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Over the past 12 years, Trackershop has become one of the biggest and best GPS tracker installation services in the UK, with our mobile installation team covering every UK mainland postcode. 

Whether you need a Thatcham approved stolen vehicle recovery tracker, installation for fleet tracking, or just for your own personal use, Trackershop supply and install GPS trackers for every purpose! 

GPS tracking is now used for everything from fleet management to vehicle security and is therefore helping to improve all of our daily personal and professional lives. 

As a result, the demand for our services as GPS Tracker installers in the UK has increased significantly. 

Trackershop has always focused on ensuring GPS tracking is accessible, affordable, and user-friendly for everyone - no matter what they need it for.

 So let’s take a look at the different types of GPS tracking installation available to help you decide which service is best for you.



For many of us, our cars are essential for running our personal and professional day to day activities. With the escalating number of vehicles being stolen, more motorists than ever are waking up to the inconvenience, stress, trauma, and ongoing costs faced when their car has been stolen.  

To add to the frustration, the sad reality is that the majority of these vehicles are never recovered. This has meant escalating costs as car insurance providers are having no choice but to pay out for so many replacement vehicles. 

The good news is that it’s never been quicker, easier and cheaper to install a Thatcham approved car tracker for insurance purposes. 

Even better still is the fact that a stolen vehicle recovery tracker is incredibly effective in both theft prevention and recovery. 

If your insurance provider has insisted that you install a stolen vehicle recovery tracker then this can be a bit daunting if you have never had to before.

You don’t need to worry about anything as Trackershop takes care of this for your, installing your tracking device in the quickest and simplest time. Our engineers can fit your tracker at your home, workplace, or at the dealership if that’s easier. You are likely to have not been given much time to install your car trackers, we could even have this done within 24 hours of you contacting us. 

There are really no negatives to stolen vehicle recovery trackers. Your insurance premiums are most likely lowered (as insurance companies won’t have to pay out for a stolen vehicle) and it’s quick and easy to arrange a fitting.

It also means that you are not left with the burden, heartache, and costs to deal with if anyone ever attempts to steal your vehicle. 

The peace of mind for this alone is priceless. 

Trackershop is the leading installers of Stolen Vehicle Recovery Trackers in the UK


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Whether you have 1 or 1000 vehicles in your business, installing a fleet tracking system has proven to increase efficiency, directly and indirectly, save your company money, as well as just create a simpler stress-free working day for you. Knowing where your vehicles and staff are at any moment is invaluable information that allows you to coordinate and control your company vehicles, whilst minimising fuel costs and depreciation.


From estate agents, plumbers, courier companies to airlines, any business that has fleet tracking installed has instantly seen the benefit and wished they’d done it sooner.  

Being able to monitor the real-time position of any vehicle, see the full location history for any shift as well as set behaviour and security alerts gives you full remote control of your fleet.

Like most people in charge of company vehicles, you’ve probably known for a long time that GPS tracking will improve your company’s working ability. 

However, we’re very aware of how busy you are just dealing with the daily running of your company and the fire fighting that it brings. 

Tasks like installing a fleet system can seem like added work that is easy to put off.  

This is why we have developed the quickest and simplest setup process possible for your fleet system installation.  

We have also developed the most user-friendly and useful mapping system available. Nothing to install, no tutorials necessary, no complicated terminology or unnecessary features (that nobody has a clue how to use!).

This means no staff training or thick instruction manuals. You just log in and everything you need is there in front of you!

We provide a full mobile installation service and our engineers will come to multiple locations depending on where your vehicles are. Even if the vehicles are on-site, at a client's location, or scattered throughout the country…. we can fit your trackers anywhere and around your working day.  

It takes just a few minutes to install your fleet trackers. All you have to do is then log in, and your fleet will be linked up and tracking away.

That’s it! 

 For our ProFleetman, our engineers can install your trackers at any UK mainland postcode. This is quick, easy and hassle-free!

You are now set up and benefit from everything that installing fleet trackers brings.

 Trackershop's mapping portal requires no software

 You can log in from any computer and phone 24/7.

 Our engineers will install your trackers at any UK postcode. 

You could have your entire fleet tracking within a day!

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If you have vehicles, assets, or machinery that you would like to keep a closer eye on, then Trackershop is the leading security GPS tracker installers in the UK.

We provide GPS tracker installation for cars, vans, HGVs, camper vans, horseboxes, farm equipment, plant machinery, construction machinery, boats.  

The real-time tracking allows you to monitor your assets whilst you are away from them.  

You can also easily set up security zones in as many locations as you like. As soon as your GPS tracker enters or leaves these zones, you are alerted straight through to your phone. 

If you have an asset that you want to protect then take a look at the full range of Security GPS Trackers →  

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