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ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS GPS car tracker with Immobiliser

The proven solution against relay attack, key theft, and cloning.

Are you in need of the best GPS car tracker with immobiliser? The innovative ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS is now the most comprehensive vehicle security, counteracting all of the most popular car theft techniques.

The proven solution against relay attack, key theft, and cloning, this car tracker and immobiliser means thieves no longer have the advantage!  

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We offer nationwide mobile installation, and can install your device within 1-3 working days. 

Your ScorpionTrack not only meets the Thatcham requirements at category S5 level tracking security but also features the

comprehensive added anti-key cloning immobilisation security that concerned vehicle owners have been desperate for.  

So what are the full features that make the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS the best GPS car tracker with immobiliser combo?  




Established in 1973, Scorpion Automotive is the trusted authority in security for Cars, Vans, HGVs, Plant, Motorhomes, Caravans, Motorcycles & Marine Craft

What makes the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS the best GPS car tracker and immobiliser currently available? 

Modern keyless entry vehicles are effectively 'computers on wheels’. 

Unfortunately this, therefore, means that, like a computer, your car can be hacked if the right technique and equipment are used.

Car thieves know this and have quickly evolved from the ‘smash and grab’ approaches of the past, to a much more sophisticated (but unfortunately very fast and very effective) covert hacking technique, to drive your car away within mere seconds.  

Relay attack, key cloning, and key theft have become the fastest-growing methods of theft amongst organised car theft gangs. The ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS counteracts all of these methods of theft as well as any other known technique.

This is a huge contributing reason as to why so many more insurance providers will not insure your vehicle if a Thatcham-approved vehicle tracker has not been installed. 

The S5 tracking system is the highest level of Thatcham category trackers, and with the additional immobilisation feature, this makes it the most comprehensive vehicle security product currently available.

Take a look at the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS  


Advanced Real-Time Tracking

The S5 PLUS ScorpionTrack is a fully monitored real-time tracker. A 24/7 control room is on stand-by if any alerts are triggered by your GPS tracking device. In the event of an alert, the control room immediately contacts you and also works directly with the police, using the advanced real-time tracking information to guide them directly to where the vehicle is.  

The S5 tracker implements the latest ScorpionTrack tracking technology currently available. This includes full European coverage using multi-roaming SIMs to ensure the strongest and most consistent coverage as the vehicle crosses network areas.  

Anti-key Cloning Immobilisation

The most popular and commonly requested vehicle security feature is by far engine immobilisation.  

With most S5 tracking devices you have an option to upgrade your security requirements to include a Police Authorised Immobilisation feature.  

However what makes the Meta Deadlock more superior is the fact that YOU have the control over the immobilisation and the vehicle is immobilised EVERY TIME you switch it off - not just in emergencies. 

Thatcham-approved tracking systems need to be optimised for recovery in the event of a theft.

However, the MetaTrack Deadlock takes this a step further as, with your immobilisation system, thieves will not be able to steal your vehicle in the first place! 

The Best Tracking Device and Immobiliser

Finally, theft tactics are ineffective!

It's not just cars that this device is installed for- as this is also the best immobiliser for vans, and any other road vehicle


Relay Attack is one of the fastest-growing car theft techniques in the UK and involves thieves working in teams of at least 2 using small portable RF devices, typically under the cloak of nighttime. 

One thief will stand by your car on your driveway with a transmitter and another stands by your front door with a relay device.

What they are doing is remotely hijacking your car key fob signal from inside your house, transmitting it to the thief stood by your car.

This makes your vehicle think that the key is in close proximity, and will therefore unlock the door.

The thief can then enter your vehicle without damaging it or causing a disruption. This takes seconds!


Many motorists may not know what key cloning is, as it is a relatively new technique that has been growing in popularity amongst car theft gangs. 

Once a thief has entered the vehicle they can plug a device into your OBD port, allowing them to program and download a new key.

This may sound far-fetched, but it is actually very quick, very covert, and therefore, very effective.

What’s more, it allows them to drive the vehicle away without any damage or drawing any attention to themselves.


Another simple method of theft is opportunistic theft of car key fobs from bags, pockets, gym/sports club locker rooms, a coffee shop/ restaurant tables.

You will not believe the audacity of these thieves AND how good they are at this particular technique. They exist under the radar, meaning your keys and your vehicle will be gone within minutes; and maybe hours before you even notice.

Considering this, it is advisable to keep your Immobiliser fob unattached to your car key.

Knowing this, you can understand why insurance providers are insisting on extra security to be added to vehicles before they offer coverage against theft. 


The ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS counteracts all of these methods of theft!

The most important aspect of car theft is being able to steal your vehicle in the quickest possible time undetected. Therefore, spending time at the scene trying to work out why a vehicle will not start is impractical and puts the thief at high risk of being caught. 

A thief can only speculate at this stage if the vehicle has an immobiliser, what type it will be, and where/how it is fitted. They will not hang around any longer as they do not know if they have triggered any security alerts. 

This typically means they will be left with no choice but to hastily flee the scene - on foot. 

For savvy motorists who need to tick the box for their insurers by having an S5 GPS tracker installed and want to be proactive against key theft then the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS is the best car tracker choice.

Take a look now 


After all, why should thieves benefit from your hard work and cause you such trauma and inconvenience? With the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS Tracker… they can’t.  

ScorpionTrack is the pioneer in the vehicle tracking and security industry.

Trackershop has the widest UK coverage for a car tracker and immobiliser installation, and can therefore fit within 1-3 working days. We cover every UK postcode and can fit your tracking system at your home, work, or even at the dealership.

If you would like to learn more about the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS tracking system and immobiliser or need more information on stolen vehicle tracker installation in general then please call our team on 0330 055 2777 or email [email protected]

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