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THE PRO POD 5: A Personal GPS Tracker With A Long Battery Life.

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  • Small personal tracker. Ideal for infirm individuals, children and those prone to wander.
  • Arrives ready to use
  • Access your private mapping panel, via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • SOS alarm and alert settings
Reviews (2)
5.00 out of 5 based on 0 customer ratings

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The ProPod 5 is considered the best personal tracking device when it comes to extended battery life. With up to 15-20 days battery between charges, the ProPod 5 is ideal for any vulnerable individual who lives alone, as well as for extended school expeditions and lone workers.

  • Arrives with you set up and ready to use straight away. Up to 20 day battery life between charges.
  • The size of a match box. The small tracking device can be easily carried by anyone and can fit into any small space in bags and luggage. The ProPod 5 can fit on a lanyard or be placed into a belt pouch. (Belt Pouch Included).
  • Live tracking on your private mapping panel. Via your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can monitor on the go with our free smartphone tracking app.
  • Multiple user device.You can have multiple users access the mapping panel information from multiple devices at any time.
  • Full recorded tracking history. All tracking history is recorded and retained indefinitely on your mapping panel. This will display all times/dates/journeys for you to access whenever you need to. You can download any of this information directly from your panel.
  • Remotely control your ProPod. You can change how often your tracking device updates it’s position, set alerts and do instant locates directly from your mapping panel or app. Choose from position reporting intervals from every 10 seconds up to 60 Minutes.
  • Multi roaming SIM. Your GPS tracker will automatically roam on to the strongest network in any area.
  • Use abroad. If you are going away your GPS tracker will roam on to the local network upon arrival. No advanced notice needed or additional fees!
  • Safety zones. You can choose to receive a message as soon as your GPS tracker enters/leaves any specific addresses/locations that you have set up the zone for.
  • SOS button on the tracker will send text/email alerts to you and 2 further recipients when the carrier needs help.
  • PAYG tracking. The cheapest live tracking costs available. You only pay for what you need. View Top Up Credits here.
  • Your GPS tracker comes with a starter pack of 100 Position credits and 25 SMS Credits.
  • Free pouch included.
  • Multi roaming SIM card installed. This will roam automatically to the strongest network for better tracking.
  • Your ProPod works world wide, and you can also access your mapping panel world wide
  • Data Burst. Should there be no mobile signal in an area, it will record the GPS tracking in its memory, then relay this information to your mapping panel when mobile phone signal is regained.
  • Whether you need to track a vehicle/asset, responsible for elderly relatives, children, lone working employees; or athletes e.g Long distance runners, horse riders etc, the ProPod provides the added efficiency and peace of mind you need.
  • Tracking reports from every 5 seconds and up.
  • History is retained indefinitely, and you can export detailed reports of the trackers movements for examination and evidential use.
  • A-GPS (assisted GPS) technology. This ensures more accuracy and a better chance of achieving signal.
  • If you would like your GPS tracker to arrive with credits, add your ProPod 5 to your basket, and then visit Top Up Credits 
  • Dimensions: 63mm x 40mm x 25mm
  • Charger Included.
  • Up to 20 day battery life.
  • Supplied with multi roaming SIM Card and connected to your own mapping panel.

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