The Best GPS Car Trackers

Trackershop are one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of GPS Trackers for cars, assets, personal safety and even pets!
Trackershop GPS devices are being used all around the world, making the lives of so many individuals and companies easier, safer whilst also helping to save them countless amounts of money too.
We now have the widest range of tracking devices for cars available.
This can sometimes make it confusing when trying to decide on the best GPS tracker for your own needs. Whether you need to track and monitor your small fleet, provide extra care for an elderly relative or even plot the point of a boat trip, Trackershop will have a tracking device suitable. But which ones are best for each purpose?
With such a diverse range of uses for GPS tracking devices, it may be useful to have a bit more guidance about which will be best for your own purpose.
Below you will find further information and suggestions on some of the more commonly requested trackers and their uses


Trackershop’s real time mapping panel has been developed extensively to ensure that, regardless of your reason for using your tracker(s), there will be a range of advanced features that you will benefit from.

From real-time tracking, full history logging as well as zone alerts and motion alarms, you can now remotely monitor and track your vehicle(s) from any where in the world. Just log in using your private Account ID on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. (Learn more about the Trackershop mapping panel)

Whether you need to monitor the driving behaviour for a teenage driver in your family or produce location based shift reports for your fleet of vehicles, the Trackershop mapping panel allows you to gather the information you need easily, accurately and effectively.

But which are the Best GPS car trackers for driver behaviour?

If you prefer a wired-in tracking device then the ProFleetman hardwired GPS Tracker is the simplest to install option available.
The ProFleetman is typically used by companies to monitor their small fleet, both during shifts to allow live time co-ordinating, as well as for shift documentaion. However the ProFleetman is also used for security purposes, as you can set up multiple geo fence and motion alerts to send an instant alert for any unauthorised use out of hours.


If you need a simple, quick (and cheap) solution when monitoring a new driver or a vehicle, then the Micro Magnetic 4 is a magnetic vehicle tracker that can attach underneath any vehicle in seconds.

The Micro Magnetic 4 has a fully rechargeable 7-10 day battery life and offers all of the same capabilities and features as the ProFleetman.

The Micro Magnetic 4 can attach/detach to a vehicle or asset in seconds and does not have any specialist fitting requirements. You can even place this tracker inside the vehicle if you prefer. The appeal of a magnetic GPS tracker is this flexibility that it offers. Not only is it quick and simple to fit but it can be switched between vehicles and assets any time.

This makes it appealing for parents who want to monitor the first few months of driving behaviour of their teen driver, or a business who has several vehicles but does not necessarily need to monitor them all at the same time. You can simply remove your Micro from one vehicle and then place it on another at a moment’s notice.


One of the best GPS trackers for car security is the Bolt Magnetic GPS Tracker.

This rugged device is in a reinforced fully waterproof case and has a rechargeable battery life of over 3 months!

This makes the Bolt an ideal GPS device for leaving on a car or asset for long periods of time- perfect if you do not have regular access to your asset.

The Bolt is another real-time tracker, and the geo fence setting is particularly effective for when storing a vehicle or asset or for when it is unattended over night. Simply set the geo fence around the area where the vehicle is based; if the vehicle is then moved without your permission you will be alerted immediately, straight to your phone.

The live tracking will show you exactly where your vehicle is from there and, in the event of a theft, you will be able to guide the police in to recover your vehicle.

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For several years now, car insurance companies have been either recommending or insisting that drivers install an insurance approved tracker.

However, due to increases in specific methods of car theft, it has now become an obligation of many insurance providers that drivers have an insurance approved tracker fitted to fully validate their policy.

An insurance approved tracker offers a more advanced and effective level of security for high value and highly targeted vehicles. With features such as movement alerts, live global GPS tracking, as well as being monitored by a 24/7 fully staffed response team, insurance approved trackers are the most effective security devices available for any vehicle- and installing one may even lead to a reduction in the cost of your insurance policy.

The main insurance approved trackers are:


The CAT 6 tracker is the most commonly requested insurance approved tracker.

The CAT 6 offers comprehensive GPS location based security, leading to the instant recovery of a vehicle once reported stolen to the control centre. Working directly with the police, the fully staffed 24/7 control centre will guide them in to the exact location of the vehicle. Once located the security team will stay with your vehicle until the recovery lorry has arrived to retrieve it and return it to you.

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The CAT 5 Tracker is the highest level of accreditation set for insurance approved trackers. As well as global live GPS tracking and all of the features that are offered with the CAT6, the CAT 5 tracker is also equipped with the additional police authorised immobilisation feature, Driver Recognition tags (to protect against key theft), as well as a multitude of highly effective security alerts.

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 If you have any further questions about which is the best GPS car tracker for your own needs, then you can call the Trackershop team at any time on 02081660603