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Now that the capabilities to track individuals are available, and have never been this accessible and affordable, more and more people are using GPS trackers to help monitor elderly relatives, children; as well as lone workers, and for employee management/efficiency.

Depending on the use, there have been varying concerns of how this can impact the rights and freedom of an individual. Once more information is provided, however, quite the opposite is proven to be true.

Quite the contrary to be restricting, Personal GPS tracking offers further freedom to those who, before using them, may not have had the freedom due to safety.

There are 2 types of personal trackers. Live GPS trackers and text GPS trackers.

Our live GPS personal trackers, such as the Pro-Pod 5, will report a location on your mapping panel as often as every 5 seconds. This makes it an essential personal tracking asset if you have employees that you need to consistently monitor for safety and efficiency purposes. Further to this, your mapping panel will log a full tracking history of all of their journeys.   

A current example of this is our increasing supply of trackers to Leaflet Distribution companies.

More clients are requesting evidence that Leaflet Distributors have visited the sites and addresses that they have agreed to. Having documented evidence in the form of a full, detailed and accurate tracking report has secured many of our Leaflet Distribution customers further and bigger business that, due to the competitive nature of the industry, they may not have achieved before.

For safety purposes, live tracking will give you the quickest route to the individual in need of your attention. Just by following the route they have taken, from your mapping panel on your phone (you can now download our tracking app for iPhone), you will quickly be lead straight to them. The Pro-Pod's have an SOS button, which will alert you instantly via a text message or email when the vulnerable person presses it.

You can also set up geo-fences around a house, hospital, school, or any other geographical location. These safety zones means you will be alerted when the individual leaves the zone, and enters (suitable if there's an area you do NOT want them to visit.)

For a quick demo of how Geo-Fences work, click here

Our Personal GPS Tracker is by far the most popular for those who need to tend to elderly, infirm individuals and those suffering from Alzheimer's.

This is a text tracker that is simple in it’s functionality. There are no ongoing costs. Simply that of the price of a text message each time you need to know their whereabouts.This is a text tracker that is simple in it's functionality. There are no ongoing costs. Simply that of the price of a text message each time you need to know their whereabouts.

Whilst absolutely nothing will compensate or totally ease the trauma and turmoil of suffering from Alzheimer's, or in fact caring for a sufferer, at least their day to day functionality can be made slightly easier, and an element of freedom can be maintained.

You don't need a computer. Just a WAP enabled phone. Whenever you need to know the location of an individual carrying a personal GPS tracker, you simply phone it from one of the pre-stored numbers, and it will instantly send you a text, with a Google Maps link.

The tracker can be accessed via 3 individual mobile phones. This allows several loved ones and possibly carers to maintain a vigilant presence.

The Personal GPS Tracker also has a 2 way communicator and an SOS button- which, again, will alert each of the pre-allocated numbers.

All of our personal trackers are of the same capabilities, and we rigorously test our whole range frequently, to ensure the best possible service.

Choosing the most suited personal tracker for your individual needs is something that we are here to help you with. Please do get in contact if you have any questions, and would like further information.

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