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GPS car trackers have seen a noticeable rise in popularity in recent years. Many thought it was only businesses that needed to track cars or other vehicles, but many consumers are now realising the advantages of using such a system on their own personal car.

When a GPS tracker is placed inside a vehicle, the device constantly transmits data on positioning, time, speed etc, all relayed back via satellites to computer systems. This information can be updated from once every 5 seconds to every 60 minutes in some cases, depending on how much information you want.

There are a wide range of different benefits a GPS car tracker can provide we've listed the top 3 below:

1) Lower insurance premiums

You may have heard of recent 'black boxes' being placed in the cars of new or young drivers. The cost on insurance premiums can be incredibly high for many motorists and opting for a car tracking device can significantly decrease the monthly insurance premium. It is not just for the young or new driver either. You can opt for a car tracking device at any age. And you don't have to opt for the insurance company’s own device either. You can fit your own and relay information from your tracker to support your claim of being a careful driver.

2) Know where your car is and when

You may not think you have need to track your vehicle as you will be in it! However, there may be a time when your car is taken without your permission. A car tracker will accurately pinpoint where the vehicle is, in real time. Clearly aiding its recovery will be very welcome. It is not just about theft either, lending your car to a family member may be something that you do, and you will have peace of mind that you will always know where they are in case or breakdown or emergency.

3) Save money and hassle

Our cars are important to us. We rely on them in so many ways, from the morning commute to taking a holiday. Knowing that it is well maintained and serviced gives peace of mind. Reminders can be set via some car tracker systems to have the vehicle serviced, to check the tyre depth and so on.

These three benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to car trackers, so if you're thinking about buying one, get in touch to see how we can help!