In 2017 keyless cars have become extremely common on UK roads and driveways. 
Along with car insurance trackers, the idea behind keyless cars is to add further security for your valuable vehicle.
However, unlike with the security offered by car insurance trackers, the increasing rate of theft for keyless cars is a result of tech savvy thieves using your own vehicle’s keyless technology against you.

It has become apparent now that instead of the old school method of smashing a car window and hot wiring a vehicle, sophisticated groups of thieves are now skilled in hacking the on board computer of the vehicle using cheap tech that they can freely purchase online.

By blocking the electronic locking mechanism and then using these illegal kits, they can download a new key from your car’s OBD port and drive your vehicle away in mere minutes without raising suspicion.

With more cars than ever using the ‘push button’ starting mechanism, the crime figures are growing year after year for this particular method of car theft.

Trackershop’s GPS car trackers all have theft detection capabilities, with the magnetic GPS tracker range featuring both geo fence and Motion alerts, sent straight to your phone.

However, if your insurance company have asked you to instal a Thatcham approved tracker with anti key theft technology, then the most common options are the CAT 5 range.

The CAT 5 insurance trackers (Thatcham trackers) are the highest level of security accreditation available. In addition to tow away alerts, level 1 police response and vehicle immobilisation as standard, the CAT 5 tracker range also feature DRS (Driver Recognition System).

The authorised driver(s) of the vehicle are provided with a DRS card/fob, which you carry with you whenever you use the vehicle.

This means that, even if your keys are stolen or cloned by a thief, if they attempt to move your vehicle the control centre are alerted immediately.

They will then raise a level 1 police response to recover your vehicle, all within just a few minutes!

The success rate for this method of security and recovery is very positive, and is the reason why so many insurance companies are now insisting on CAT 5 trackers in London especially.

However, even if your insurance company has not insisted on a CAT 5, and you feel you do not need all of the additional functions that it offers, you can still choose a CAT 6 tracker that provides a DRS feature.

Even if your insurance company has mentioned that a CAT 6 tracker will be sufficient for your vehicle, you may feel that you would like to benefit from the added security that comes with DRS.

The SmarTrack Protector Pro w/DRS offers all of the benefits of a standard CAT 6 tracker, but with the bonus of being provided with the Driver Recognition System (complete with fobs) that will significantly reduce the risk of car theft for your vehicle.

In addition to the added security, if you mention to your insurance company that you are installing the higher level of security, they may offer a further reduction on your car insurance. So as well as providing peace of mind, you might even save some money too.

Whichever car insurance tracker that you require, Trackershop have a team of Thatcham approved mobile engineers working throughout the whole of the UK. Wherever you are, Trackershop will be able to arrange full installation in the quickest time available.

If you have any questions or need further help on which of the car insurance trackers you require then please contact our expert team on 02081660603.