There are now 8.5 million of us dog owners in the UK! As we are aware our pets bring us so much joy and are a central part of the family.

We now live in a time where technology has never been so advanced and readily available! We run our lives from the palm of our hands and if we ever have a problem then “there’s an app for that”.

We have meticulous control over every aspect of our lives and so it’s amazing to think that, for so many pet owners who lose their beloved pets, the only chance that they feel they have of retrieving them is by putting up LOST DOG posters around their town, and hoping against the odds that someone may have seen them.

Trackershop have been at the forefront of the GPS tracker industry for almost a decade. In that time, we have used the most advanced GPS technology available to help protect vulnerable individuals, such as those with dementia. Our personal GPS trackers have been changing the way that vulnerable people have been able to live their lives- so it only makes sense that we extend this level of protection to our four legged family members as well.

“If something as simple as this (GPS Pet Tracker) can be the difference between finding your pet or never seeing them again, then it’s a must in our house… to think that a daily fear as serious as losing your pet can be eliminated with one simple pet accessory is incredible!”

                                                  – Karen, Stevenage


Small, robust, fully waterproof and with a rechargeable battery life of 7-10 days, it’s easy to see why Trackershop’s GPS Pet Tracker has quickly become the most popular and very best tracker for dogs available. You can monitor your pet’s position in live time directly from your phone and analyse their activity levels from your private mapping panel.

Here are some more reasons why both you and your dog will be so much happier with your new GPS tracker 🙂

1. FIND THEM IN AN EMERGENCY. There’s not many dogs that won’t impulsively sprint off after a pheasant or rabbit whilst out on a walk. It’s in their nature and their heightened senses mean that they will probably notice something worth chasing long before you see it! They can catch you off guard, and disappear out of sight within seconds. With your GPS Pet Tracker you will be able to see them in live time through your app. Importantly, the app will also show you where you are in relation to them on the map. This is really useful, especially when in fields or woodland where there is not much to navigate by.

It’s also fully waterproof. If our dogs are anything to go by, we think it would be pretty pointless if they weren’t waterproof!

2. ENSURE THEY GET ENOUGH EXERCISE. Each breed of dog will need a different level of exercise. Typically all dogs should exercise for 60-90 minutes each day. However, an energetic dog like a labrador will no doubt need to run, jump, swim more than a chihuahua during this time. With your GPS Pet Tracker you will be able to see on your mapping panel how far your dog has walked daily/weekly/monthly and for how long. A GPS Pet Tracker will also mean that you will be able to check remotely that your dog walker has taken them for their agreed distance and time.

3.SAFETY ZONES. You can set virtual zone areas around any location (such as your home and garden). Even the most well trained dogs may not be able to resist the opportunity to go out in to the world and explore if the garden gate or front door is left open. Without a pet tracker you might not realise they are gone for some time! Setting a safety zone means you will receive and instant text and/or email as soon as they leave the safety zone. You will then be able see where they are through their app, and retrieve them straight away! A safety feature like this is priceless when you think how quickly pets can move, especially when you don’t even know that they have escaped.

4. SAFETY ON HOLIDAY. Many families take their pets on holiday with them. If you’re holidaying in the UK or driving in to Europe and taking your pooch with you then a Pet Tracker is essential kit. Dogs are more likely to bolt and become lost when in unfamiliar surroundings. It can make it even harder to find them if you also do not know the area- and it can make it nearly impossible if you are in a country where they speak a different language. Suddenly your relaxing holiday can quickly become a traumatic nightmare. Your Trackershop GPS Pet Tracker has a multi-roaming SIM installed, so that it will automatically roam on to any countries strongest network- at no extra cost.

If you are flying abroad and leaving your pet in kennels, a pet hotel or with a sitter you will be able to monitor them from your app whenever you want to. This is surprisingly comforting- especially if you are leaving them with someone for the first time.

5. PEACE OF MIND AND COMFORT. Following on from the last point, you will be surprised how comforting and almost therapeutic it is to be able to check your dog’s location on your phone whenever you like. Just seeing that they’re safe at home throughout the day when you’re at work or away from them makes you feel warm inside 🙂

“There are so many products now available on the pet market! We know this because Trudi already has most of them! But nothing has come close to bringing the peace of mind and joy that the Trackershop pet tracker has!…

… I don’t think you realise how much you constantly worry about your pet becoming lost, until that worry is lifted.”

                                                    – Matt and Fran, Aldershot

A pet goes missing every minute here in the UK.

What’s fantastic is that there has never been a time like this where you can offer such effective protection for your pet. After all the unconditional love and joy they bring, it really is the least we can do for them!

Would you like to know more? Come and take a closer look at the GPS Pet Tracker