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Car Insurance Trackers Explained

This year, more drivers than ever will be having insurance approved tracking device fitted to their vehicle in order to meet their car insurance policy requests.

If you’ve recently renewed or applied for car insurance, it is likely that your insurance provider has asked you to install a monitored car tracker. This will always be a tracking device that has been approved and categorised by Thatcham.

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About Thatcham Approved Trackers

What is a Thatcham Category Tracker?

The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre is more commonly known under the name Thatcham, which is where they are based geographically. The M.I.R.R.C is a non-profit organisation, set up by insurance groups in the late 1960s and is responsible for setting and testing the high levels of security and safety features required for non-factory fitted vehicle security units.

Insurance approved trackers are designed with the most effective security in mind. The functions and features are geared around raising an instant response to theft and a fast recovery via live GPS tracking. The trackers are monitored 24/7 by fully staffed control centres, who will respond to any instant alerts raised by the vehicles tracking system.

The success rate for this method of protection far outweighs any other factory or post-manufacturing security devices currently available, which is why they are now such a common method of security.


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Trackershop has become the UK’s leading provider of Thatcham approved trackers with the quickest mobile installation service available.

We can arrange installation for any UK postcode, with our mobile engineers visiting you at home, work or even the vehicle dealership.a

Trackershop has a 100% recovery rate for any vehicles stolen with a Trackershop installed S5 tracker 

I’ve never needed a Car Tracker for my insurance. So why now?

Over the last few years, a more sophisticated generation of tech-savvy car thieves has been emerging. Targeting popular and high-value vehicles, these thieves are able to counteract the factory fitted security, using basic hacking equipment purchased online. With the advances in GPS/GSM technology development in the last decade, using location-based security as well as instant theft alerts has become highly effective in theft recovery.

Although this may be the first year that you have been required to install a Categorised tracker, this procedure is going to become a standard requirement in the immediate future. This is simply because this method of security really does work. The monitored Thatcham approved trackers (such as the S5 trackers) are designed to both deter thieves and ensure quick and effective vehicle recovery if the worst does happen.

So what are the different categories? And what do they do?

Insurance approved trackers

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