THE PRO POD 4: Small Personal GPS Tracker.

    I have been purchasing Trackershop tracking devices for a number of years. The trackers have always really reliable and the service provided by the Trackershop team has always been very attentive and extremely helpful.

    - Steve Gaskin, Right Angle Events

    THE MICRO MAGNETIC 4: Covert Car/ Asset tracker.

    I have used numerous trackers on the market, none have been that great. Most GPS Trackers need charging every day and the graphics are very poor. I highly recommend the Micro Magnetic 4, it only needs charging every seven to ten days, depending on its use, and the graphic are fantastic along with the mapping information. Up to the minute data and so easy to use. I highly recommend this product.

    - Kevin Tiley

    ENFORCER 4: Car Tracker/ Asset Tracker

    I have a civil engineering business and use Four of the Enforcer Trackers to keep an eye on my staff. For me it’s really important from a logistical point of view to make sure that the vehicles arrive at each job at the right time. Since making my staff aware that my work vans are fitted with trackers, efficiency has improved massively.

    - R. Stanley

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From Private Investigators, logistics companies, couriers, to local authorities, police forces and any company that uses vehicles and lone workers in the field, we have found a way to help them. You will also find our trackers used in schools, hospitals, emergency medical machinery, care homes, construction/agricultural equipment, mariners, to name just a few.

We will work beside you as much as you require in finding the perfect solution for you. If you need a bespoke service, we can engineer and develop the devices that you need, and have done this for countless clients worldwide. We’ve built up our reputation so that you know confidently, when you use our GPS trackers, you are using the best available with a genuine service that is there for you when you need to know anything.

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