With Christmas just around the corner, the kids back to school and the summer holiday blues officially kicking in, it might be time to get away, go exploring, buy the best Christmas present and purchase a GPS tracker.

Why you might ask? Why bother buying a GPS tracker when you could spend your money on other things? Well, here are 5 uses of a GPS tracker that you might not have thought about:

1 Track Your Car

When you are out and about, worrying about where you parked your car, is it really safe? Can you even remember where it is? Use your GPS tracker to track your car. With a car GPS tracker you can see its exact location using your phone. This means that if anything does happen to the vehicle, it is stolen and moved, you can alert the emergency services straight away.

Track a vehicle

2 Never Lose Your Keys Again

One of the worst things that can happen on your way to work is that you lose your keys. You are already in a rush, the traffic is reportedly bad and then you realise you can’t find your keys.

From this point it can either be a complete search of the house top to bottom which takes 3 hours; or, you had attached a GPS tracker to your keys and can easily check where they are using your phone. The choice is yours!

3 Keep Track of Your Child or Pet

Especially as we head into the Halloween season, it might be a good idea to give your children a GPS tracker when they go out. Packing this in their bag as you would pack their lunch, purse or phone means you can know exactly where they are at any time.

When the kids are out trick or treating, Trackershop will be able to help you keep track of them.

4 Go Exploring

For those of you that are already feeling the holiday blues, are in desperate need of a vacation and just want to get away, then invest in a GPS tracker. You can go exploring for as long as you want, to wherever you want and your family and friends will know exactly where you are.

This means that if you do need help, your location is known. Go travelling, go exploring, go wherever, go whenever but don’t get lost!

Gap Year Trackers

5 Keep Hold of Your Luggage

One thing GPS trackers are also excellent for is keeping track of your luggage. You might have been travelling around the most amazing places for the best part of your life, but what you don’t want is to have to return home with only the clothes on your back because you have lost your luggage.

Not only can GPS trackers help you stay safe, they can keep your baggage safe too!

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