Why Use a Personal GPS Tracker


Personal trackers are extremely easy to use, very cost effective and provide added safety and peace of mind for the whole family.

For individuals who need a little extra help day to day, carrying a personal GPS tracker ensures that vulnerable individuals no longer feel worried about being alone or lost.

Living with any kind of condition can have an emotional impact on an individual, as well as their loved ones who support them.

Above all else, the most important factor is addressing the daily safety risks that are a result of the individual’s personal situation.

Whatever their age or situation, it does not necessarily mean a person cannot maintain as normal a routine as possible, and partake in a level of social activity.

However, it is important to minimise the risk and dangers that they are vulnerable to at any moment.


Carrying a GPS tracker has an instant invaluable impact on the individual’s daily routines and more crucially, provides 24/7 added safety. For carers and others responsible for the well-being of the individuals, a safety tracker allows you to quickly see where they are or be alerted to an SOS situation instantly. This removes a large amount of the constant pressure and anxiety that can be experienced.

Positive impact of a Personal GPS Tracker:

– Increased safety
– More independence
– Self-esteem and confidence
– Carer costs minimised
– Prolong living in own home
– Can maintain more of their normal routines
– Peace of mind for family members and carers.

“My sister and I have been using a GPS ProPod tracker from Trackershop to help with the care of our Dad. He was diagnosed with dementia last year…. Something so simple and relatively cheap as a GPS tracker has allowed Dad more independence, and has allowed us all to continue living life as stress free as possible… All in all, I can’t rate our trackershop tracker highly enough. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it has been a life changer for us, and has helped allow Dad to stay in his own home for much longer, and keep up as much of his normal routine as possible.”  

                       -Amy Glasgow, Scotland

All of our personal GPS trackers are designed to be extremely user-friendly, with minimal responsibility for the person carrying it.

In fact, the long life battery versions mean that they will not even need to turn their trackers off and on themselves- particularly useful for those who live alone. Just keep them in a pocket, a bag, on a lanyard or you can even opt for our keyring tracker.

We also provide small GPS trackers that can be concealed in to clothing. The Ultra Mini trackers can actually be sewn in to clothing including coats, and then charged through the fabric with a revolutionary conductive charging mat. They do not have any on/off buttons, making them tamper proof, and are also water-sealed.

Personal tracker features:

– Live tracking
– Free tracking app
– Safety zones features
– Instant location finder
– SOS button
– Up to 3 contacts can receive instant alerts
– Fall alert and 2 way communication (The SOS Personal Tracker)
– Full remote control from private mapping panel.

In addition to pinpoint live GPS tracking, there are several other easy-to-use, and extremely helpful features.

In addition to pinpoint live GPS tracking, there are several other easy-to-use, and extremely helpful features.

Safety Zones

Safety zones are virtual borders that you set up around any location.

You can set up as many safety zones as you need, of any size. You will receive instant text alerts through to your phone when the tracker enters and/or leaves and you can set up to 3 different contacts to receive these alerts.

When helping an elderly loved one who lives alone, having a zone around their home means that you will know when they leave their home.

If you do not then receive an alert to indicate they have returned home within the expected time (or in fact they have left during anti-social hours) you can quickly check your phone’s live tracking app, or on your computer, to know what action is needed.

Zones are also useful when monitoring children who are prone to wander. Not only can you receive alerts when they have left home or school unexpectedly, you can also set up zones marking out areas of danger- such as woodlands, train lines and areas of water. When you receive an alert indicating one of these areas have been entered, you know to take immediate action.

Who will benefit from a personal safety GPS tracker?

  • – Infirm individuals
  • – Anyone prone to wander
  • – Anyone living alone
  • – Someone who needs instant urgent response
  • – All lone travellers.

Here at Trackershop, we are very proud of the positive impact that our range of personal trackers are having on so many lives.

A personal GPS tracker ensures that you are the first to know when a loved one needs help, and you have full access to your own private easy-to-use mapping panel via your computer, tablet and phone.

Personal trackers are extremely easy to use, very cost effective and really do provide added safety and peace of mind for the whole family.

Take a look at our full range of Personal GPS Trackers.

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I have used your Pro Pod 5 GPS Trackers for five remotely supervised expeditions for young people and I am so impressed by the positive impact the product has had on our expeditions… I would definitely and have been recommending Trackershop to fellow professionals.”

                                           – The Cathedral School, Llandaff