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When it comes to vehicle tracker installers in Northumberland, Trackershop has you covered!

Whether you need an insurance approved tracking system, a personal use tracker to an entire fleet tracking service, Trackershop provides the fastest installation for vehicle trackers in Northumberland.
Although Trackershop is able to provide any type of GPS tracking system, there's a good chance that you are here because your insurance providers have asked you to have a monitored system installed. 
Whether you have a Range Rover, motorhome or HGV, Trackershop offers speedy mobile installation nationwide 7 days a week.
We can have your vehicle tracking device fitted in Northumberland within 1-3 working days.
Let's take a look at why you may have been asked and at the best insurance approved tracking system for your needs?
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Installing insurance-approved car trackers in Blyth, Cramlington, Ashington and beyond has quickly become a daily task for our mobile engineers.

Car crime throughout the country has been increasing over the past 6 years, with Northumberland not being exempt.
Indeed, as reported in the Northumberland Gazette, vehicle theft is an ever present issue. 


Has your insurance providers are stipulating that you have a proactive Thatcham Approved tracking device installed?
This can seem frustratingly and unhelpfully vague - and when they then throw in a time constraint of just a few days to organise an installation, then it also becomes highly stressful!
The good news is, if your insurer has not stipulated a specific category, then the entry level S7 is the ideal solution.  and currently, the most popular S7 tracking device in Northamptonshire is the ScorpionTrack S7 Tracker.
The ScorpionTrack S7 has an advanced customer tracking app, that allows you to track in real-time as well as review history and set geo fences.
This is also the best S7 tracking system when it comes to cost-effective subscription options - which always helps!
Take a look at the full range of S7 Trackers 


The bad news... 
Thieves are targetting keyless entry cars, by (very quickly and easily) hacking the key fob radio frequency to gain entry in seconds.
This is a highly effective theft method and allows thieves to swifyly and silently drive cars off of unexpecting motorists driveways whilst they sleep. 
This is called 'relay attack' and, due to how easy and effective it is, this is one of the fastest growing theft techniques
The good news... 
The good news is that the S5 tracking device includes a proactive ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) System - successfully counteracting thieves attempts at hacking your vehicle. 
Now, for some motorists with certain vehicles, you may find that your insurers DO insist on a specific S5 vehicle tracker installation in Northumberland.
This will be in the instance that a vehicle is highly targetted for theft and/or is in an area with a high theft rate. 
Trackershop provides full s5 vehicle tracker installation in Northumberland and the whole of the UK!


The above listed category tracking systems are as comprehensive security as an insurance provider will ask for.
However, if you want to take things even further, and introduce further optional security, then the S5 PLUS tracking system is the product that you need.
The S5 PLUS has the same features as the standard category S5, but also includes an innovative driver-controlled remote immobiliser.
Every time you turn off your ignition and leave your vehicle, your ignition will automatically immobilise.
This means, if a thief enters your vehicle (with or without your keys) it will be impossible for them to start your it!
The S5 PLUS is also extremely user friendly, as all you need to do is keep the fob with you when using your vehicle. This will automatically link to your system when you enter and leave your vehicle.
Take a look at the ScorpionTrack S5 Plus
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