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  • Track your pet's real-time location
  • Find them in an emergency through your tracking app
  • Monitor your pet's daily exercise
  • Instant alerts if your pet escapes
  • Link up to family members and dog walker


  • Free next working day delivery

  • Ready to use out of the box

  • Free mobile app

  • Multi roaming sim already installed 

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In the UK a dog or a cat goes missing every minute!
This doesn't take in to account the amount of pets that are not reported missing, who may disappear for a few hours or overnight.
These can be the longest hours (or days)of pet owners lives, not knowing if you are ever going to be reunited with your 4 legged family member again.
The good news is, as a pet owner you no longer have to live in constant fear of losing your pet!
Introducing the PawPrint! The newest and best GPS pet tracker currently available.
The most accurate and durable GPS Pet Tracker available.
Suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes.
100% waterproof and comes with a free app 
Let's take a look at why the PawPrint is quickly becoming the most popular cat and dog tracking device in the UK.

The Best Pet Tracker in the UK!

  • So useful! So user-friendly!
    Even though this is the most advanced real-time GPS Pet Tracker, with the longest battery, it's also incredibly easy to use.
    In fact, your GPS Pet Tracker arrives set up and ready to use straight out the box.

Your Pet's Location.

For Your Whole Family To See!

 See your pet's location on your app any time, from anywhere.
Your whole family can follow your pets every step from their own phones at no extra cost.
Share login details with pet walkers and sitters. 

Discrete and small GPS Pet Tracker

Suitable for any size pet!

No matter the size of your best friend, your small GPS pet tracker is tiny and lightweight enough to fit on any size collar.
The elasticated loops give it the flexibility to slot onto any collar.
Pet tracker dimensions: 75 x 33 x 16mm

Fastest Real-Time Pet Tracking Device

Keeps up with any pet!

With the quickest real-time tracking available, you will get the up-to-the-second location of your pet at any moment.

Locate your pet in seconds

Globally! 24/7!

You may take your pet abroad on holiday with you...

The rapid real-time tracking and alerts mean your pet won't have time to flee the country.
But if they do, you'll find them!

The smallest pet tracker.

With the longest battery.

Even though you can achieve rapid real-time tracking,  this is the smallest pet tracker available with a battery life of over a week (on average use).
This is incredibly unique for a tracking device of its size! 

Escape Alerts!

Set virtual boundaries

Most pet owners know that their four-legged friends love to do their best Houdini impression from your garden... usually in the middle of the night.

Set unlimited virtual fences around any location (such as gardens, parks etc) and receive an instant alert if they leave their boundary.

Track their exercise!

Full walkies log.

  • Full journey history, showing the exact route taken
  • Full addresses, postcodes, locations logged 
  • Accurate mileage log recorded for you to access at any time.
  • See how long a vehicle is at any location 
  • Log or dispute over-time claims
  • Prevent unauthorised use of vehicles out of hours

Keep an eye on your pet.

Even when you're not with them!

You don't have to lose your pet to worry about them.
If you leave your pet with a dog walker, a sitter or at a pet hotel, you can see where they are from your app the whole time!
You can even monitor that they are getting enough exercise!

The most accurate position.

Your PawPrint GPS Pet Tracker doesn't just use GPS but also coordinates via multiple satellite services globally.
This ensures the most accurate and consistent location report globally!
In addition, your
These are just some of the reasons that your PawPrint is the best GPS pet tracker currently available.

Ready to order?

Add your PawPrint GPS Pet Tracker to your Basket for free next-day delivery.
Your pet tracking device arrives set up and ready to use!
Your mapping platform is set up in advance, so all you'll need to do is log in and track away!
If you would like more info before ordering then you can call our team on
0330 055 2777
  • A-GPS (Assisted GPS) for instant GPS location
  • Multi roaming SIM, for worldwide use at no extra cost
  • Multi Satellite coverage
  • Weighing only 40g
  • 75 x 33 x 16mm
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  • Free next working day delivery

  • Ready to use out of the box

  • Free mobile app

  • Multi roaming sim already installed 

Quick guide on Insurance Trackers

Purchase insurance tracker
We’ll contact you to arrange installation at your chosen time and place.
Our Engineer will bring and fit the insurance tracker.
Afterwards Smartrack will contact you after to set up your credit subscription.
When everything is done, your certificate Will be forwarded to you.
  • FAQ's

How accurate are GPS pet trackers?

Your PawPrint GPS Pet Tracker uses multiple satellite networks (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) and a multi-roaming network SIM. This means that it can achieve the most accurate and consistent real-time tracking report pretty much globally!

Is the pet tracker easy to set up?

Yes, it is! In fact, it's already set up and ready to use out of the box. All you need to do is give it a charge, attach it to your pet's collar or harness, and log in to your app with the details provided in the box.

Is the PawPrint a small pet tracker?

Yes, it is! The PawPrint is actually an incredibly small pet tracker. At just 75mm x 33 x 16 your small pet tracker will be suitable for most small to large-sized dogs.

Is the Pawprint a waterproof pet tracking device?

Can I track my pet from a distance? Is there a dog tracker without subscription?

Can I track my dog tracker through my phone?

Yes you can! Your pet tracker is linked to the GPS Trackershop app. Your log in details are provided in your box, so just log in and track away!

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