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With the fastest installation times, whether you need your tracking installed at your home, work or dealership, Trackershop mobile engineers will have yours fully fitted within 1-3 working days.

No matter if you need an insurance-approved tracking device or a full fleet tracking system, when it comes to installing vehicle trackers in County Durham, Trackershop has you covered!

Insurance Approved Car Trackers County Durham

Have you been asked to install an insurance-approved car tracker in County Durham?

Let's take a look why?

You may be wondering why your insurance provider has asked for you to install an insurance-approved vehicle tracker in County Durham, or the surrounding area.

With a significant and very rapid rise in car theft throughout the UK, insurers and local police forces are now encouraging motorists to take extra security precautions to protect their vehicles. 

Although it may seem like an inconvenience initially, installing a stolen vehicle recovery tracker increases the chance of you getting your vehicle back by a staggering 96%!

This saves you long-term financial costs and complications brought when it comes to future policy cover. 

You may even see a reduction in the cost of your current policy. 

Certain vehicle models and areas are more targeted than others, so this will be a factor in why this is an added stipulation to your policy. 

So now you know why you need an insurance-approved car tracker in County Durham, you are probably wondering which will be best for you. 

The good news is Trackershop's Installs Team is here to help you ensure you have the correct stolen vehicle recovery tracking device for your policy. 

You can contact us any time for further guidance. 

You can also keep reading below to learn more about the different options. 

Insurance Approved Car Tracker Installers County Durham

As the leading car tracker installers in County Durham, Trackershop has experienced a sudden increase in demand for insurance-approved devices in the past few years.

Here's some further info on your options to appease your insurers.  

S7 Vehicle Trackers 

All insurance-approved security devices are categorised by Thatcham. This is why you may have heard of these devices referred to as 'Thatcham Accredited'. 

The category S7 is the entry-level Thatcham accredited vehicle tracking system.

This is due to the 24/7 control room service, as well as the instant battery tamper/motion alerts. 

If your insurers have not stipulated a specific category, the S7 tends to be the most popular option for motorists.

Take a look at the S7 vehicle trackers  

S5 Vehicle Trackers 

The S5 vehicle tracker is the higher level of Thatcham-approved security. As well as the standard features of the S7, the S5 stolen vehicle recovery trackers also include ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) System.

This entails you carrying a small fob whilst using your vehicle, and protects you against key theft, key cloning, and relay attack (currently the most common theft methods).

If anyone moves your vehicle without permission, an instant alert is triggered in the 24/7 control room. 

No matter which of the Thatcham Accredited vehicle trackers in County Durham you need, Trackershop will have yours installed within 1-3 working days. 

Take a look at the S5 trackers here 


Many motorists who are particularly concerned about vehicle theft tend to opt for the highest level of security available. 

In that case, the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS is the best car tracker with immobiliser in County Durham.

As well as the highly effective features of the standard S5, the ScorpionTrack PLus also includes a remote immobilisation feature, which is controlled by you.

The immobiliser is extremely quick and simple to use, and you can either control it through your app or provided fob.

However, although it is simple to use, it is highly effective in theft prevention.

No matter how a thief enters your vehicle, they will not be able to start the ignition - even if they have stolen your keys!

The S5 level tracking and immobilisation make the ScorpionTrack S5 PLUS the most comprehensive vehicle security available!

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