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How much does a Ghost immobiliser cost?

The current Ghost Immobiliser cost is £499. This is the RRP in the UK.
With Trackershop, this Ghost immobiliser cost includes mobile installation at your preferred location.
This can be home, work, dealership and even on your staycation.
Trackershop covers every UK postcode and we provide the fastest install times available!
If you would like to learn more or book in your installation then please feel free to call our Installs Team (7 days a week) on 03300552777 
Take a look at the Ghost Immobiliser
£499 is the standard 'supply and fit' Ghost immobiliser cost. But what about if you wanted additional vehicle security with your immobiliser?
Let's take a look at the different options.
Is the Ghost Immobiliser a Tracker?
The Ghost Immobiliser is not a tracker.
It is an after market TASSA Accredited immobiliser system.
As a standalone vehicle security product, The Ghost Immobiliser is cost effective and highly impactful.
To majorly enhance your vehicle security, and ensure to counteract all theft methods, combining your Ghost immobiliser and tracker will ensure full peace of mind.

Can I Get a Ghost Immobiliser and Tracker?

A common question asked by customers is 'can I get a Ghost immobiliser and tracker fitted? Yes, you can!

Who is a Ghost immobiliser and tracker combo for? Anyone who wants to cover all aspects of vehicle security when it comes to both theft prevention, theft recovery and insurance policy provisos too.
Trackershop provides the largest range of ghost immobiliser and trackers, UK wide.
What is the Tracker and Ghost Immobiliser Cost?
Tracker and Ghost immobiliser cost differs depending on your requirements and the level of security on offer.
If you are unsure of the best option for you, then the good news is that Trackershop's Install Team are here to help advise on the best Ghost immobiliser and tracker, based on your security requirements, vehicle type and budget.
Let's take a look at a few options now.

S5 Tracker and Ghost Immobiliser Cost

The Ghost Immobiliser and S5 Tracker is perhaps the most comprehensive vehicle security package currently available.
As you know, you will already benefit from the full immobilisation capabilities of your Ghost.
However, the S5 Tracker also has 24/7 control room monitoring, rapid real-time tracking as well as the advance ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) System.
ADR protects against all the most common and effective theft techniques. If someone moves your vehicle
(with or without the ignition on) an instant alert is triggered in the control room. They will then take immediate action in confirming a theft and recovering your vehicle with the police, using up to the second live tracking information.
Between the S5 tracker and Ghost immobiliser you have full protection against all of the most effective theft techniques.
In addition, many insurers will specifically stipulate that an S5 tracker is installed on your vehicle to fully validate your insurance.
What is the S5 Tracker and Ghost Immobiliser cost? Trackershop provides full mobile installation for the reduced price of £858 inc.VAT.

S7 Tracker and Ghost Immobiliser Cost

The Ghost immobiliser and S7 Tracker combo is extremely popular, especially for anyone that has been told that they need to install a tracking system for their insurance policy.
The S7 tracker has 24/7 control room service as well as tow away alerts. So, even if a thief cannot start your vehicle (due to your Ghost immobiliser) and decide to either tow your vehicle or lift it on a flat bed lorry, an instant alert is triggered!
What is the S7 Tracker and Ghost Immobiliser cost? Trackershop provides full mobile installation for the reduced price of £648 inc.VAT.

MoreTrack Security Tracker and Ghost Immobiliser Cost

If you do not need a tracking device in line with your insurance policy, but would still like to add extra security then the MoreTrack Security Tracker and Ghost Immobiliser package is a perfect option.
As well as rapid real-time tracking, you also have full access to your vehicle's full journey history. You can also set unlimited zones and unlimited motion alerts - all through your private app and desktop mapping panel.
In addition to enhanced security, this is great for logistical purposes, with the ability to monitor how your vehicle is being used and where it has been at any time,
What is the MoreTrack Security Tracker and Ghost Immobiliser cost? Trackershop provides full mobile installation for the reduced price of £648 inc.VAT.



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