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What can you do TODAY to bring fuel costs down?

The recent excessive fuel price increase has been dominating the news, with petrol and diesel now exceeding 185p and 191p per litre respectively.
Understandably the majority of media focus has been on how households and individual motorists have been impacted.
This is understandable (with the average household costs in the UK skyrocketing in general this year). 
However, what do these price hikes mean for a company with an entire fleet of vehicles to run?
The short answer is, increased costs!
With multiple vehicles to run, and many spending extended periods of time on the roads daily, the cost implications are multiple times worse for business owners.

How Will The MoreFleet Tracking System Help?

However, fear not, as now is the perfect time to take back control of your fuel spends - and potentially reduce them further than ever... even during the highest costs on record.

How can this be the case?
By introducing an advanced (but user-friendly) fleet system to your company.
As well as increasing your potential earning ability, MoreFleet will help you decrease your total spending over the long term.
However, when it comes to the escalated fuel costs right here and now, you can actually see an instant reduction in your overheads within 24 hours of getting set up!
And with the Fleet-In-A-Box option, you could have your 'plug and play' trackers delivered to you as soon as tomorrow, to begin saving instantly!
MoreFleet has untold benefits for any company utilising vehicles and assets.
For now, let's take a look at one particularly effective way MoreFleet will get those fuel costs down. And quickly!

Fleet Efficiency Report

With fuel accounting for 60% of fleet overheads on average - and for the time being, now likely to be even higher - implementing simple changes can make a huge difference!

The fact is, the main contributors to fleet behaviour are the individuals behind the wheels of the vehicles.
Driving is one of those strange skills where the more you do it the worse you can sometimes get!
This needs to be tackled head on though, as bad habits developed over time translate to increased costs!
And this is effectively what the Fleet Efficiency Report is. A Driver Behaviour Score, itemising and scoring costly habits.
The MoreFleet Fleet Efficiency Report gives you both a real-time look at your vehicle's current driving status at any moment, as well as an overall efficiency score over any time frame that you would like to assess.
What's fantastic is that you can isolate the exact behaviours that are costing you unnecessary higher fuel, escalated depreciation and repair costs.
Such as...
  • Idling
Idling vehicles can use up to 2 litres of fuel per hour.
That means that a fleet of 12 vehicles idling for just 5 minutes each per day would burn through nearly £80 per month (under current costs).
In addition to this, the vehicle depreciation rate is accelerated (ironically) whilst a vehicle is idling.
  • Speeding
Driver and other road user safety will most likely be the priority of any company. So a poor Speeding score should be the first habit to address.
Beyond safety though, fuel costs increase the faster you drive.
Driving at a steady pace of 50MPH opposed to 70MPH can improve fuel efficiency by 25%. Even more so if carrying cargo.

  •  Harsh Accelerating/ Harsh Braking
    Aggressive accelerating and braking can use as much as 40% more fuel!
    This is one of the most unnecessary wastes, but also the easiest to instantly improve.
    Forward thinking and road awareness will help eliminate this poor habit.
    Taking this a step further, using the Route Planner feature on your fleet panel will also help guide drivers to jobs using the best route at that time.

What Do I Do With This info?

All of these habits are scored individually, showing an individual driver score and an entire fleet score.
If you're like the majority of Fleet Operators, you'll be surprised/mortified at your fleet's score on that first day of monitoring.
However, clarity is key and this instant feedback will allow you to address and amend any areas of concern.
Most people think they are the best driver in the world, until they have it presented to them in a visual report. With clear evidence, you can confidently and accurately weed out poor habits, and then continue to monitor their improved driving.
  • What's an ideal Fleet Score?
It is at your discretion as to what you would deem as an acceptable score.
Really though, any score less than 10 is costing you money. As the Fleet Efficiency Score is measuring excessive/erratic behaviours.
  • How Do I Get Costs Down Instantly?
Although your best results will come from monitoring your fleet score over weeks, months and years, you can also see daily scores.
We recommend plugging in your MoreFleet Fleet-In-A-Box asap, monitoring for a day, and then instructing your drivers on their individual poor habits for an instant improvement the following day!
Time is of the essence, and every day that these bad habits are allowed to run are costing your company more now than they ever have.
Even better, the improved driver habits will mean that you will notice a big difference when fuel costs (hopefully) come down again.
The good new is you can have your MoreFleet system in place as soon as tomorrow, or feel free to call our team to see when our engineers can come and install your devices for you!
There's no reason to wait... but there's plenty of reasons to take action now!
With these kinds of costs, it's not unreasonable to expect that making these small improvements will bring your fuel costs down - potentially to below what you were paying last year before the surge per litre!
The clarity, control and transparency that MoreFleet provides you with ensures a much more streamlined fleet. It really will help you propel your company in to the future.
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