 seconds to every 60 minutes.  Whether you have 1, 10 or 100 GPS trackers you can monitor and control all of them from your one mapping panel. 

history log

All of your real-time GPS tracking is also available in the History tab. You can review any time frame (hours, days, weeks, months) at a time and also download printable reports if ever needed.

  • See full addresses/postcodes/ locations visited.
  • Time and date of each position report.
  • How long the tracker was at any location.
  • Mileage report for any time frame 

Geo Fence Alerts

You can set as many virtual Geo-Fence Zones as you need. When your GPS tracker(s) enter and/or leave these location zones then you will receive an instant alert both on your mapping panel, as well as straight through to your phone and/or email too.

The alert is also visible in your history reports. 

Google street view

You can use Google Street View in both the real-time mode as well as for any points in your history at all. This is incredibly useful to see an on-the-ground view of the locations visited by your tracking devices. 

Settings, Commands and Arm Device

In the top right of your mapping panel, you will find ‘Settings’ and ‘Commands’. You have full
remote control of your GPS tracker from your mapping panel.


In the settings, you can re-name your tracking device, set the time zone, enter the contact numbers/emails to control alerts, as well as select the icon to represent your GPS tracker on the map.


The commands allow you to communicate with your tracking device remotely. Here you can set the tracking pace, from every 5 seconds up to once per hour. You can also send an Instant Locate message.

Arm Device

Press Arm Device when you want to receive an instant alert when your GPS tracker starts a journey. Whichever contact details have been stored in the settings will receive this message.

Whatever it is you are tracking...

So no matter what you need to track or how many GPS trackers you have, Trackershop provides the most user-friendly mapping panel
and the largest range of tracking devices anywhere - all set up and ready to use on arrival.