If you’ve recently applied for (or renewed) insurance for your Range Rover, it’s likely your provider insisted you have a Thatcham Tracker for Range Rovers installed.

There is an unfortunate reason for this- The Range Rover is now officially the most stolen car in the UK!

Figures for the last year show that the Range Rover was targeted by car thieves more than any other make and model.

Even more concerning is that, in the list of top 10 most stolen vehicles, Range Rover models take up three positions!

The Range Rover Sport tops the list as the most stolen model; with the Vogue and high end Autobiography at positions 3 and 7 respectively.

Geographically, Greater London has the highest number of thefts, with the home counties having several thief hot spots.

However, the fact is that the Range Rover is a highly desirable, expensive vehicle (typically starting at £62,000). So regardless of location, it seems wherever you will find a Range Rover, a thief is also going to be close by.


The Range Rover is a vehicle that organised crime gangs scour the streets and driveways for. But why more than any other vehicle? From a financial stand point, the Range Rover is considered the best and most popular luxury 4×4 on the market. As a result, they are easy to re-sell at a high price and depreciate at a much slower rate than other 4x4s, holding their high value for years. Their parts are also extremely valuable on the black market, meaning some vehicles will be stripped down and spread across several locations within days of being stolen.

The car thieves targeting more luxury vehicles are typically very experienced and highly skilled in what they do. However one of the most common techniques they use is worryingly simple, and can be executed with just a few bits of kit bought online.

Using a mobile jamming device thieves are able to void the electronic locking mechanism, meaning when drivers press their lock on their fob, the mechanism will not activate- leaving the door unlocked.

Once the owner is out of sight a thief can simply open the drivers door and jump in.

Using a plug in onboard diagnostics kit, the thief then creates a new key code for a generic fob that they bring with them. Once done, this allows them to just drive your vehicle away.

The scary fact is that they can typically complete all of this in under a minute- with the Range Rover owner being blissfully unaware, possibly for several hours.


Because of this it is now more important than ever to ensure you have a Thatcham approved tracker fitted for your Range Rover.

Thieves are a lot more sophisticated and it is just not enough to rely on the factory fitted security for your vehicle these days.

The fact is, if a thief is targeting your vehicle then there is a very high chance that they will successfully be able to take it.

A Thatcham tracker for Range Rovers minimises the chance of theft and substantially improves the recovery rate if a thief manages to take your vehicle. It is also very likely that installing a Thatcham approved tracker will result in a reduction in your car insurance- saving you money in the long term.


A Thatcham approved tracker is the highest level of security available for any vehicle. When insurance companies insist that you instal a GPS tracker, they are referring to Thatcham categorised tracking devices. All insurance trackers are monitored by a fully staffed control centre 24/7.

Typically a CAT6 tracker is acceptable, as these cover any type of vehicle.

However, due to the increased theft rate and value of Range Rovers, many insurance companies are insisting on the the higher categorised CAT5 tracker.


A CAT5 tracker is the highest level of security available and offers a full service in both theft prevention and recovery.

-Free professional installation. Our Thatcham certified engineers will visit you at any location to fully instal your tracker.

-Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR). You will be issued with 2 encrypted key protection cards. The driver must have one of these on him when starting the vehicle. If the card is not present, an alert is sent to the control centre. They will then contact you to confirm whether this is a theft or not.

-Remote immobilisation. CAT5 trackers can be immobilised in the event of a theft, meaning the vehicle cannot be driven from that point onwards. This immobilisation can be reversed once the vehicle is recovered by the police.

-Tow away/Tamper alerts. If the vehicle is moved without the ignition being on, or if anyone tries to tamper with the on board computer an alert is sent straight to the control centre. This will create an instant response.

-Free app. You can also monitor your Range Rover’s position directly from your phone.

-Peace of mind. Purchasing a high value item means you should be able to fully enjoy it with full peace of mind. You shouldn’t be worried and second guessing whether your Range Rover will still be on your driveway in the morning!

In a worrying time for Range Rover owners, Trackershop insurance trackers will ensure the very best protection for your vehicle and full peace of mind for you!

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