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Why a CAT 2>1 Alarm Installation for Motorhomes

A Thatcham Cat2>1 alarm system is a specific type of vehicle security system that meets the standards set by Thatcham Research, a UK-based organisation focused on vehicle safety and security. This system offers enhanced protection against theft for motorhomes and other vehicles. 
The "Cat2>1" classification signifies that the alarm system includes immobilisation functionality, allowing the owner to remotely disable the engine or ignition to prevent unauthorised use.
It typically incorporates features like motion sensors, sirens, and remote control access.
Thatcham Cat2>1 alarms are designed to deter thieves, increase vehicle security, and potentially lead to insurance premium reductions.
Trackershop providers CAT 2>1 Alarm installation for motorhomes (and all vehicles) nationwide.
What's more, Trackershop's options include Thatcham Accredited tracking systems in addition. This ensures the most comprehensive security available for your motorhome.
Whether this is at home, work, dealership or even whilst on your staycation, Trackershop covers every UK postcode in the fastest time!

Enhancing Motorhome Security: The Importance of Installing a Thatcham Cat2>1 Alarm

Motorhomes have become increasingly popular as a means of enjoying the freedom of the open road while carrying the comforts of home.
However, with the rise in motorhome ownership, the risk of theft and burglary has also escalated.
To safeguard your valuable investment and ensure peace of mind, installing a Thatcham Cat2>1 alarm system is a prudent choice.
This article will outline the importance of this alarm system in protecting your motorhome and why it should be a priority for all motorhome owners.

CAT 2>1 Alarm Installation

  • Rising Motorhome Theft: The surge in motorhome thefts has become a concerning issue in recent years. Motorhomes are lucrative targets for thieves due to their high value and the presence of valuable equipment and personal belongings. Traditional factory-fitted alarms may not provide sufficient security against determined criminals. Thatcham Cat2>1 alarms offer advanced protection features specifically designed to deter thieves and enhance the security of your motorhome.
  • Deterrence and Prevention: Thatcham Cat2>1 alarms act as a powerful deterrent, significantly reducing the risk of theft. The presence of a visible alarm system discourages potential thieves from targeting your motorhome. These alarms incorporate a range of features such as motion sensors, immobilisation systems, and siren alerts, creating multiple layers of protection. The loud sirens and flashing lights are designed to startle and draw attention, making it more challenging for thieves to operate undetected.
  • Immobilisation and Remote Control: One of the key benefits of a Thatcham Cat2>1 alarm system is its ability to immobilise the motorhome remotely. This feature allows you to disable the engine or ignition remotely, preventing unauthorised access and reducing the risk of the vehicle being driven away. With a secure remote control, you can easily arm or disarm the alarm system, giving you full control over the security of your motorhome from a distance.
  • Insurance Premium Reduction: Installing a Thatcham Cat2>1 alarm system can lead to significant savings on your motorhome insurance premiums. Insurance companies recognize the enhanced security measures provided by these alarms and often offer discounted rates as a result. By investing in a reliable alarm system, you not only protect your vehicle but also benefit from potential financial savings over time.

CAT 2>1 Alarm Installation Near Me

So now that we have establied that installing a Thatcham Cat2>1 alarm system provides an effective solution to safeguard your investment, deter criminals, and potentially reduce insurance costs, what now?
Does Trackershop provide CAT 2>1 Alarm installation near me?
Yes we do! We cover every UK postcode, and can typically install within 1-3 working days.
The security of your motorhome is paramount, especially in an era of increasing thefts. But you don't need to live in fear.
Don't compromise on security—prioritise the protection of your motorhome today.



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