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Top Up Credits Explained

Trackershop provide the most cost effective solution for real time GPS Tracking. The Pay As You Go (PAYG) system that is in place for all of the real-time GPS Trackers means that you do not have to commit to taking out contracts or register an account any where- you just ‘top up’ with whichever credit package you require whenever needed.

Equally for individuals and companies who will be using their tracking devices long term, you can benefit from the 1, 3, 6 or 12 Months Unlimited Position Credit plans. This works out extremely cost effective in the long run and allows you to fully benefit from high frequency real-time tracking, gathering detailed journey and location information. The Unlimited Position Credit bundles all come with free SMS credits included and are by far the best options for anyone using our real-time GPS trackers. You can view our full range of Top Up Credits here

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Position Credits

Position credits are used to track your GPS tracker in real time, plotting a position on the map at your chosen set interval (5 seconds – 60 minutes). You can remotely set your tracking pace at any time. Your GPS tracker will then track in real-time at the set interval, until you change it again. All of this tracking information is accessible any time in your history tab, so you do not need to be logged in to your panel for your tracker to update. You can review any journey or time frame retrospectively whenever you need to.

Your GPS tracker is motion activated, meaning it will never miss a journey. A motion sensor inside your tracker detects movement and begins automatically tracking at the interval that you have set. When your GPS Tracker hasn’t detected movement for approx 90 seconds it will go back into sleep mode until it next senses movement. This helps preserve battery when tracking is not necessary, but also ensures that it is ready to go instantly. To give you an example of how position credits work: If you set your GPS tracker to update its position every 60 seconds and it is in continuous motion for 60 minutes, your tracker will update its position on the map 60 times. As well as being able to watch this in live time on your mapping panel, this journey will be accessible to review in your history report.

SMS Credits

SMS credits are used to communicate back and forth with your GPS tracker. You have a Commands tab on your mapping panel to change the frequency of the position updates (e.g. from every 5 seconds reporting to every 60 minutes) as well as send an ‘Instant Locate’ in between reports.

An SMS Credit will also be used if you have Motion Alarms/Geo Fences set up for your tracker to send you alerts. Geo Fences allow you to monitor a particular location/address. When your GPS tracker enters/leaves this location, you can receive an instant text alert.

NOTE: As an alternative you can set up email alerts instead of SMS. This provides a free email message, and will not deduct an SMS credit.This is ideal for those who receive email alerts to their phone the same way that they receive texts.

FAQ’s about Top-Up

Q. What happens when my subscription needs renewing

Q. How do I top up my Tracker?

Really easily! You do not need to wait, receive anything in the post, or even via email.

Simply select the Top Up Credits that you need. When purchasing online there is a box at the check out to enter your tracker ID. Your Top Up plan will be automatically applied to your tracking device.

When purchasing Top Up Credits over the phone, you can provide your Tracker ID to the member of the team that you speak to. They will have your credits applied immediately.

Take a look at our range of Top Up Credits


Position & SMS Credit packages are valid for 12 Months from the date of purchase.
Please be aware that your SIM may be cancelled by the service provider if it has been inactive for 3 months+.

If you have any further questions or need to book in an insurance
approved tracker fitting Call the Trackershop team any time on 02081660603.

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