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Trackershop has made GPS tracking technology more accessible and easier to use for those prone to wander.

In the last few years, Trackershop has developed the best dementia trackers, helping countless individuals suffering from dementia and/or Alzheimer's stay safe.
According to, there are now as many as 850,000 people in the UK suffering from dementia at some level. This figure is expected to rise by a third by the end of 2020.
With no cure as of yet, urgently addressing the safety and wellbeing for those already affected is vital.
Because the condition heavily affects memory there is an ongoing conflict and battle to ensure safety, but to also allow the individual to maintain a level of independence in their day to day lives.
Care homes are a step too far for many individuals, who are ultimately still able to maintain a normal home life 95% of the time.
The good news is that GPS Trackers for dementia are increasing safety for the individual and peace of mind for their families.


It may not be a daily or even weekly occurrence that individuals find themselves disorientated and vulnerable. But by carrying a GPS dementia tracker family members now know that, at crucial times, there is a way to get help to them within minutes.
Our dementia trackers have been designed with personal safety and independence in mind.
With the Trackershop dementia tracker range:

Locate an individual instantly. You can do this by either monitoring through your desktop/laptop, or our tracking app on your iPhone/iPad or Android phones. You will see their movements and current location in real-time, and track as frequently as every 5 seconds.

Set up Safety Zones. You can easily set up safety zones around an area, and see when they leave or enter this location. A common use of this is to set up a zone around their home. When they leave, you can be sent a text message highlighting this. This is particularly useful if they are known to go walking at random times and get lost.

SOS Button. If an individual feels they may need help, they can press the SOS button on the front of the tracker, and this will send an instant alert to 3 different numbers and/or emails.


Long Battery Life. In between charges the Micro 7 will last approx. 3 days and the ProPod 6 will last for approx. 20 days. They are both fully rechargeable, extremely small and are similar in size/dimensions to a matchbox. This means your dementia tracker is small enough to be concealed in bags, coats etc if the individual is reluctant to carry the device.

Lanyard / Belt Pouch. Your dementia trackers all come with a belt pouch and lanyard, giving multiple options as to how the individual carries or wears their device.

History Report. You will have access to the full paths of all journeys. This may help in understanding patterns of movements and if they are going anywhere you feel is unsafe whilst you are not logged in. 


You could be using your Dementia Tracker within 24 hours!

You never know what can happen at any time, especially with wandering behaviour. 

Ensuring safety at the quickest time is vital. Your Dementia tracker arrives already set up, meaning your loved one will be protected immediately!

√ Free next-day delivery

√ Ready to use out the box

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There are alternative services available that have a panic button linked to a Call Response Centre. However, it seems a big reason so many people are now using Trackershop dementia trackers is because of the level of privacy they allow.
This may not be available when there is a reliance on a call response centre, and it may also mean that sufferers are reluctant to carry a device if it means they have to communicate with a stranger.
Most family members also want direct access to any alerts or SOS requests. When it comes straight through to your own phone then you know for a fact that you will respond immediately.
Although many customers initial enquiry will be for the cheapest GPS trackers available, we have found that this is not necessarily the first thing mentioned by customers needing a dementia tracker. They, of course, want the most reliable and accurate GPS tracking device for dementia available. 
We have managed to meet both demands with our range. Trackershop still provides the most cost-effective, user-friendly, reliable and accurate GPS trackers for dementia and beyond.
Dementia trackers are quickly becoming vital and standard equipment for individuals who are prone to wander or become disorientated. The difference that it makes to someone's life, both as a safety aid, a lifestyle tool for freedom, confidence and independence are invaluable. 
With the addition of immeasurable peace of mind for you and your family members then it makes dementia trackers an essential asset for everyone in these circumstances. 
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