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With engineers in every postcode, Trackershop provides the quickest mobile Thatcham approved tracker installation in the UK!
It’s very possible that you’ve just had it sprung on you by your insurance providers that you need to organise a Thatcham approved tracker installation for your new vehicle (or when renewing an existing insurance policy).
As a result, you may be wondering, why do I need a Thatcham Approved Tracker? And why now?
The good news is, you’re in the right place - and Trackershop provides the quickest mobile installation times for every UK postcode.
As the most trusted nationwide Thatcham approved tracker installers we ensure a quick, stress-free process, meaning you will be fully insured and secured within the next few days.
But let's quickly explain more below as to why you actually need a Thatcham approved tracker installer and guide you on the most suitable for your vehicle and insurance provider. Or click a button to take you to the category info.

Best Thatcham Trackers

Would you prefer to take a look at the range of best Thatcham Tracker options?
You can see the full range here... 

What is a Thatcham Approved Tracker?

Thatcham Research is the organisation overseeing the testing and categorisation of vehicle security products. Their stringent, meticulous testing is designed to assess the effectiveness of the security and safety of the products. As long as the product meets the exact criteria and high standard of quality, they will receive a Thatcham Security Certification.

Therefore, due to a combination of escalating vehicle theft, and the high level of quality and the very impressive recovery success rate of Thatcham approved trackers, insurance providers are now insisting that motorists install these particular tracking devices.

This is likely to be why you are now being asked to install a Thatcham approved tracking device, even though you may not have ever been asked to in the past. 

What Are The Thatcham Tracker Categories?

The Thatcham Tracker categories that you are likely to hear referenced by your insurance provider are 'S5' and S7'. 

The S7 is the entry level Thatcham tracker category, with the S5 being the higher level (due to it including the Driver Rcognition System).

There is also the optional category of S5 Plus. This is not technically a Thatcham tracker category, but includes additional immobiliser security. 

If you opted for the S5 Plus, your insurers would recognise this as the S5 Thatcham tracker category. 

The Main Thatcham Approved Tracker Categories

Which Is The Best Thatcham Approved Tracker For Me?

Now that you know why it is a standard requirement, the next question you are probably thinking is 'which is the best Thatcham Approved Tracker for me?' 

There are two main categories of Car Insurance Trackers - S5 and S7. In a nutshell, S7 trackers are the cheapest Thatcham approved vehicle tracking device. S5 Trackers are the same as S7, but with the addition of an extra Automatic Driver Recognition System (ADR recognises you are the authorised driver. If anyone else moves your vehicle, it triggers an instant alert).

If your insurance provider has NOT stipulated a category, then you are free to choose which category you prefer. However, if they have stipulated an S5 tracker, then you MUST meet this requirement. Failing to do so will most likely invalidate your insurance policy in the event of theft.

The differences between the categories are quite straightforward, however, there are multiple brands and may have slightly different additional optional features, and pricing.

Do you have a Thatcham Approved Tracker Installers Near Me?

As not many people have heard of these products, you're probably wondering 'is there a Thatcham approved installer near me?'

Trackershop's Installs Team cover every UK postcode, with a fully mobile installation service.

We have the largest network of engineers on the road daily, so you can be confident that a) we can provide full installation in your area, and b) the quickest appointment times?

How long does it take to install a Thatcham approved tracking device?

An S7 tracker can be installed in as little as 45 minutes. An S5 tracker will take approximately 1 hour.

Trackershop's Mobile Thatcham Tracker Installers

When choosing Trackershop you get speedy Nationwide Thatcham Approved Tracker Installation.

At your convenience, in any UK location!

So whether this is at your home, work, dealership, on site, or even on your staycation, our mobile Installs Team have you covered


Are ‘insurance approved’ the same as ‘Thatcham Approved Trackers’?

For vehicle security in line with your insurance policy, insurance providers will typically insist on a stolen vehicle recovery tracker that has been categorised by Thatcham.

There may be rare occasions when a non-Thatcham product will be sufficient, however, you will need to ensure your insurance provider confirm this to you in writing, as this is not common.

Best Thatcham Approved Vehicle Tracker

As well as the standard Thatcham approved tracker requirements, motorists can also choose optional additional security.

These aren't always a Thatcham requirement, but most certainly improve the security of your vehicle - giving you even more peace of mind. 


Thatcham Tracker with Immobiliser

If you would like optional added security then take a look at the best Thatcham Tracker with immobiliser installed by Trackershop.


Thatcham Tracker with Alarm

Many insurers are also insisting on alarms being installed for security.

However, even more savvy motorists are being proactive and seeking out the best Thatcham Tracker and Alarm installation options regardless.


Take a look at all Thatcham Approved Trackers

Now you know a bit more about how Thatcham Accredited Trackers work, you can take a look at the full range of options in the Insurance Approved Tracker category here.

Thatcham Approved Car Trackers Explained

Thatcham approved trackers tend to work by triangulating live GPS locations, using multiple satellite network access.
They then relay this information to a monitored tracking system in a control room (and for you to view on your app).
They do this over the data SIM network, with most Thatcham approved trackers gaining multi network access to ensure the strongest coverage.
Some alternatively / also emply VHF technology (the Tracker UK range).
This allows further detection in areas where SIM access is weak or unobtainable.
The highest Thatcham approved car tracker is the S5 level.
The ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) means that an instant pro-active alert is generated if anyone takes your car without permission.
You can also add optional security to these, such as alarms, immobilisers and dash cams.
A Thatcham S7 tracker is the entry level Thatcham approved vehicle tracking category.
Even though this is the entry level option, it is incredible security with 24/7 control room monitoring. 



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