ULTRA MINI BULLET: Smallest GPS Tracker Available. Conceals in items of clothing, bags, luggage etc!

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  • Introducing the smallest, most versatile GPS tracker available in the UK!
  • Mini GPS Tracker the size of a USB stick
  • Conceal in every day items like purses, backpacks, clothing and laptop bags
  • Free tracking app
  • Arrives ready to use
Reviews (0)
0 out of 5 based on 0 customer ratings

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  • Worried about your child’s safety on a school trip or a visit to the park? This Ultra Mini GPS tracker fits in pencil cases, backpacks, school folders, lunch boxes, soft toys and any item of clothing. The Bullet has proven it self to be the most effective and versatile personal safety tracker in the world.
  • The smallest, most versatile and innovative GPS tracker available in the UK!
  • This mini tracker has changed the way that people can help protect vulnerable individuals; particularly those prone to wander. When sewn into clothing, the GPS tracker can be charged through the fabric. Conveniently, this means that you will not need to remove the device to charge the battery.
  • Free tracking app. Allows you to monitor in real time from your phone, and control the tracker remotely.
  • Full 24/7 access to your private mapping panel. Track in live time, view full history, set up alerts.
  • Safety zones. You will receive alerts straight through to your phone when your mini tracker enters/leaves the zone(s).
  • Traveling abroad? Just place your GPS tracker in your luggage before departing, and simply check your bag’s location, on your TrackerShop app. You will see exactly where it is in the world (hopefully in the same country as you!)
  • This Ultra Mini tracker has unlimited uses as well as pin point accuracy! Furthermore, the minimal ongoing costs make it incredible value for money, with it’s only limitation being your imagination.
  • Cheapest ongoing tracking costs available in the UK. No contracts. You only pay for what you actually need. Learn more here about Top Up Credits.
  • State of the art charging mat included.
  • Your new Ultra Mini GPS Tracker will arrive with you ready to use, straight out of the box.
  • No need to remove your mini tracker from your asset to charge the battery. The charging mat will charge it through fabric.
  • 24/7 full access of your own unique mapping panel; meaning you can view your asset in live time as well as reviewing the full history report of any of it’s journeys.
  • Track items and assets that were previously either too small or logistically difficult to install a tracker to.
  • This particular small GPS tracker can fit in the lining of handbags, luggage and clothing items. As well as secured in horse saddles and pet collars!
  • Free tracking app.
  • 1-4 day battery life between charges (depending on usage).
  • Specialist charging mat included.
  • 40 grams
  • L60mm x W25mm x H20mm
  • Vacuum sealed and totally waterproof
  • 1-4 day battery life between charges (depending on usage)

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