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Are you in need of a vehicle tracker in Plymouth?

Many motorists are being asked by their insurance provider to install a vehicle tracking device in Plymouth and the surrounding area. 

The reason for this is due to the fact that vehicle theft rates have been rising consistently over the past 5 years throughout the UK.

In fact, as reported by Devon Live, Plymouth has the highest level of car crime in the whole of the South West. 

But with such a large choice, it can be difficult to know which is specifically the best vehicle tracking device in Plymouth for your needs?

The good news is Trackershop provides tracking devices suitable for all purposes.

Let's take a look! 

Insurance Approved Car Trackers Plymouth


Installing insurance-approved Car trackers in Plymouth has quickly become standard procedure

Now you know why you need to install an insurance approved vehicle tracker in Plymouth, however, you may not know where to start when it comes to arranging this. 

The good news is, Trackershop provides the quickest mobile installation times for vehicle tracking devices throughout the whole of the UK. 

If you are in need of a tracking device for insurance purposes, there will be 2 official categories for you to opt for.

Let's take a look at your options.

S7 Vehicle Tracking Device Plymouth

Insurance-approved stolen vehicle recovery trackers are all categorised by Thatcham. This is done with security features specifically in mind.

The category S7 tracker is the most commonly installed device by Trackershop.

S7 tracking devices all include 24/7 fully staffed control room service, as well as battery-tamper/motion alerts.

If a theft is detected, the control room uses the live tracking info on their screens to guide the responding police unit to your vehicle.

Currently, the most popular S7 tracking device in Dorset is the ScorpionTrack S7 Tracker.

The ScorpionTrack S7 has an advanced customer app and the most cost-effective subscription options.

S5 Car Tracker in Plymouth

In many cases, a higher level of security may be required in order to have your insurance fully validated.

This will be if your vehicle is over a certain value (typically approx.£40,000) or and/or if it is located in a highly targeted area. 

New quick, covert, and highly effective car theft techniques have made it worryingly easy for thieves to take your vehicle.

One of the most effective theft techniques is 'relay attack'.

Relay attack is where thieves target keyless entry cars and hack the key fob radio frequency to easily gain entry in seconds.

As a result, the additional ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) System in the S5 vehicle tracker has been designed to counteract this theft technique - with great success!

The ADR system includes a small ID fob that you keep with you when using your vehicle. This identifies you as an authorised driver.

When a thief uses relay attack or even steals your car key to take your vehicle, an instant alert is triggered in the 24/7 control room.

They then contact you to confirm the theft and then liaise with the responding police unit to recover your vehicle.

This proactive response means that your vehicle will typically be recovered within minutes!

Take a look at the S5 Trackers here

Car insurance providers can be particularly vague when it comes to guidance on the correct tracking device that is suitable for your policy.

If you are unsure on which vehicle tracker in Plymouth is appropriate for you, then feel free to contact our Installs Team for advice.

No matter which insurance-approved tracker you require, we can install in any UK postcode within 1-3 working days.

Still have questions about the best vehicle trackers in Plymouth?

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