Choosing a CAT 5 tracker from Trackershop will mean your vehicle has the very best GPS tracker protection available today! 

CAT 5 trackers provide the highest categorised vehicle security in the industry, with the most GPS security features active in any device.


If you have a high performance vehicle it is likely that your car insurance company has advised you to install a CAT 5 car tracker in line with your insurance policy.

Insurance companies will typically insist on a CAT 5 tracker for high value vehicles or if you live in a city with high car crime statistics.

It’s very possible that your insurance co may not even be able to offer insurance without a tracking device first being installed in your vehicle.

The positive side to this is, although there is an initial cost, over time you will be saving money through your reduced insurance premium that your CAT 5 tracker has allowed you.


In addition to positively impacting the price of your insurance policy, a CAT 5 tracker also ensures the very highest level of protection for your expensive asset.

The theft prevention and recovery features of a CAT 5 are of the highest level of accuracy and effectiveness. There is no other car security device that is more reliable.

Not only do they provide an elevated chance of recovery for a stolen vehicle (with an average recovery time of 34 minutes) but the theft prevention features are unparalleled.

With that in mind, here are some additional reasons why you will benefit from a CAT 5 car tracker and how it will enrich your car owning experience:


The cost of installation is built in to the price of your car tracking device. If needed, our Thatcham certified engineers can install your device within 24 hours, and will visit any UK postcode at a time and date that suits you! You do not need to do anything, as a professional engineer will fully install and test your device for you.

  • – ADR (Advanced Driver Recognition)

As standard with any CAT 5 trackers supplied by Trackerhshop, you will be issued with 2 encrypted key protection remotes.

A trend that has developed in recent years amongst thieves is stealing the actual car keys of a targeted vehicle. This can be through burglary, stealing a victim’s handbag etc- and it allows them to simply drive your vehicle away quickly, without having to damage or hot-wire the car.

smart track cat 5

Your pocket sized ADR card can be carried with you any time you drive your car.

If anyone attempts to drive your vehicle without the ADR card present an instant alert is sent to the 24/7 operating centre. They will then contact you to confirm the theft. If your vehicle has been stolen they will work quickly and directly with the police to retrieve your vehicle, using the GPS positioning from your tracker.

This means that, even if your car keys are taken, the thief will not get away with stealing your car.


To further ensure the recovery of your vehicle in the event of a theft, your CAT 5 tracker can also immobilise your car- stopping a thief from driving the vehicle any further and also effectively rendering the car useless to them.

Immobilisation is authorised by the police once it is safe and will lead to a quicker and safe recovery of your vehicle.

Once your vehicle is recovered, the control centre can instantly re-instate it to its full functionality. This has no lasting or negative impact on the vehicle.


Due to recent advancements in the mapping software, Thatcham trackers are now available to be viewed by you on your own private mapping interface.

This is something that has only recently become available, and is a new standard feature for CAT 5 tracker customers, at no extra cost.

You can check your vehicle’s location any time, from anywhere in the world through your app or computer.


Every time that you park your vehicle and leave it unattended (whether this is at home or anywhere in Europe), you can now rest assured that it is protected to the highest categorisation with certainty of recovery in the event of a theft.

If you have worked hard to achieve a luxury vehicle, then a CAT 5 will allow you to enjoy it with the full peace of mind that you deserve!

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