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Plug in

Your OBD plug-in trackers will arrive free next working day delivery.  

Just plug them straight into your vehicle's OBD ports (under the steering wheel) and they will begin tracking instantly!.

2 Wire

You will be able to choose from 2 options.

1. Our MoreFleet mobile engineers will install your devices for you at whichever location you choose. This will be within 1-3 working days (average).

2. You can self install your trackers in-house. If so, your devices will be delivered to you free next working day delivery. Once your trackers are wired in, they will begin tracking straight away. 

Self Installation

You can either clip your 2-wire trackers to the vehicle batter or wire them straight to a permanent feed. Order now, and your devices will be delivered to you free next working day delivery. Once your trackers are wired in, they will begin tracking straight away. Not confident? Opt for Express Nationwide Installation

Mobile Installation

Our MoreFleet mobile engineers will install your devices for you at whichever location you choose. We can cover most areas within 1-3 working days, and can even --visit multiple sites, depending on where your vehicles are.

Then £8+VAT per vehicle monthly.

(You will receive an email after purchase to activate your rolling monthly plan)


Good news! We offer Express Mobile installation across the UK, which we would recommend for your fleet tracking needs.

No matter your industry, if you use any vehicles in your business, the More Fleet Tracking System will improve your fleet performance and increase your earning ability!

Connecting you with your fleet, like never before with the added security of no contract and no minimum term.

Car Fleet Tracking

Car Tracking designed for your business.

No matter the company, industry or type of vehicle, tracking your fleet ensures higher productivity and unlimited potential for company growth.

Van Fleet Tracking

Your van fleet, running at it's best.

A wide range of professions utilise vans in their daily activity, and all of them are benefitting from the versatile MoreFleet system.

Lorry Fleet Tracking

Lorry tracking - UK, Europe and Beyond

From 1 to 1000 vehicles, wherever your fleet is, you’ll be right there with them. MoreFleet helps build trust in your fleet’s capabilities - for you AND your customers.


Increased Productivity

With MoreFleet, as the days and weeks turn in to months, you will quickly see the minutes you’ve saved turn in to hours and the earnings multiply without limitation.

For Your Fleet.
For Your Office.

It’s not just your drivers productivity where you will see drastic improvements.

You will now be able to automatically generate shift and driver behaviour reports, as well as offer a higher level of customer service.

Let's Take a Look at the Best Fleet Tracking System Pricing Options


Raise Expectations.
Then Exceed Them.

Being able to offer accurate arrival times, customer updates and accept additional jobs from customers throughout the day all contributes to a whole new level of customer service. 

Customer Complaints.
Manage + Minimise.

If one of your team is late to an appointment, the first you might hear about it is from an angry customer.

You can now update customers with arrival times, pre-empt any traffic issues (live traffic report) and re-route drivers if needed. 

With less phone calls and customer follow ups needed you will have longer, more productive periods in your day to develop your company. 


Your 24/7 System.
Working while You Rest.

Your fleet system is 100% automated which means, even if you are not logged in to your mapping system it is still be working away in the background. 

Journeys will be recorded for you to review whenever needed, documents will be formulated and all alerts will be sent through via email or push notification to your phone. 

Be With Every Driver.
For Every Journey.

The MoreFleet system is capable of updating in real-time every 30 seconds of every journey. 

That’s quicker than any other fleet system and allows you to monitor your vehicles closely in-field, whilst generating an accurate history for all journeys in your history report.

It will be like you are there with each member of staff FOR every journey.


Book In Jobs.
Weeks, Days, Minutes in Advance.

When your vehicles leave the depot or disappear out of sight it’s impossible to truly know where they are, how long they’ll take to get to an appointment etc. 

Until now!

Driver Behaviour League.
Identify. Improve. Incentivise.

Your Driver reports will quickly highlight any inefficient driver behaviour across your fleet. 

This gives you the info needed to offer guidance and incentives to drivers who have weak spots. 


Your Fleet.
But Better!

What’s perhaps the most fantastic aspect of the MoreFleet System is that it allows all of these small changes to add up to be way greater than the sum of their parts.

Your MoreFleet system allows you to improve all areas of your fleet. From booking in driver routes to providing arrival times as well as booking in additional work when your vehicles are already on the road.


Need More info on the best fleet tracking solution for your needs?

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Customer Service is King!

In this modern world your customers are not just measuring you against your competitors, they are also measuring you against their overall expectations and the service levels they are receiving from all companies in all different areas.

Think about your own life and expectations.

We now have information readily available at less than a click of a button. 

You can tap an app and have a taxi arrive, view your credit score online, quickly Google reviews for the best plumbers in your area. 

We expect any information or service that we need to be ready and waiting for us and to be just seconds away. 


Let's Take a Look at the Best Fleet Tracking System Pricing Options


Customers don't expect to wait or be left in the dark.

It’s possible that not being able to offer accurate arrival times for appointments/deliveries or proof of time on site may communicate a lack of control and care; especially when matched up against other service providers that customers use. 

Meet Your Customers High Expectations.

You are no longer just competing against rival companies 

It’s not just about meeting basic customers needs. You are competing for attention in a noisy, saturated world. We all now expect a quick, hassle free service.

The way to stand out is by going the extra mile for your customers.



With info available at our finger tips, customers now demand and expect instant updates and answers. 

When you have vehicles in the field, without the MoreFleet system you will be restricted when it comes to knowing arrival times, hours spent at an appointment… or if your staff have even reached the job!

If a customer calls for an update and you cannot provide it confidently, it may cause concern and make them question the level of care being demonstrated. 


Perhaps the most important aspect of any company to customer relationship is trust. 

It is difficult to build trust if you are unable to know categorically that the job or service has been completed within the agreed time.

With the MoreFleet System you will see the exact route taken, the arrival time, hours on site and be able to easily generate reports to prove all of this if ever needed. 



All of these areas both create and support one another. You cannot build trust if a customer does not believe that you are competent. Equally, you cannot appear competent without being able to communicate information accurately and confidently when required. 

The MoreFleet System keeps you way above competitors and customer expectations. 

Meet Your Own High Expectations.

It’s probably fair to say that your company’s harshest critic is going to be YOU. 

Nobody starts a company or enters a job role planning to provide an inferior service.

It is extremely frustrating if you are unable to be as attentive as you truly hope you can be. 

Striving to be the best company, not just in your industry, but in your customers eyes should be the intention of us all.  

To be the best, you will need the best tools! 


Exceed Everyones Expectations.

The MoreFleet System allows you to combine and control all the areas of your company from one place. 

Set a standard of excellence both internally amongst staff and outwardly to customers empowers you and allows you to represent your company with your head held high. 

Being able to see exactly where your drivers are, provide proof of delivery, document times on site, react to live traffic updates and ultimately be armed with the information and answers that customers need if they ever feel the need to contact you, is invaluable and helps to exceed all expectations of your company…. both your customers and your own :)


Need More info on the best fleet tracking solution for your needs?

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Driver Behaviour

Your company’s new driver behaviour technology will help you majorly reduce overheads across your fleet as well as improve safety for your staff and other road users.

Vehicle Idling.
See Patterns. Educate Drivers.

Just 5 minutes unnecessary idling can cost your company 1/5 of a litre of fuel.

This will vary slightly by vehicle, but the truth remains that idling is a fuel and money wasting epidemic throughout any fleet without the ability to monitor driver behaviour. 


No Need For Speed.
Arrive on time Safely.

Did you know exceeding the speed limit for 20% of your driving time, leads to an 87% higher chance of causing an accident! 

Worryingly, those most likely to speed are employees on the road full time, under constant pressure to meet scheduled times. 

Speeding also has other implications on your vehicle, employees and company. With absolutely none of them being good. 

Small Changes.
Huge Positive Impact.

Your MoreFleet system allows you to quickly and easily plot out the most efficient route for your fleet, helping your drivers to avoid stressful delays that might lead to risky driving habits.

You can also use your reports to educate them on how to improve their overall driving, which helps protects them and also prolongs the life of your vehicles.

Once you can measure and monitor this behaviour you will quickly see how 

Small changes make a huge difference to improving your margins, as well as the safety and happiness of your drivers.


Learn More


Idling is the act of keeping your engine running whilst your vehicle is stationary. 
Idling for extensive periods and/or frequently has a multitude of knock-on effects. None of them positive.
Depending on the vehicle, idling unnecessarily will cost your company approx 1/5 litre of fuel every 5 minutes.
If you consider the number of vehicles that you have in your fleet, and how it wouldn’t occur to many drivers to switch off the ignition whilst parked or stationary, you can quickly see why so much money is being wasted - without you even realising!
In addition, exhaust fumes contain a number of harmful gasses, including carbon dioxide. This is, of course, bad for both the environment and our health, with 40,000 deaths a year linked to air pollution. 
How does MoreFleet help with this?
It may not even occur to many drivers that they have picked up bad habits that are costing you money. 
So being able to identify, isolate and then address any issues within your fleet allows you to educate and inform drivers on the most economical use of your company resources. 
Your More Fleet system sends live idling alerts and logs the collective timeframe, generating reports and calculating wastage. 
When you have multiple employees out on the road, the safety of staff and other road users is unquestionably the most important aspect of their daily driving activity and your company’s responsibilities in general.
Any incidents as a result of careless driving can, at best, result in delays in service, damage to customer trust and vehicle damage. Worst case can result in fatalities or severe injuries for staff and other road users. 
Therefore responsible driving cannot be overlooked and there is no margin for bad habits to emerge amongst staff.
So what bad habits does MoreFleet highlight and help you eliminate?
We all know the dangers of speeding on the road, and the risk that it puts both the driver and other road users in. 
This is the absolute main reason why careful driving must be practiced at all times. 
However, speeding also has other implications on your vehicle, employees and company overall. With absolutely none of them being good. 

Excessive speeding is a bad habit that employees adopt way too often and is all too tempting, especially when running late and over stretched.  

It is all of our responsibility to ensure that we are not placing our staff in stressful situations with unrealistically tight time frames to meet.  

Being able to pre-plan routes, check traffic reports to anticipate delays ensures situations where employees might feel the pressure to make up time are minimised.  

With Speed Alerts and MPH logs for all journeys that contribute to employees over all driver score, they will be conscious of remaining within the speed limit whilst representing your company.  

This protects them, other road users and your business from the risks speeding brings.  

With proper planning staff will arrive sooner, stress free, and without needing to break the speed limit. 

OverSpeed Alerts
Your More Fleet vehicle tracking system is programmed with the speed limit for every UK road! If a vehicle exceeds the speed limit at any time then you will instantly receive an alert, both on your mapping screen and as an email. 
This alert is logged on your Driver Behaviour and Fleet Efficiency reports
Route Planning
Your More Fleet System allows you to plot better routes in advance, see live traffic conditions to re-route drivers in field, identify the closest vehicle to a new appointment.
The reason that many road users drive at higher speeds or erratically is because they are late or under pressure. 
The ability to plan and pre-empt conditions all help minimise the need to drive fast, erratically or feel the stress that impairs reactions and decisions on the road.
Not all poor driving results directly in an accident and bad habits over time will lead to faster depreciation and unnecessary damage to your vehicle. 
Driving at higher speeds puts extra strain on the engine and also means harsher braking by the driver. 
This wears brake pads down quicker and will gradually build to mechanical damage to the brakes and clutch in a quicker time. 
You will also find that tyres will wear down quicker and need replacing more regularly. Across a fleet of vehicles, just this one aspect is very costly. 
The Driver Efficiency League puts the brakes on this!
Your Driver Efficiency League will rank order your drivers on a points system based on their driving behaviour. 
Excessive braking, speeding, idling are all contributors to their over all score.
This allows you to both educate drivers with bad habits and reward high performing staff. 
You will find that the number of alerts that you receive will decrease significantly shortly after implementing your fleet system. 
This is because, as soon as staff are aware that their driving is contributing towards an employee profile via the multiple reports and alerts, they will self monitor their behaviour in-field. 
For any company, huge frustration and concern are how the cost of wasted resources can add up without any clear way of knowing the root cause or being able to improve on the circumstances. 
The driver league is both a deterrent and incentive for staff and you can even introduce reward systems for the safest drivers.
Being able to highlight areas of weakness or patterns of poor driving habits amongst employees is not a witch hunt. 
It is a positive opportunity to help them improve their skills, as well as enjoy their work with less stress, and most important, remain safe and responsible behind the wheel. 
Improve safety and save money across your entire fleet easily and quickly. 
One More reason to use MoreFleet 


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Regardless of the size of your fleet, the largest ongoing running cost is most often fuel

You’ll be surprised how much you save once you have full visibility through your More Fleet system.


Driving is a unique skill where, the more experience that you have, the more bad habits you tend to pick up! With MoreFleet, through live tracking, logged journeys, alerts and driver reports you will quickly identify any issues and have the best information to address them effectively. 


Idling occurs when your vehicle is stationary with the engine running. On average, 10 minutes of vehicle idling can waste 1/10 litre of fuel.  As days and weeks turn in to months, you can quickly see just how much fuel wastage is occurring across your entire fleet, eating in to your company profits unnecessarily.



Driving at 75mph can use between 20-48% more fuel than when driving at 55mph.
When driving at higher speeds, you are more likely to brake and accelerate more erratically and frequently - which contributes to further fuel wastage. 

Harsh Braking.

Excessive speeding and then having to brake erratically is another black hole that your company's hard-earned money can disappear down.


Out Of Hours Use.

For many companies it is logistically more efficient for staff members to take their vehicles home at the end of their shift. 

This involves a high level of trust by an employer, as you will never truly know that your vehicle is not being exploited out of hours with non-company related activity. 

In addition, a worry for employers is that staff are using the vehicles during the working day for personal reasons, adding miles on to the vehicle and burning through company fuel. When doing this, they are also taking away working hours from your customers. 

The MoreFleet All In One Solution.

All of the above issues can be quickly and easily addressed the second your MoreFleet system is active. 

With full visibility of your fleet in-field, fuel efficiency reports and instant alerts your entire fleet will be streamlined and optimised to not waste a drop!


Driver Efficiency League.

Your MoreFleet Driver Efficiency Table will automatically generate a report on each employee based on their driver behaviour. 

You’ll be surprised how oblivious employees can be to their bad habits - many of them not even knowing that they are contributing to fuel wastage and unnecessary vehicle depreciation. 

The real-time tracking as well as full history reports for all activity of your vehicle means you will be able to identify and educate employees who are using your vehicles inefficiently.

Instant Logged Alerts.

Your MoreFleet Driver Efficiency Table will automatically generate a report on each employee based on their driver behaviour. 

You’ll be surprised how oblivious employees can be to their bad habits - many of them not even knowing that they are contributing to fuel wastage and unnecessary vehicle depreciation. 

The real-time tracking as well as full history reports for all activity of your vehicle means you will be able to identify and educate employees who are using your vehicles inefficiently.


Once you have introduced your MoreFleet System you will quickly identify a multitude of ways in which fuel is being wasted.

Eliminating just one of the above issues amongst your workforce will save your company a substantial amount of company money over the months and years to come. As well as saving money, your trust and relationship with staff will improve, as they save money on the road and represent your company more safely and efficiently out in the world. 


Over Speed 




Harsh Braking


Out Of Hours Usage

Learn More


Delivery services use MoreFleet to track their vans routes, confirm delivery without having to contact their drivers, check for extended stops/idling and even ensure there is no out of hours use of company vehicles. 
It doesn’t matter what type of vans or what industry you work in, your company will instantly benefit from using van trackers.  
Whether you have a painter and decorator business or a courier company, all companies know that vehicle efficiency is vital in ensuring overheads are controlled and vehicle/staff do not become a financial burden for your company. 
The MoreFleet system helps you save money, optimise your vehicles time on the road, increase profits and over all efficiency and exceed customer expectations. 
Having full visibility of your vans gives you the control that you need. Whether this is to co-ordinate deliveries, instantly find your closest engineer to a new job, or confirm arrival on a site for one of your workers, the clarity that our van tracking system gives you is limitless and so valuable to increasing your overall margins.
If a customer is disputing a delivery or an arrival time/time-on-site then it’s frustratingly difficult to support your staff and the work completed without categoric evidence. The real-time tracking and easy to read reports eliminate any doubt.
Being able to see where all of your vans are throughout the working day means that you can confidently take on extra appointments and jobs after the vehicles have hit the road. This increases your earning ability substantially and will exceed customer expectations. 
You will also be able to offer accurate arrival times and real-time updates confidently if customers require them. 
All of this adds up both directly and indirectly to a streamlined company, with a healthier earning ability and more satisfied customers. 
It really doesn’t matter what industry your business is in or how many vans you have. The MoreFleet system is designed to save you time, money and will improve the overall performance of your staff, vehicles and company. 
What’s more, with the More Fleet tracking system you could be set up within 24 hours from now!
Keep on top of your staff, vehicles and ahead of your competition


Need More info on the best fleet tracking solution for your needs?

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An immeasurable improvement? Nope. Because you can measure every improvement in your Reports Section.

Quickly and easily learn where you can improve your fleet activity whilst out on the road. Simple to read, easy to share, and only providing the important information that you need to ensure your fleet is running at its optimum potential.

All Reports.
All Situations.

With reports for everything from 'on-site hours' to 'fuel consumption', you can fine tune your company’s earning ability, instantly see significant improvements in staff behaviour and activity, build better customer relations and streamline your admin.


View Full Activity.
Across Your Entire Fleet.

From Driver Behaviour, overtime logs to service/maintenance schedules.

You’ll now quickly and easily see everything - conveniently all in one place.

Shift Reports.
For You AND Your Customers.

The time taken when trying to prove/disprove disputes with either staff or customers over work completed takes attention away from other areas of your company and can lead to clients not paying for a service. Having a full shift report, time-on-site and overtime logs means that you are fully equipped to address any disputes head on.


Direct +
Indirect Savings.

The Driver Behaviour Reports indicate excessive idling, unauthorised extra journeys as well as irresponsible driving such as harsh braking. All of which have short and long term avoidable costs across your fleet.

Wasting Fuel and Profits.

Just 5 minutes unnecessary idling can cost your company 1/5 of a litre of fuel. 
This will vary slightly by vehicle, but the truth remains that idling is a fuel and money wasting epidemic throughout all fleets without the ability to monitor driver behaviour. 

Your Fleet.
Going Further. Lasting Longer.

Being able to see if a vehicle is being driven irresponsibly (harsh braking/cornering, idling) means you can quickly address this, leading to less fuel wastage and a longer life for your vehicle with less maintenance expense over the years.


Need More info on the best fleet tracking solution for your needs?

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