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Top Up Plans Explained

Trackershop provides the simplest real-time GPS Tracking packages on a PAYG (Pay As You Go) concept. You can add your tracking package to your GPS tracker when you buy your device. This means that your GPS tracker will arrive with you ready to use.

If you do not add a tracking plan at the point of purchase, you can top up your tracking device with a tracking plan any time after purchasing. Your tracker will be provided with a unique Tracker ID - you simply enter this ID on the product page when purchasing your plan. Your tracker will then be topped up automatically.  

As this is a PAYG concept, any time that you need to apply a tracking package to your tracking device, you simply do so in the Top Up Credits category.  Your package will be applied remotely and automatically to your device. You won’t need to do anything!

Opt for 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 Months Unlimited Pre-Pay tracking packages. This means that you just pay upfront for what you need.

You do not need to register an account - you just take your GPS tracker out the box, and start tracking!

When your package is due to expire, you can either renew your data package; or if you do not need your tracking device at this stage you can wait and top up when you next need to use it.

The Unlimited Tracking Plans all come with free SMS credits included and are by far the best options for anyone using our real-time GPS trackers. 

You can view our full range of Top Up Credits here

No Commitment Rolling Monthly Direct Debit

As an alternative, you can opt for a monthly automatic payment for all of your tracking devices. 

With no contracts, no minimum terms, and no hidden costs this works out extremely cost-effective in the long run and allows you to fully benefit from high-frequency real-time tracking, gathering detailed journey and location information.


Why do I need to add a tracking package to my GPS tracker?

With real-time GPS trackers, they need to use multi-roaming SIM cards to relay their location data remotely to your private mapping panel. Your GPS tracker will arrive with your multi-roaming SIM already installed and linked to your mapping panel. A multi-roaming SIM means that your GPS tracker has access to the strongest mobile network in any area. This means that they can switch automatically to any network that provides better service. This effectively means that your tracking device has the absolute best chance of always being in the signal, with no interruptions to your live tracking. 

The Trackershop mapping panel is the most user-friendly system currently available and your GPS trackers can report their location onto your map as rapidly as every 5 seconds!

Your mapping panel operates off of a Google Maps interface and includes Street View and even
Tom-Tom onscreen route navigation.

You can view your mapping panel from any computer and your phone app means that you will always have access to your tracking information.

Currently, there are no GPS tracker options that use data networks to report their location that will not have ongoing costs. However, Trackershop keeps its tracking plans simple, cost-effective, and with no commitments or hidden costs. This means that you only ever pay for what you need!

What are SMS Credits?

SMS credits are effectively ‘text’ messages that you use to communicate with your GPS tracker.  Your mapping panel/app has a 'Commands’ tab that allows you to change your GPS tracker report pace by sending it an SMS command. The message will connect instantly, changing the GPS trackers report pace immediately.

You can also receive any Zone, Motion, and Battery Alerts via SMS. This is where your GPS tracker will send you a message whenever any of these alerts are raised. You can set your contact numbers in your Settings to receive these alerts. Most people do not use SMS credits for any alerts that they have set up - as you can receive free messages via Push Notifications and emails straight through to your phone.

Your Unlimited Pre-Pay tracking package comes with some free SMS credits. However, you can top up with more if you run out before your next renewal date.

How to renew Top Up Credits?

You can renew your unlimited package any time online at “Top Up Credits" Just select your preferred package and enter your Account ref ID in the box on the product page. Once purchased, your package will be applied automatically to your tracking device, ready to use. You do not need to wait for any codes or for anything to be posted out to you.

If you do not need to renew your subscription then you do not have to. Please be aware that your GPS tracker will not be able to report without an active tracking plan applied. If your GPS tracker subscription expires and you then add another package at a later date, there will be no tracking history available for the time that the subscription was not active.

If I have multiple GPS trackers, do they need separate subscriptions?

Each tracker has its own individual SIM, so they will all need a separate tracking package applied. However, if you are in need of multiple trackers then contact us for a quote and info on any discounts. 

If you have a TS10 Security GPS tracker then you can top up with one of the Security Packages. 

These work in the same way but are automatically set to 2-minute reporting updates as standard. You do not have a history tab, as these are purely for security against theft, providing real-time tracking in the event that your asset is stolen.

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