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Vodafone Protect & Connect 5. CAT 5 Insurance Tracker

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Vodafone Protect & Connect 5. CAT 5 Insurance Tracker
Please Note
This product is not delivered. Your engineer will bring your tracking device to your appointment
  • Recognised by all insurers for any vehicle
  • Fully Insurance approved CAT 5 Thatcham vehicle tracker
  • Mobile installation at a time, date, location convenient to you
  • 24/7 monitoring control room 
  • ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) system 
  • Police authorised remote immobilisation
  • Advanced tracking app
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Cobra Vodafone Automotive Protect and Connect 5 conforms to the highest accreditation for stolen vehicle tracking systems, Category 5 Thatcham approved tracker.

If your insurance company has advised you to fit a CAT 5 tracker then this is the one that they mean. Price includes your CAT 5 car tracker, tracker installation by a Thatcham approved engineer. Add your first-year subscription in the dropdown above to ensure your tracking device is ready to begin protecting your vehicle as soon as it is installed! Same day fitting option- subject to availability. Typically fitted within 72 hours. 


ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition)

  • Discreet pocket-sized card carried with you when in your vehicle. Whenever you leave your vehicle the system will automatically arm itself.
  • If the vehicle is moved without the driver fob present, Vodafone Automotive’s Secure Operating Centre is alerted immediately. This means that even if a thief takes your vehicle using your own keys, the theft is still detected with immediate action taken.
  • Supplied with two unique driver cards.
  • The system automatically arms itself 70 seconds after the vehicle ignition has been switched off and the driver card is out of range (approximately 3 metres).
  • The system automatically disarms when the driver card is brought back in range of the vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is driven and the driver card has not been detected, a silent alert will be transmitted to the Vodafone Automotive 24 hour Secure Operating Centre. 
  • They will then contact you to check that vehicle theft has not taken place.
  • For added security, if the driver card is not present the system will generate an alert when your vehicle is lifted or towed away without the keys. An alert is also triggered when your vehicle battery is disconnected or discharged


Remote Engine Immobilisation

Enables Police to authorise Vodafone Automotive to send an alert to the vehicle. This stops the engine from being restarted once it comes to a standstill.  This feature significantly increases your vehicle’s chance of being recovered undamaged.


So what next?

  1. Purchase your CAT 5 tracker by ordering online or calling us (03300552777). A member of the fitting team will arrange a time, date, and location for your fitting that best suits your schedule.
  2. Our mobile engineer will visit you at the agreed appointment time to fully install and activate your tracker.
  3. Vodafone will email your installation certificate for you to instantly send to your insurance co.
  4. That’s it! You’re now fully insured against theft and ready to enjoy your vehicle! 


Annual tracking subscription for the second year onwards is payable directly to Vodafone. They will contact you before renewal.

Annual renewal (second year onwards) £215.00

The Cobra Vodafone Automotive Protect and Connect 5 incorporates all the following features:

Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) Remote Engine Immobilisation Highest level insurance accreditation available in the UK – Thatcham Category 5
Level 1 Police response 24-hour secure operating centre Full European cover
Tamper and battery disconnection alert Tow away alert Free Live tracking app. Monitor your vehicle’s location at any time from your phone.
Download the App My Connected Car and view a tracking demonstration 

Please also note that CAT 5 trackers are soon going to be re-categorised by Thatcham as S5 insurance approved trackers. If your insurance company makes reference to an S5 grade tracker, they are still referring to the CAT 5 model. Any CAT 5 Tracker installed before this renaming is still valid and your service will continue as normal.

Mobile installation applies to UK mainland postcodes.

For any installations away from the mainland please enquire in advance of purchasing to check coverage and availability.
Mobile installation Speedy fitting (within 48 hours) 24/7 Monitoring service
Nationwide Installation- by Vodafone CobraTrak Installers European Coverage Motion Sensing Alert
Battery Backup Low Battery Alert Battery Disconnect Alerts
Transferable to new vehicle Internet Enabled GPS & GSM Blocking Alerts
Encrypted Remote Fobs Remote Engine Immobilisation

Quick guide on Insurance Trackers

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We’ll contact you to arrange installation at your chosen time and place.
Our Engineer will bring and fit the insurance tracker.
Afterwards Smartrack will contact you after to set up your credit subscription.
When everything is done, your certificate Will be forwarded to you.

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Why do I need a Car Tracker?

Car thieves have modified their methods to overcome modern factory-fitted security. As a result of techniques such as ‘relay attack’, thieves can now easily steal cars in seconds and a concerning number of these stolen vehicles are never recovered. Using any of our carefully selected range of car trackers can help to instantly recover your vehicle in the event of a theft.


What Car Tracker is best for me?

In 2024, the need for car trackers has become more necessary than ever. Choose from insurance approved, magnetic or hardwired car tracker devices. Each type of vehicle tracker will provide their own unique features and benefits.

Whether you need additional security, to meet a car insurance proviso or monitor the driver behaviour and location for your vehicle, Trackershop has the widest range of the best car trackers in the UK. 

How do Car Trackers Work?

Whatever the purpose, you can monitor your car tracking devices in real-time through your computer, laptop and smart phone. You can view any previous tracking history, including times, exact locations and speed, as well as set up motion alerts any time. You have full access to your own private mapping panel and tracking app allowing you to monitor and co-ordinate your car trackers from anywhere!


What is the cheapest Car Tracker Device?

When it comes to the cheapest car tracker devices in the UK in 2024, there are a few different ways to define what to be looking for in a cheap car tracker in 2024.

GPS car tracking device capabilities have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years,

However, this is not to mean that there are not still pitfalls and dips in quality at the lower end of the price range.

Like any item, the really cheap car tracker options do not tend to translate to quality.

If you are protecting important vehicles, assets or even loved ones, then it can be false economy hoping that you can rely on a cheaper option.

Therefore, Trackershop strive to provide the most cost-effective car trackers in the UK.

For insurance approved trackers, the ScorpionTrack S7 is great value, with monthly subscriptions starting at £11.50

For a personal use cheap car tracker, the Micro Magnetic is a really useful cost effective tracking device - at just £75 and £9.99 per month.

These products have the balance of quality, reliability and high levels of features, at an affordable price.


My Insurance Provider used the term 'Vehicle Tracker System'

Yes, the term vehicle tracker system is a common term used by insurers. If you are in need of an insurance approved vehicle tracker system then you can select the 'insurance approved' tag above to see the suitable products for this. 


I have been told specifically to get a 'Vehicle Tracking System'

It's very possible that your insurance provider used the term 'vehicle tracking system' when organising your insurance. 

Whether they reference vehicle tracking system or any similar terminology, the most important aspect is that you install the correct Thatcham accredited category (eg S7 or S5).

Vehicle tracking system (or VTS) is a common term used in the insurance industry, but they will be referring to any of the insurance approved trackers in this category.


How much does a car tracker cost in 2024?

'How much does a car tracker cost in 2024?' is of course one of the first questions anyone may have when considering purchasing. Depending on the type that you need, a car tracker can cost anything from £39 when purchasing through Trackershop.