A categorised Thatcham tracker is the most consistently effective security device for your vehicle.

Having a Thatcham approved device installed may also lead to a reduction in the cost of your car insurance.

But what makes them so reliable? And what is the difference between them?


Having a thatcham tracker installed means that you have the best form of security for your vehicle in relation to both theft protection and theft recovery.

For the last few years’ vehicle theft has continued to rise amongst vehicles that do not have some kind of car tracker installed. In contrast to this, theft prevention and recovery has improved significantly for car owners with a tracker fitted.

Regardless of the category of thatcham tracker that you need, your car will be protected in several impenetrable ways.

24/7 monitoring centre. This means that any unauthorised activity on your vehicle (such as moving whilst the ignition is turned off) will be detected as soon as it happens.

Battery disconnect alarm. Many thieves know that disconnecting the battery may render any security features immobile. However, the control centre will receive an instant alert if the battery is tampered with. Your car tracker also has a reserve battery, so it will continue tracking even if the car battery is disconnected.

Professional installation. We arrange for your car tracker to be installed for you by a Thatcham approved engineer at a time, date and location convenient to you. 

Certificate of authenticity. Once installed, you can provide this certificate to your insurance company. This may lead to a discount in your insurance policy.

Installing a GPS tracking device is now quicker, easier and more affordable than it has ever been.

Here are the two options for your car insurance tracker.


Thatcham category 5 trackers are the highest categorised tracking devices and provide the most comprehensive security for your vehicle or asset.

Amongst other features, your CAT 5 tracker includes Level 1 police response, motion sensors, automatic driver recognition (ADR), key theft protection and remote immobilisation.

Stealing the actual car keys or replicating keys has become very common amongst car thieves. Therefore the Keyguard system gives you the added feature of 2 Advanced Driver Recognition (ADR) cards. This means that, if your vehicle is started without the driver carrying one of these cards (even if they have stolen your keys) an instant alert will be sent to the control centre. They will then be able to take swift and immediate action.

Typically you would select a CAT 5 car tracker for high value and luxury vehicles. However, they are compatible with any vehicle and may be recommended for areas with a particularly high car crime rate. 

You can see our Cat 5 trackers at Car Insurance Trackers.


Category 6 trackers are the next category and deliver many of the same features and functions as a Cat 5.

Cat 6 does not include remote immobilisation or level 1 police response, however the SmarTrack Keyguard Pro gives you the added feature of 2 Advanced Driver Recognition (ADR) cards.

Cat 6 trackers provide exceptional protection for your vehicle and you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle will be protected.

Take a look at further benefits and our full range of car insurance trackers.

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