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Are you in need of a motorhome tracker installation? Trackershop offers the fastest UK install times.

With the British 'staycation' becoming many peoples only option for a holiday in 2024, the popularity of motorhomes has sky-rocketed. Unfortunately, so has the motorhome theft rate.
Trackershop is helping you to protect your expensive asset and enjoy your leisure vehicle with full peace of mind!
The trouble is that there is now such a large range that it makes it difficult to choose. Let's take a look below to help you decide the best motorhome tracking system for you.

Best Insurance-Approved Motorhome Trackers

Installing insurance-approved Campervan trackers has quickly become a daily task for our mobile engineers.

When it comes to installing the best insurance approved motorhome trackers, Trackershop provides speedy nationwide installation at any location convenient to you. Our mobile engineers can even install your motorhome/campervan tracker at your campsite or holiday location.
If your insurance provider is insisting that you have a tracking device installation for your motorhome, then the good news is Trackershop can have yours fully fitted within the next few days.
Insurance approved trackers are simple to arrange installation for and have a 96% recovery rate in the event of theft!
S7 Trackers for Motorhomes
Currently, the most popular S7 Motorhome Tracker is the ScorpionTrack DRIVER S7.
This is a fully 24/7 monitored vehicle tracking system with a battery tamper alarm and motion alerts.
Take a look at the tracker in our S7 tracker range.

S5 Trackers for Motorhomes

The S5 vehicle tracking system is the highest level of Thatcham-accredited security.
In addition to the same features as the S7, the S5 tracker also has ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition).
You are provided with a fob (plus one spare) for you to keep with you when using your vehicle. If anyone clones or steals your keys, an instant alert is triggered in the control room when they attempt to drive your vehicle.
You can also upgrade to the S5 PLUS, which includes remote immobilisation.
Without a motorhome tracking system, there's sadly a very slim chance that you will see your vehicle again if stolen.
The good news is, an insurance approved vehicle tracking system will increase your chances of a speedy recovery to 96%
Take a look at S5 trackers
Trackershop can install your device within 1-3 working days in every UK postcode.
Why not call our Installs Team to check availability in your area!
View our full range of insurance approved trackers

Self Install GPS Trackers for Motorhome or Campervans

If you do NOT require a tracking system for motorhome insurance, then Trackershop provides a full range of the best self install GPS trackers for your motorhome or campervan.

Best Wired-In Motorhome Tracker 2024

All of Trackershop's tracking systems offer rapid real-time tracking through multiple satellite networks (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo).
As well as this, your tracking device is pre-installed with a multi-roaming SIM, with full automatic access to the strongest network in any area throughout Europe.
All this means that your Motorhome tracking system has the most accurate and consistently strong coverage - ready to help you find your vehicle with confidence in an emergency.

TS10 Motorhome Tracker

The TS10 Motorhome Tracker is a simple '2-wire' installation to the vehicle battery. Many customers who have a basic idea of vehicle electrics can install these themselves quickly and easily.
Alternatively, Trackershop provides a nationwide installation option.
With unlimited 24/7 tracking, you can monitor the real-time location of your asset from your computer, tablet and phone app.
you also have a full history log to review if you ever need to.
Crucially you can set unlimited zones in any location, so you will receive an instant alert if anyone moves your vehicle.
Your TS10 works throughout Europe, so you can still keep your vehicle safe whilst abroad.

Magnetic GPS Trackers for Motorhome

Magnetic GPS trackers give you the full flexibility of quickly attaching your tracking device to any asset at a moments notice. 
The self-contained battery means that your device does not need any specialist installation, with the fully rechargeable batteries lasting 6 months plus on a single charge (the Enforcer 4).
Trackershop continuously innovates our customised mapping software for our motorhome tracking devices.
As long as you keep your campervan tracking device in good condition, it will last for years!  However, along the way, you will still benefit from all software updates for your private mapping panel.



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