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When it comes to installing vehicle trackers in Sunderland, Trackershop has you covered.

Whether you need an insurance approved tracking device in South Shields, or a fleet management system in Rotherham,

Trackershop provides rapid mobile installation in any UK postcode!

But why has there been such a sudden demand for so many motorists to install Thatcham-approved tracking devices in Sunderland?

Let's take a look.

Insurance Approved Car Trackers Sunderland

If you have been asked to install an insurance-approved car tracker in Sunderland, you may be a bit puzzled as to why!

Car theft has been consistently increasing over the past 5 plus years, particularly for keyless entry vehicles.

As a result, police forces and insurers are now encouraging motorists to install a stolen vehicle tracking system.

This is simply because, if your vehicle is stolen, installing a Thatcham-approved vehicle tracker in Sunderland gives you the very best chance of getting your vehicle back!

So even though you now you know why you need one, it can still be a bit confusing knowing which stolen vehicle tracking system will be suitable for you. 

The good news is, Trackershop is here to offer guidance on installing the best tracking device for your needs.

We also provide rapid mobile installation of all insurance-approved tracking devices in Sunderland and any UK postcode!

So let's take a look at the options. 

If you are in need of a security tracking device in line with your insurance policy (or even just for your peace of mind) then these will tend to be 'Thatcham approved' stolen vehicle recovery trackers. 

Thatcham are the regulators of vehicle security devices and will rank the level of security for each product by category. 

S7 Vehicle Trackers Sunderland

The S7 vehicle tracking device is Thatcham approved and recognised by insurers as effective vehicle security in line with insurance policies.

The main criteria for an S7 is to feature 24/7 control room monitoring service.

This means, in the event of a theft, a level 1 police response can be raised immediately. 

The ScorpionTrack S7 is currently the most popular option. 

S5 Vehicle Tracking Device Sunderland

The S5 tracking device boasts the same features as the S7. However, it also boasts the additional ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) System.

This is the preferred recommendation of insurers and police forces as, even if a thief steals/clones your keys, or accesses your vehicle via relay attack (the most popular theft methods), an alert is instantly triggered in the control room as soon as they move your vehicle.

Take a look at the S5 tracker 


Regardless of stipulations by your insurers, if you really want to benefit from the most comprehensive security, then a vehicle tracker with immobiliser system is exactly what you need.

The S5 PLUS level tracker is not just highly effective for stolen vehicle recovery, but the immobilisation feature also means that a thief will NOT even be able to move your car to begin with!

As well as the standard control room service, you also have a proactive immobilisation feature, which is remotely controlled by you.

This is either through your app or by carrying a small fob with you when using your vehicle.

Although it is simple to use, it is extremely effective in theft prevention.

No matter how a thief enters your vehicle, they will not be able to start the ignition - even if they have stolen your keys!

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