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Need a fleet tracking system, but there's just something stopping you?

You're not alone. 
For businesses that rely on vehicles, having a fleet tracking system installed is becoming more and more of a necessity.
But despite the clear benefits of such a system, are you one of the many business owners and fleet managers still hesitant to take the plunge?
Perhaps you're concerned about the cost, or worried about the technical complexities involved.
Or maybe you simply don't want to deal with the hassle of arranging installation, training staff, and managing the system.
If you're one of these people, fear not! With MoreFleet by Trackershop, we've addressed all of these issues and made it easy for businesses of all sizes to get the benefits of our reliable and affordable fleet tracking system.
Let's dive into the main concerns and how MoreFleet eliminates them!
  • Fleet Concern 1: Complex Confusing Systems
Nobody wants to deal with a complicated system. MoreFleet has made it incredibly user-friendly. No training required - simply log in to your account online and start tracking. Our web-based system eliminates the need for software downloads or updates. Access it from any device with internet access. Tracking your fleet has never been easier!
  • Fleet Concern 2: Support Struggles
Being left stranded with technical issues is a nightmare. MoreFleet understands the importance of customer support. That's why we provide a dedicated account manager for every customer. They will be there to assist you with any questions or concerns. Plus, being a UK-based company, we ensure prompt and reliable service whenever you need it.
  • Fleet Concern 3: Difficult Tracker Installs
Installing tracking devices can be a logistical nightmare. MoreFleet has a solution - our 'Fleet-In-A-Box' self-installation option. We'll deliver your trackers within 24 hours, and with our step-by-step instructions, you can easily install them yourself. And if you do encounter any issues, your account manager is always available to help.
  • Fleet Concern 4: Cost Worries
Cost is often a major concern. MoreFleet offers flexible pricing options to suit your budget. Our users have found that the savings in fuel costs, improved efficiency, and reduced operational wastage quickly cover their monthly MoreFleet expenses. Don't let cost stand in the way of innovation!
  • Fleet Concern 5: Downloading Dilemmas
Downloading and installing software can be time-consuming and pose security risks. With MoreFleet, there's no software to download. Our system is HTML based, allowing you to log straight in and get started hassle-free.

  • Fleet Concern 6: Long Onboarding Process 
Time is money, and we understand that. MoreFleet offers instant set up and ROI. Within 24 hours, your trackers will be delivered, and you'll be seamlessly tracking your fleet. No complex installations or elaborate setups - just pure efficiency.
  • Fleet Concern 7: Even bigger workload!
Will a fleet system just create more jobs, and tasks and be yet another platform to monitor?
With time-to-site, live staff locations, service/maintenance reminders and automated instant reports (such as time sheets), MoreFleet means you will not only save time but you will also become more efficient without even trying!
  • Fleet Concern 8: Tied To Your Computer 
Any service is supposed to improve your working environment. The last thing you want is to have even more reason to be glued to your computer screen.
With your MoreFleet app you will be able to monitor and co-ordinate your fleet from any location without being bound to the office.
You can be anywhere in the world and still maintain full visibility and control of your fleet.
What's more, with the HTML MoreFleet platform, you can easily log in from any tablet, laptop or shared computer.
You Could be Tracking Away Within 24 hours!
If you're a business owner or fleet manager who's been put off by the thought of getting a fleet tracking system, we hope that we've convinced you to reconsider.
MoreFleet has listened to your concerns and crafted a fleet tracking system that is user-friendly, supportive, easy to install, affordable, software-free, and quick to set up. Don't let hesitation hold you back from reaping the benefits.
Join the MoreFleet revolution today and take control of your fleet like never before!
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