How does GPS tracking work?

The Background

GPS was actually originally designed to help provide position for the US Army, Air Force and the Navy. However, in recent years, it has broadened into different industries, and has become a day to day feature in some form for all of us.

Advanced Satellite Systems

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a constellation of 24 satellites, orbiting Earth. Your GPS tracker will work by interacting with 4 of these satellites at one time. The tracker will measure the distance from itself to a satellite by measuring the time a signal takes to travel that distance at the speed of light. When your GPS tracking device has this measurement for at least three satellites (preferably four), then it’s location on Earth can be worked out. How accurate you can pinpoint this location depends on how accurately you can measure the distance to the satellites. Our range of highly advanced GPS trackers can measure this to within just a few metres!

Industry Tracking

So from helping planes land, navigating ships and avoiding collisions on the open sea, to even alerting you when your next bus will arrive, GPS tracking has subtly improved the way we live our day to day lives

The uses of GPS are proving to be endless! Who knows what the future may hold! We see daily advancements, from improving your golf shot, to self driving cars, to location based tech (finding the nearest toilet in a hurry).

Personal Tracking

At the moment, the most important use to our customers is ensuring the safety of infirm/vulnerable family members, as well as vehicle tracking and a range of asset trackers. For this, TrackerShop are industry leaders when it comes to GPS Car Trackers, Asset Tracking, Personal Tracking and pet trackers. TrackerShop provide the most cost effective, user friendly GPS tracking devices and solutions throughout the UK.

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From Private Investigators, logistics companies, couriers, to local authorities, police forces and any company that uses vehicles and lone workers in the field, we have found a way to help them. You will also find our trackers used in schools, hospitals, emergency medical machinery, care homes, construction/agricultural equipment, mariners, to name just a few.

We will work beside you as much as you require in finding the perfect solution for you. If you need a bespoke service, we can engineer and develop the devices that you need, and have done this for countless clients worldwide. We’ve built up our reputation so that you know confidently, when you use our GPS trackers, you are using the best available with a genuine service that is there for you when you need to know anything.

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