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Smartrack S5 Tracker & Shadow Immobiliser

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Smartrack S5 Tracker + Shadow Immobiliser
Please Note
This product is not delivered. Your engineer will bring your tracking device to your appointment
  • Insurance approved S5 Tracker & Shadow Immobiliser
  • Mobile installation at a time, date, and location convenient for you
  • Completion Certificates issued after installation
  • ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) app
  • Global coverage
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The most comprehensive security package available!
Has your vehicle insurer asked you to install either a Category S5 tracker or a Shadow immobiliser?
Why not increase your security AND save some money by opting for a security package?
The Shadow Immobiliser is the most innovative, comprehensive, yet user-friendly, insurance-approved vehicle immobiliser available.
And for good reason! The Shadow immobiliser is the first app-based immobiliser in the UK, offering undetectable and unpenetratable security. The Shadow Immobiliser works exclusively with your mobile device to Driver Detection Card, utilising exclusive cloud-based systems and technology.
The Shadow Immobiliser system can prevent:
  • Potential loss of No Claims bonus
  • Time and expense of replacing your vehicle
  • Incorrect market value settlement
  • Loss of sentiment
The only way to now steal your vehicle will be to tow it away!
That's where the Smartrack S5 comes in...
As well as including 24/7 global monitoring, Smartrack's proactive ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) app means as soon as someone moves your vehicle, an instant alert is triggered in the control room. 
The control room can then liaise with the local police force to recover your vehicle. 
Trackershop provides speedy nationwide installation, at any location.
Whether this is your home, work, dealership or staycation, Trackershop can typically install within 1-3 working days.
An S5 insurance-approved tracker will increase your chance of vehicle recovery by over 96%
The Shadow Immobiliser will stop a thief from being able to start your vehicle ignition.
This means that, whether they gain entry to your vehicle (with or without your key) the only way they can steal it is by lifting it onto a flatbed lorry or towing it - both of which will trigger an alert in the control room, who will guide the police straight to your vehicle's location.
Package includes:
Nationwide mobile installation of both:
Smartrack S5 Tracking System
  • Recognised by all leading insurance companies.
  • 24/7/365 global monitoring service.
  • Revolutionalry Automatic Driver Recognition App (instant alert when someone moves your car).
  • Tow-away and motion alerts.
  • Private tracking app.
  • Geofence alerts. Set your own alerts through your app. 
  • Certificate of authentication. Emailed after installation.
  • 4G Enabled for superior tracking abilities
  • Insurance approved Vehicle Tracker. Suitable for all 12/24 volt vehicle makes and models (including HGV and plant machinery).
APP Features
As well as the comprehensive security, you will also benefit from the advanced owner's app
  • Live vehicle location 
  • Full journey history
  • Multiple theft and monitoring alerts
  • Driver behaviour analysis
  • Private and business mileage 
  • Geo Fences
  • 'Garage mode' feature for during services, MOTs etc.
  • 'Find My Vehicle' directions 
Shadow Immobiliser
The Shadow Immobiliser is the UK’s first connected immobiliser, allowing you to secure your vehicle with innovative and reliable technology. The Shadow Immobiliser automatically immobilises your vehicle when your ignition is switched off. The Shadow Immobiliser is operated solely through the presence of our  unique Driver Detection Cards, eliminating the need to remobilise the vehicle through manual processes such as sequencing.
  • The Shadow Immobiliser works exclusively with your mobile device or Driver Detection Card, utilising exclusive cloud-based systems and technology.
  • Covert system, installed and developed by industry experts and security specialists.
  • The Shadow Immobiliser offers distanced and immediate immobilisation – giving you ultimate control of your vehicle’s security and minimising the overall risk of theft or violent crime such as hijacking or breaking and entering.
  • Multi Car Use- a Driver Detection Card or App can be paired with multiple vehicles to allow convenient access to any number of vehicles.
  • If your vehicle is stolen, the Global Telemetrics team may be able to provide theft assistance using the device’s connected services*
  • Approved security protocols by Security Industry Authority (SIA), ISO 9001, ISO 27701 and ISO 27001 certified.
  • 12 month standard warranty with an option to extend.
3 year warranty on this package and fully transferable to a new vehicle. 
The Shadow Immobiliser does not have any ongoing running costs. However, due to the proactive monitoring service that you get with a CAT S5 tracker, you will have an ongoing subscription - paid directly to Smartrack.
This is for your monitoring service, data usage and app access.

Smartrack S5 Subscription Options:

Lifetime Subscription


3 Year Subscription


(save £128)

2 Year Subscription


(save £69)

1 Year Subscription £159
Monthly Plan £13.99


12/24volt  GPS and GSM technology
Covert waterproof / dustproof VTS unit  black box design



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