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As we know, GPS trackers have become incredibly useful, and often vital tools, in helping to improve people's lives for both professional and personal uses.

But as well as the obvious benefits from being able to track an asset or individual in live time, Trackershop's GPS trackers offer multiple additional functions that are both easy to use and can be just as useful as the live tracking itself. 

Being able to set up geofences (also known as Safety Zones, Polygons or simply Zones) introduces a key function in further monitoring your GPS trackers in real-time.

A geo-fence can help add further detail and provide a better psychological understanding of the daily activity, as well as assisting in coordinating staff and helping to 'check-in' vehicles/assets/individuals.

It can also be a life-changing, and potentially life-saving, a safety feature.

A geo-fence is a virtual fence around a specific location, which will then send you an instant message (either by SMS and/or email) when your tracker enters/leaves the virtual border.

You can set up as many geo-fences as you like on your mapping panel. If you have several trackers on the same panel, you can select which ones are responsive to the geofence(s) and all of this can be edited/amended at any time by you.  

Because there is such a diverse range of uses for GPS trackers, each individual/company will have their own purpose for their geofences. Here's just a few of them.  


For vehicles, plant/construction machinery, and vulnerable assets that may be left unattended, a geofence set around where they are stored means you will receive an instant alert if an unauthorised party moves them.

An example of this would be when storing construction machinery on a building site overnight/unattended. You can set the zone around the site. If the machinery leaves this zone, you will be alerted instantly. This allows you to take immediate action, with access to full live tracking.  


Our GPS trackers have been used with great success when it comes to helping monitor the safety of individuals- whether this is for lone workers, children or infirm relatives.

Dementia/Alzheimer's is now affecting more and more families. A personal GPS tracker can make a traumatic family experience safer and decrease the general concern that comes from an elderly relative living alone.

Setting a safety zone around the home means you will receive an alert when the individual leaves and, crucially, another one when they return. If they have not returned within the expected time, you will be able to see exactly where they are through your mapping panel.


Having several vehicles on the road throughout the day can take a lot of organisation.

Geofences allow you to set a 'check-in/out' for vehicles entering/leaving your depot. They can also help with destination check-ins for deliveries. SURVEILLANCE


It is not always convenient to be watching your tracking device in live time continuously.

Therefore, setting up zones alerts you to movements to or from key areas. This means you can be alerted to track in a live time only when necessary.  


Safety zones are a staple feature of pet owners who use our pet trackers.

Setting a zone around the garden or an extended area where they have access, means you will know as soon as they've left where they should be.

You can also set up a zone around a kennels/pet sitters boundary whilst you are on holiday. You can even share the login details with the person looking after them, so they can monitor them whilst you are away.

These are just a few of the uses that have really helped individuals and companies achieve accurate/safe and money-saving benefits from this particular feature.  

To learn more about other features, or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact at any time.

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