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GPS Trackers

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Trackershop’s range of GPS Trackers represent the most accurate, reliable and versatile tracking devices currently available, catering for any and all uses. From farm and construction machinery to motorcycles/scooters, motorhomes, trailers and even horse boxes, our range of GPS Trackers allow you to monitor and protect your assets 24/7.

The MoreTrack range is designed with security and day-to-day monitoring in mind, with a solution for any type of asset. 

Whether it’s for personal or business use, our asset GPS trackers are as diverse as the different equipment that they can track.
Your GPS Trackers can be accessed from any computer or smart phone. Set up geo fence alerts for when your asset tracker leaves a specific zone.


GPS Trackers
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  1. MoreTrack Motorhome Tracker
    MoreTrack Motorhome Tracker
    Mobile Installation Available
    Special Price £65.00 £54.17 Regular Price £99.00
    • Global real-time tracking
    • Track from your phone and computer
    • Instant theft alerts
    • Unlimited security zones 
    • Private tracking app
    Mobile Installation Available
    Suitable for any Vehicle
    £42.00 £35.00
    • The easiest to install and operate wired-to-vehicle GPS tracker.
    • No contracts. No hidden costs. Just simple PAYG tracking. 
    • Monitor your vehicles, Plant, Motorhome, ATVs or any asset from your computer and smartphone 24/7.
    • Real-time tracking and full tracking history. See routes taken, speed, mileage, and duration spent at any location.
    • New advanced and easy-to-use mapping panel.
  3. MoreTrack GPS HorseBox Tracker
    MoreTrack GPS HorseBox Tracker
    Mobile Installation Available
    Special Price £65.00 £54.17 Regular Price £89.00
    • Global unlimited real-time tracking
    • Compatible with all Horseboxes
    • Track from your phone and computer
    • Theft Alerts
    • Set unlimited security zones 

3 Items

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