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Whether for insurance purposes, business or personal use, when it comes to vehicle tracker installation in Herefordshire, Trackershop has you covered!

There are now multiple uses and reasons to install a GPS vehicle tracker these days. 
Most reasons tend to be focused on security, with it now becoming standard practice to install a vehicle tracking system for theft recovery. 
Taking this a step further, you may have found that your insurance provider is stipulating that you have an insurance-approved vehicle tracker installation in Herefordshire.
The main reason for this is the increase in car theft, as reported in the Hereford Times
If this is the first time that you have been asked to carry this out, you may be a bit confused as to why and where to even start when it comes to arranging this. 
The good news is though, that having a vehicle tracking system installed in line with your insurance policy will increase recovery chances to 96%! Almost guaranteeing a quick and uncomplicated return of your vehicle.
What's more, Trackershop provides the fastest mobile install times in the UK, with most installs completed within 1-3 working days!
So which is the option for the best vehicle trackers installed in Herefordshire and the surrounding area?
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Trackershop has seen an increase in installing insurance-approved car trackers in Herefordshire

The incredibly positive results that are achieved when it comes to theft recovery trackers are extremely reassuring. 
Even so, it's understandable that you may be slightly overwhelmed when it comes to arranging installation - especially if you have never had to before and don't know where to start!
You'll be pleased to know that it couldn't be quicker and easier! With Trackerhop's nationwide mobile installation service providing full fitting within 1-3 working days, you won't have to lift a finger and will be fully covered against theft in no time! 
Let's take a look at your options for the best vehicle trackers in Herefordshire.


The S7 is the most popular insurance-approved tracking device in Herefordshire

When insurers stipulate that you need to install a tracking system to validate your insurance, they will be referring to a Thatcham Accredited device - which means that the service provided includes a 24/7 control room service and is installed aftermarket. 
Thatcham accredited trackers are categorised as S7 and S5.
If your insurers did not specify which category to get, then they are giving you the choice - with the most popular choice tending to be the entry-level S7.
In addition to the control room service, the S7 is equipped with battery tamper alerts, motion alerts and your own private tracking app.
We all know that arranging your motor insurance can be tedious, confusing and time-consuming.
So if you would just like to tick the box for your insurers then the S7 is a great choice!
If you would like a higher level of security, let's take a look at the S5.


The S5 tracking system is typically requested for highly targeted vehicles and/or highly targeted areas. 
This is because the S5 has been developed in line with the rapid increase in keyless entry theft (known as 'relay attack') throughout the UK.
The S5 tracking system includes the same security features as the S7 - but has the addition of the proactive ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) System.
This instantly detects relay attacks, key theft and key hacking attempts. 
If a thief gains entry to your vehicle, as soon as they attempt to move it an instant alert is triggered in the monitoring control room (even if the thief has your key).
This is incredibly effective and increases your chances of recovering your vehicle to 96%.... with a high level of these being within an hour!


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Most popular areas of vehicle tracker installations
  • Hereford
  • Leominster
  • Ross-On-Wye
  • Ledbury
  • Bromyard
  • Kington
  • Credenhill
  • Lugwardine
  • Kingstone
  • Withington
Trackershop provides tracking systems for all purposes. 
Whether this is for insurance, personal use or a full fleet tracking system, we will have the perfect solution for you. 
We offer vehicle tracker installations UK wide, 7 days a week at your home, work or dealership!



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