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When it comes to the best GPS trackers for dementia, ensuring the vulnerable individual is definitely going to carry their tracking Device consistently and with minimal resistance can be the hardest barrier to overcome.

That's why the GPS KEYRING TRACKER is helping to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals and their families!

TrackerShop's range of Wearable GPS Dementia Trackers offers some of the most advanced and, more importantly, the most reliable and accurate tracking technology available.

However, we have also spent a lot of time with our customers and we know first-hand the complicated logistics that may be involved in having a vulnerable family member carry a GPS tracker.

Providing a portable wearable tracking device that has the very best chance of being carried everywhere is a huge reassurance for family members and a breakthrough in improving the safety and wellbeing of infirm and vulnerable individuals of any age.


The Dementia GPS keyring tracker is now being used by concerned family members and carers to help protect those prone to wandering and/or becoming disorientated or lost. 

The main reason is that, up until now, the biggest issue to overcome is simply ensuring that the individual is both willing to carry their GPS tracker AND remember to keep it with them when they leave their home.  

Wearable GPS tracking devices have quickly become the most important safety technology for those who may wander or become disorientated due to dementia.


With a GPS keyring tracker for elderly relatives, not only does the subtle design help to convince a self-conscious individual that they will be able to carry it without raising unwanted questions, the chances of them always having their tracking device with them in an emergency is significantly increased!

But what are the features that make this the best GPS keyring tracker for dementia?


Your GPS Keyring Tracker for elderly relatiives uses multiple satellite networks (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) to triangulate the most accurate and reliable position report at any time.

Your GPS tracker can update its position as frequently as every 5 seconds. This is absolutely vital in an emergency situation. 

What's more, your tracking device also has a multi-roaming SIM installed. This crucially means that it has the very best chance of coverage in any area - as it can automatically switch across to the strongest network at any time. 

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You can monitor your GPS tracker from both your mobile phone app and any computer, laptop and tablet.

You have 24/7 access to your panel and there is no limitation as to how many people can log in at any time, so multiple family members and carers are able to monitor your tracking device at the same time. 

You can check in on your phone map any time and having the ability to monitor your own panel directly (instead of using a monitoring service) is a great comfort when you have a vulnerable relative. Also, many individuals will not carry a GPS device if it is linked up to a control room.


You can place safety zones around any significant locations of any size where it is important to monitor the individual's movements.

This can be as simple as around the person's home or as large as towns, cities and even countries.

There are no restrictions to where; or the size or number of safety zones that you can put in place. 

You receive an instant alert to your phone whenever the tracker enters and/or leaves a safety zone.

This is one of the most vital features, eg you will receive a message indicating they have left home. If you do not receive a message to say they have returned in an acceptable amount of time, you can then check the map on your phone to assess their safety.

There are no limitations to the number of zones, how many alerts you can receive or how many people can receive the alerts through to their phone or computer. 

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Having a fully retained history report for all journeys means that wandering patterns can be analysed. It's possible that a regular pattern will form in a wandering habit.

If there is ever a time that the individual is lost without their tracking device, you will know key locations that they regularly visit.

This will vitally cut down search times by hours, sometimes even days!


At just 75 x 33 x 16mm the GPS Keyring Tracker for Dementia is one of the smallest personal GPS tracking devices available. 


Your wearable GPS tracker is capable of lasting approx 10 days battery on a single charge. 

This is incredible for a tracking device of such a small size, especially whilst providing real-time tracking; which needs excessive battery to function. 

It also means that your device has low maintenance and it will only need to be charged twice a week. This is perfect if you do not live with the individual or they only have a carer visit a few times per week.

You can also set a low battery alert if you need to. 


In the UK, VAT Exemption applies to products designed specifically for use by someone who is chronically sick or disabled. The dementia tracker showing ‘with VAT Relief’ on our site will be eligible for VAT exemption.

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