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As 2024 unfolds, what is the best car tracker for BMW owners?

You've probably seen that it's a bit of a minefield when making a decision on the most suitable option for your model.

From BMW X5, BMW 3 Series, to the BMW 5 Series and BMW i3.

If you have any of these models it is highly likely that your insurance provider has asked you to install a BMW car tracker for theft recovery.

This may seem frustrating initially, however, the reason for this is that these models are all in the top 10 most stolen vehicles in the UK.

In fact, the BMW X5 has been the most stolen vehicle in the UK more than 7 times.

This is a rather depressing development for BMW owners.

However, the good news is that Trackershop provides the best BMW car trackers and the quickest installation times in every UK postcode.

But which BMW tracker is right for you? Read on to learn more.


Which is the best tracking device for BMW?

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Insurance Approved BMW Tracker Systems

If you have been asked to install an insurance-approved BMW stolen vehicle tracker system, you may be a bit puzzled as to why! Let's take a look.

In the UK car theft numbers have doubled in 5 years.

There are several reasons for this, with fewer police officers now on duty, the chance of thieves being caught in the act is very unlikely.

One of the biggest reasons for the increasingly escalating number of stolen cars is that car theft gangs have developed incredibly quick, covert, and highly effective techniques - using remote technology to ‘hack’ the vehicle locking and ignition mechanisms.

Techniques like relay theft and key cloning have now become the standard method for organised criminal gangs.

This allows them to target high-value and popular vehicles and drive them away quickly without making any noise. No disruption or damage. They can just open the car door and start it up like it was their own vehicle, in just seconds!

This is why car trackers for BMW models have become vital security against theft.



In 2022 Relay attack is a bigger concern than ever, with more thieves catching on to how quick and effective this method of stealing keyless entry vehicles is.

Relay Attack can go by different terms such as relay theft, hacking, carjacking, but the bottom line remains the same - the thieves can silently unlock your car and drive it away effortlessly.

By the time you even notice that it is gone, it could have been stripped down or prepped for shipping straight out of the country. To add insult to injury:

  • The RF device used is legal
  • Costs just a few pounds
  • Can be purchased on eBay!



S7 Trackers for BMW

Trackershop provides Nationwide installation of S7 Trackers for BMW!

With most BMW models, insurers are mainly insisting on S5 trackers.

However they can be frustratingly vague in their terminology, so if they have not specified any particular category then they are giving you the freedom to choose whichever you prefer.  

In these circumstances, most motorists will opt for an S7 tracker… simply because it is the cheapest!

Don’t be fooled though. Installing an S7 tracker for BMW is incredibly effective security, with the majority of the same features as the S5.

The only main difference is that the S7 tracker does not have the ADR system as standard. 

However, with global coverage, tamper alerts, and the 24/7 control room the S7 tracker is an absolute game-changer in catching thieves within minutes of stealing a car. 

If your insurance provider has not instructed you to install an S5 tracker then they will be more than happy with the S7.

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S5 BMW Car Tracker

Some insurers have more strict criteria as to which device is installed in line with your policy.

Therefore, the higher security level of S5 vehicle trackers for BMW is becoming standard procedure for many models.

The S5 includes the same features as the S7, but with the addition of the comprehensive ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) System. 

Your ADR fob is kept with you when you use your vehicle - identifying you as the authorised driver.

If a thief attempts a relay attack, steals, or clones your keys, an instant alert is triggered in the control room - prompting them to confirm with you if theft is taking place. 

If theft is occurring, the control room takes over the tracking and guides the responding police unit to your vehicle! 

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Best BMW Tracker with Immobiliser

Tracking Devices with Immobiliser for BMW

Car owners that have been unfortunate victims of theft in the past may very well have heard of engine immobiliser security. 

If you have to both appease your insurer with a tracker installation AND you would like to also benefit from additional security then the best BMW tracker with immobiliser is the ScorpionTrack S5 Plus

The ScorpionTrack S5 Plus is an S5 category tracker but also benefits from a sophisticated anti-key cloning engine immobiliser.

This particular type of immobilisation is extremely effective against key theft and relay attack, and is controlled by you.

S5 Plus Tracking Device BMW

With the ScorpionTrack S5 Plus, you are provided with ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) fobs.

However, your fobs will also automatically immobilise your ignition within 30 seconds of leaving your vehicle.

Your vehicle cannot be started again until you return to it with your proximity fob.

Your immobilisation can also be controlled through your phone app.

This makes the ScorpionTrack S5 Plus the most comprehensive tracking device for BMW models targeted for theft.

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